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7 Best SEO Practices 2024: Never Let Your Visitors Leave Your Site

in SEO on April 2, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the 7 best SEO practices that you should follow in 2024. So keep reading.

A solid online presence has become an essential component of survival in the modern competitive business world. Companies that choose to stick to old methods of interacting with customers lose them. Websites do only work for marketing, but it helps businesses run several other operations. Today, people have excessive options, and, most likely, they are not even aware of your brand. Companies have to go out and about and market themselves to make a name in the market. Having a website has become crucial.

It helps brands establish themselves as a reputable and credible name. Websites help in accomplishing different strategies as it has an extensive reach. Many people do not like to step out for shopping anymore and take advantage of online stores. Apart from online shoppers, some customers search for websites to look for stores’ locations, and websites help them locate their brick-and-mortar store.

Having a website is critical, but it is not sufficient. Companies have to update their website as per ongoing trends constantly. The digital marketing outlook keeps evolving and keeps marketers on their toes. SEO, search optimization involves all strategies and practices that marketers apply to optimize websites to reach more users and garner more traffic. Companies strive hard and use innovative techniques to improve their website’s performance and attract more users.

Search engines’ rankings are a crucial aspect of digital marketing. A higher ranking means that your website will get more exposure, which results in increased traffic. Improving SEO supports companies in reserving a spot in the initial pages of SERP, search engine results page, and enhances their ranking.

SEO is one of the crucial factors of ROI, return on investments, and brands often miss out on improving SEO, consequently lose customers. Some SEO practices which will never let visitors leave your website are as follows:

1. Link Building

The Internet is all about links, and when websites use hyperlinks to navigate users to their websites, it enhances their visibility. Backlinks from other credible and related websites establish you as a trustworthy brand, and search engines consider it a positive factor while analyzing sites.

Link building is an off-page SEO, yet it is influential in driving users towards your website. Experts are being innovative with link-building methods and come up with new techniques for acquiring backlinks.

Marketing officials often search for the best manual SEO link-building service agency in the USA to get the finest marketers onboard and enhance their websites’ rankings.

2. Focused Keywords

Some people argue that keywords do not make much difference in the current SEO scenarios. Searching for them and integrating them is a waste of their time and efforts.

The truth is search engines are becoming smarter by the day. However, they are computer algorithms, and the infusion of right-targeted keywords can put your website ahead of its competitors.

The key is to do proper research while identifying keywords and subtly integrating them in your content to maximize websites’ success.

People are more inclined towards using voice-search, and they tend to use more words while speaking. Long=tail keywords can be more effective for voice search, and using them can put websites on the first page of search results.

When two or more websites use the exact keywords and land on the first SERP, keyword cannibalization occurs. Such practices can harm your rank, and you may end up losing visitors from both pages.

3. Influential Meta Description

Meta descriptions are two or three-liner summaries that search engines display to give users an idea about your website. Many users read meat descriptions and decide if they want to check out the website or not.

A meta description is a crucial factor in navigating users towards or away from a website. Spamming meta descriptions with keywords may not be a good idea, as users do not prefer repetition of words.

An influential meta description compels users to click on your website’s URL instead of other links displayed on SERP.

Generally, search engines have a limit of characters for meta descriptions, and marketers have to be creative while composing it to write an influential one using limited characters.

4. Content Marketing

Content is the ultimate element that either holds visitors’ attention or drives them away. Marketers may have succeeded in garnering users with their posts, but they can use the same blog to entice users.

Images, videos, gifs, and blogs all-comer under the content’s umbrella, and marketers should keep the target audience in mind while creating content for SEO.

Content marketing can increase websites’ traffic, make it easier for them to gain links, and increase their domain authority, ultimately boosting sales.

5. Enhance Website’s Speed

Internet users are generally impatient. When they know they have other options, they do not like to invest more than twenty-second to see the page loading.

Several components on your website may be why slowing up your page and removing them can speed it up. Page speed is crucial to search engines, and your website’s slow loading speed can be a red flag for your website.

Decluttering websites’ sidebars and putting necessary widgets there can speed up the website.

6. Simple URL Structure

Marketers may think that fancy words will attract users, but they may have an opposite impact. Your website’s URL must be understandable and straightforward for your visitors.

People often insert numbers and characters in URLs. Since they do not inform users about their websites, they may drive them away. Search engine bots may be intelligent, but they may overlook and misunderstand complicated URLs.

7. Site Audit

Marketers often think that if they can attract users once, they can do it multiple times in the future without updating their websites. Conducting a website audit gives an in-depth insight into websites’ performance. Marketers can pinpoint their weak areas to work on them and turn them into strengths.

The best way to get the most out of your SEO efforts is by conducting an SEO audit from a specialist such as Digital Cornerstone to make sure that all SEO issues are detected and addressed. This way you have an SEO expert on your team to give yourself the best chance to rank highly in the SERPs.


Marketers understand the importance of having flawless websites which appear complete to people and garner more users. Most people’s go-to place when they need answers to their queries or get stuck in a problem is a search engine.

They type in a bar or do a voice search and get their desired solution. Generally, they do not bother checking out the last pages of search results and only focus on the first page.

Websites that get a space on the initial pages have higher chances of getting more visitors. Marketers have to constantly update their websites to improve their ranking and garner more users.

SEO’s landscape continues to change, and marketers who stay abreast with the latest changes and apply new innovative SEO practices attract more users.

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