Digital Tools That Support Choice Reading

4 Best Digital Tools That Support Choice Reading

in Technology on June 11, 2021

In this article, I have listed the four best digital tools for supporting choice reading. So, let’s start.

Choice reading is a crucial aspect of learning that teachers and parents should back for kids.

For instance, the students can ask in the same way where I can find cheap dissertation help for essential insights on diverse types of write-ups should be the same with your kids or students regarding what reading materials interest them.

The assertion that choice reading backs the aspect of lifelong learning rings true, especially when teachers can avail books to students.

According to Allison Shelley, kids have a likelier chance of becoming voluntary, happy, and voracious readers when they get to pick what reading materials interest them. It happens both at home and in school.

However, building this choice in a classroom setup implies striking a fine balance between assigned and choice reading.

Learners have to spend some time analyzing good writing elements besides getting a range of different yet fun reading materials that cut across diverse genres.

So, what online resources can prove valuable in supporting every aspect of choice reading?

Crucial Digital Tools That Support Choice Reading

1. Loose Canon

2. Epic Reads

3. Kids Book Club

4. Homegrown Solutions

1. Loose Canon

Loose Canon

A former teacher and a novelist created it. The tool provides a browsing function to filter the robust list of books in diverse ways.

For example, you can filter by grade level, topic, etc. The digital tool also facilitates teachers’ management of book clubs that are tranced in single classrooms. It also features concepts of assessments and class activities.



2. Epic Reads

Epic Reads

It arose from HarperCollins’ efforts. The site dedicates itself to young adult titles, where you can find hundreds of diverse series. Lists cover niche materials and clever lists, among other things.

Epic Reads’ playful quizzes, which include book trailers, prove enticing because they contain age-appropriate pandemic references, snark, and empowerment materials. The site’s videos also prove engaging.



3. Kids Book Club

Kids Book Club

It comes as a podcast, and it was created by Kitty Felde, a radio journalist who also hosts the podcast. Learners can browse for episodes that cover various book discussions (that Felde had with kids or authors).

As a result, book clubs prove contagious, as kids can become consumers and contributors to the respective content. Additionally, kids can listen to episodes for reading inspiration and discuss the featured material or book.

Because of this, the podcast comes as an ideal choice reading avenue for kids to select the book they want to read besides deciding on if they wish to contribute as guests on the show or just read the books.



4. Homegrown Solutions

Other ways of using online tools exist, and these do not support aspects of choice reading by design.

For instance, Marks utilizes Animoto, the drag-drop video maker, to develop book trailers that would otherwise be created for marketing but are instead used to excite students about foreign titles.

Another key app entails the Notability app, which creates book cover collages on specific themes such as social justice.


Students can benefit from digital tools or assignment writing services that get geared towards supporting choice reading to expand their knowledge base and develop a reading culture.

As a teacher or parent, it becomes crucial to consider the digital tools illustrated to instill and promote a reading culture in your child.

So that’s all from this blog. I am sure you liked this article on the four best digital tools that support choice reading. Thank you for visiting Digital Template Market.

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