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Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates: What Is Better — Choose Ready-Made Option Or Do It Yourself?

in Technology on September 29, 2022

Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates: What Is Better. So keep reading.

So, when the task arises to create an attractive presentation that would cope with all the tasks set (attract new customers, increase conversion, increase sales, find funding from a new investor), part of the responsibility should be shifted to the design. Style and design are what can hook an audience.

So MasterBundles decided to open up this topic and help you figure out whether it’s worth creating an aesthetic slide design on your own or if it’s better to spend more time customizing a ready-made template. And at the end of the article, we will show you some stylish sets that you can’t take your eyes off of!

How To Make an Aesthetic PowerPoint Template?

First, let’s analyze the features of choosing/creating a design, and then decide which option is better. So, if you have the motivation and desire to create a template from scratch, then here are the main points to pay attention to:

  1. If the structure is difficult to work with, use a grid layout to create an aesthetic design. Margins can only contain callouts, such as page numbers. Align text with images along the guides inside the workspace. The grid removes visual debris, making it easier to read information.
  2. Work with running titles. Typically, the running titles of a presentation include pagination and, possibly, a logo or company name. But you can make them more functionally loaded, indicate how much and what information will be yet to come (relevant in presentations for mailing), and put out the site address or section name.
  3. Reduce the amount of text (no more than 50 words per slide), and structure the remaining blocks. The text, divided into paragraphs, is perceived more easily and does not cause rejection among readers, because it is thanks to paragraphs that the text acquires its semantic and visual structure.
  4. Use order by size. Clearly separate the title from the main text and secondary blocks. In addition to the obvious size contrast, you can separate the title in a different font.
  5. Don’t go overboard with fonts. We don’t recommend using more than two fonts in one presentation or using more than two font weights so as not to overload the layout of the slide. One bold font for the title and a normal font for the body text is enough.
  6. Style the text. It’s desirable to align text blocks to the left. Do not stretch it to its full length — for comfortable perception, the line should fit from 40 to 70 characters. The reader may lose the line or the meaning of the text while looking from the end of the previous line to the beginning of the next.
  7. No long lists. If you write about the benefits of a product, brand, or service, then limit yourself to 3-5 lines, further points are harder to remember and it does not look neat.
  8. Contrast is everything. A few contrasting highlighting techniques include increasing the size, highlighting with color, and putting it on a colored background. Don`t leave text on a photo if its background interferes with readability.
  9. Remember to repeat elements. In order for your presentation to be perceived as a coherent project, adhere to a single content delivery system (the same fonts, effects, headings, etc.).
  10. Do not litter slides with a mass of elements. Sometimes it’s better to leave some space than take up every inch of the background.

And, of course, use only high-quality images — otherwise, all the work to create an aesthetic presentation will be wasted!

How To Choose a Slides Design?

In case you decide to choose between the best ppt themes with ready-made aesthetic design, you will also have to spend a little time comparing options. The ideal option should meet the following points:

  • High customizability;
  • The presence of 3+ palettes or a day/night theme to adapt the design to the lighting;
  • Rational structure;
  • Availability of at least 30 slides in one set;
  • The design of the slides should be different (it makes no sense to buy a huge bundle where each slide is duplicated in different colors ten times).

It also makes sense to check if the marketplace can sell this template under a commercial license in order to legally use the design to promote the company’s products or services.

Choose Or Make It Yourself?

Okay, after comparing the features, it became clear that creating a template from scratch is a very time-consuming process. Of course, in this case, the created design will perfectly match your company or brand, but it will literally take hours or even days. Therefore, if time is precious to you, just choose aesthetic PowerPoint templates from a collection of ready-made sets — the main thing is to ensure that the chosen one is customizable enough to be easily adapted to the brand, company, product, or service specifics.

Six Examples Of Gorgeous Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates

And to make it clearer for the reader what options to look for or what templates to create, we have collected some very aesthetic PPT templates and designs. Each of them is worth your attention! So, meet the six splendid templates:

Aesthi Aesthetic Powerpoint Templates

Aesthi is one of the most popular Aesthetic Powerpoint Templates in the list. A slightly non-standard arrangement of elements and layering of text does not always make the design sloppy! In this template, this technique works great along with a beautiful color combination.

Aesthi Aesthetic Powerpoint Template



Goyke — Aesthetic Powerpoint Templates

A combination of white, beige, and different shades of brown is always a great idea! The structured arrangement of text blocks and zones for photo materials allows you to quickly read information and perceive the message of the presentation well.

Goyke — Aesthetic Powerpoint Template



MODEN — Powerpoint Style Template

This template is an example of aesthetic minimalism. The design uses only a white background, black text, and various shades of gray to highlight certain elements. The template is super versatile and its 40 pages fit any topic.

MODEN — Powerpoint Style Template



Digital Marketing Presentation Template

Aesthetics is not only about restraint and pastel colors. Designed for digital marketing presentations, this template has a few out-of-the-ordinary highlights (bright hues and gradients), but it’s still stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Digital Marketing Presentation Template



Vzrine — Person Powerpoint Template

The Vzrine template is a classic aesthetic with a grid structure, linear elements, and palettes of soft shades of beige, green, and pink. Also, it’s ideal for modeling portfolios or advertisements for perfumes and care products.

Vzrine — Person Powerpoint Template



SINA – Powerpoint Style Template

Another great aesthetic design. There are only two main colors here — white and blue, but the presentation doesn’t look dry. Besides this, a large amount of space allows you to place plenty of visual materials and reveal any topic.

SINA – Powerpoint Style Template

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