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4 Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives: Best CRM Software for Your Business in 2023

in business on July 28, 2020

Right from 1991, the era of globalization, privatization and liberalization was the prime time for growth and development. Keeping pace with these ever changing technologies is part of growth. In order to compete in the world of digitized business. One needs to be aware about all the new technologies that are introduced from time to time. Technology is the only aspect that keeps getting obsolete and keeps getting replaced each time a new one is introduced. These technologies are called as a man’s best friend when it comes to running the business in a resourceful, optimized and efficient manner. This is why you would need the best ActiveCampaign alternatives you can find!

In the 21st century it is all about the customers and the market that you are catering to. From reaching out to customers to engaging with them. And then catering to their needs to convert them – there are many functions that we need to seamlessly carry out. One of the most important technological changes that have been introduced is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). There are a number of platforms like Active Campaign and ActiveCampaign alternatives that we can use.

A CRM system can help you identify and generate new leads easily and quickly, and categorise them accurately. Customer Relationship Management is a tool, a strategy or a process that organizes the customer’s data to provide easy access to the database for specific functions. Customers are the king of the market and their interest being one of the most important aspects that needs to be kept in mind. This is basically to manage the leads in the most efficient way possible to extract maximum returns.

It’s a system that company uses to analyse customer interaction and to measure their data throughout their time as a customer. It’s an effective way to manage your leads and your customers, which with time become your loyal customer who would stand by your brand no matter what. CRM on platforms that are ActiveCampaign alternatives, provides access their data from multiple devices. And makes sure that the experiences of the customer are well looked after.

CRM has proved its importance in all aspects like:

Better Data Organisation

One needs to use the CRM software like an ActiveCampaign alternatives for leads and customers. From this point, it would do the math and retain the data for the purpose of lead generation, where leads or prospects are converted into customers.

Enhanced Communication

Both your marketing team and sales team would be provided with better details and data making it easy for them to work and reach their target in an effective and efficient manner. Also there will be automatic reminders that will notify everyone about the deadlines and other details about the projects.

Easy Accessibility of Information

CRM platforms like ActiveCampaign alternatives make sure that there is selective data sharing that will help circulate your information to different departments for timely and relevant action. This helps in providing the right information to the right team.

Catching Leads

CRM will help capture leads and the relevant data will show up to make your process so much easier. These leads are then assigned to the respective sales person who will convert these leads to sales thanks to ActiveCampaign alternatives.

Focus on Brand Building

CRM helps in maintaining a proper database for your leads and customers and these usually pertain to specific functions like email marketing and targeted campaigns. Your business can focus its efforts on building a stronger base for conversions in this way.

Accurate Data at Your Fingertips

CRM helps you provide accurate data so that the leads can be generated into sales. Everything is done in an organized manner. One can make weekly or monthly targets as goals in the CRM framework. Here, CRM can help you statistically present your data so that your sales department knows what has to be done at what time for specific goals.

Better Follow Up

As and when the data is organized properly, the follow up process will also be better and easier for your movement through the sales pipeline.

Better Customer Relationship

With concrete data it becomes easy to handle every customer relationship. This is something that can be handled by alternatives to ActiveCampaign.

Provide Better Services and Products

When we get positive response from the customers, we know that they are happy about the products or the services. But when they give out negative comments, it’s a matter of concern and the management then can look into the issues and problems. Hence CRM makes sure these problems are solved too.

When we talk about CRM platforms, Active Campaign is one of the most well known names. ActiveCampaign and a good alternative to ActiveCampaign can make sure that the tedious work of maintaining a proper customer’s data is taken care of; they make sure that the data is properly arranged and maintained in an organized manner. They keep the tract records of the lead, and make sure to convert those leads into potential customers. Their biggest advantage is their sales automation tool which helps in converting leads into customers and increasing the sales in a lesser time frame. They also notify the sales team by sending in customized messages and an entire report regarding their sales.

In the world of choices we have ample to choose from, such softwares can be used as an alternative to ActiveCampaign such as:


EngageBay hands down is one of the best CRM softwares and it can be an excellent alternative to ActiveCampaign.

This CRM is a free CRM platform that helps increase as well as organize your customer data to derive optimum returns out of them. The biggest attraction is the sheer affordability of this platform. It has a very simplified B2B CRM interface, and it provides a very detailed report helping organization know their stand and meet their targets, and it imports and exports contacts, helps in formulation of sharp targeted marketing campaigns, and is known to provide an excellent CRM Dashboard which helps both the marketing as well as the sales team.


Keap is another alternative to ActiveCampaign which explains how the CRM data is so important for the organization to grow. It provides a very robust CRM software that helps keep a separate count for both its leads ad the customers. It will also helps to analyze customer behaviour.

Keap helps in providing customized CRM software where one can avail extra tools as per your business requirements but the big problem that comes up is the price factor. The Keap price range for such customization is quite high. Keap makes sure that you will surely get a return by using their software, but at highly elevated cost.


HubSpot can be a close competitor of EngageBay and an alternative to ActiveCampaign. It helps reach out to the leads efficiently.

Set targets and creates updates by sending an automated message at a fixed time. So that everyone is aware about every function and the next action required. They make sure to provide separate data regarding the leads, customers and audience in order to achieve Omni channel excellence.

While HubSpot might have a great CRM software,

it would also require another platform or software in order to get an overview of email marketing and other SEO tools.

Drip is another alternative to ActiveCampaign and is not very popular in this aspect as it’s a web-based service provider.

One cannot have access to it via an Android or iPhone. One thing that is missing in Drip a well rounded suite of features like EngageBay.

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