Best Dungeon To Run With A 15 Key

The Best Dungeon To Run With A 15 Key

in Technology on June 2, 2021

In this article, we will discuss what is the best dungeon to run with a 15 key? So keep reading.

It’s not a secret anymore, given how vast yet open to newcomers the WoW community has become, that the game can seem extremely challenging to someone who lacks experience. One way to prevent boredom if this is the case is to invest in a boost.

Keys add a great deal of diversity, but they can also be limiting since you need the appropriate background to get access to the highly rewarding 15 key dungeons.

That’s exactly why Mythic 15 carry is getting increasingly popular. What the boost does is give you a broader scope of operation for a more challenging, engaging, and well-paying experience.

But what is the best dungeon to run with a 15 key?

Maximum Cost Efficiency

Experienced representatives of the WoW community will often advise against a boost to 15 unless you have the immense skill, and for a good reason.

The 15th key being the topmost tier, such an upgrade is marked by an accumulation of affixes that make things much more difficult. Here’s a list of the most serious of those that you are likely to encounter:

  • Explosive: adds explosive orbs that will detonate unless you neutralize them
  • Reaping: adds more non-boss enemies
  • Infested: infects some mobs with Symbiote of G’huun.
  • Grievous: increases injury damage until healing

The list goes on. That’s why many players seeking to complete a high key like to focus on the more forgiving Halls of Atonement and Necrotic Wake dungeons.

The former has a lot of open space, making it easy to navigate until the finale. When Echelon has been defeated, though, the location becomes tight to the point of claustrophobia, so pay attention to this stage.

As for the latter, it’s most prized for the weapons that it has to offer to any player that might choose to use them. Just beware of the powerful Quaking unless to stick really close to the rest of your party?

Maximum Challenge

For players who don’t get scared easily, the most notorious of the Mythic dungeons are likely to have the special appeal of something that’s not won easily.

Sanguine Depths is probably the most spoken about in this respect. This is due to the Tyrannical-enhanced boss encounters as well as the highly dangerous mobs.

The location is packed with narrow passages, thus making the Quaking affix hard to avoid.

Another cramped and unwelcoming space, De Other Side is known for a hard-to-manage combination of Quaking and Raging as well as its violent non-boss enemies. Soothe or a similar effect is likely to be a must on an outing to this dungeon.

Remember To Stay In Control

Whether you choose to put your gear and playing skills to the test by choosing the worst scenario you can think of or enter a less relentless dungeon, remember it’s not as much about your party’s make-up as it’s about how alert you are.

Stay in control of whatever’s going on, and good luck on your next run!

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