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Capture, Maintain, And Focus Your Visitor Attention To Give Them The Right Conversion Experience

in SEO on October 20, 2020

Most online users have very short attention spans. And only a small fraction of visitors become customers. It takes a pro to successfully capture a Visitor’s Attention. A study by Invesp showed the average global conversion rate of website visitors to be around 4.31%. And this result was for business owners who had done everything right.

While that might seem like a small percentage, it can translate into a lot depending on the kind of business you operate. Is your website attracting many visitors? If your answer is yes, congratulations. Your next hurdle is to capture their attention and make them convert to customers. A growing body of evidence suggests that this isn’t an easy task. But it’s worth the effort.

The more website visitors you convert, the more value and revenue you’ll bring to your business. To optimize and increase your conversion rate, you need to implement a combination of strategies and develop a complete optimization audit. Listed below are surefire ways to capture your Visitors Attention and to give them the right conversion experience.

Offer Unique Products and Services.

There are hundreds and thousands of websites offering the same services and products that you do. So why should visitors settle for yours? Your website visitors will become more attentive if your products and services are unique. So do all you can to make your brand stand out.  Customers usually want something more than what everybody is offering before they take the next step and make a commitment.

Are you giving your products and services out at the right price? Are you offering guarantees, warranties, after-sales services, etc?  Offering unique products and services can capture your Visitors Attention and give them a great conversion experience.

Offer Excellent Customer Service.

From time to time, website visitors have inquiries or complaints. On such occasions, they want to reach out to call center agents or customer service agents.  Customer satisfaction and trust increases when they know there are available customer service agents they can speak to. Visitors are eager to patronize businesses that offer robust customer support.

To improve the conversion experience of your visitors, invest in call center software. Managing communication with website users is easier when you use customer service tools. Call center software function via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP transmits calls and other forms of communication through the internet.

The VoIP call center software personalizes communication with visitors to your website. This way visitors will find it easy to take the next step. A study published in the Journal of Database Marketing suggests that personalized communication often leads to higher conversion rates.  Customer service also applies to the onboarding process if what you’re selling is more complicated, like a SaaS product. You’ll not only improve customers’ conversion experience but also retain them for longer if you focus on creating a helpful and thorough onboarding experience.

Use Informative and Convenient Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons.

Visitors to websites love to be nudged and gently coaxed to take the next step. This explains the presence of call-to-action buttons on various websites.  According to a case study by Vermio, adding CTA buttons in the right places helps to generate leads on your website. Many business experts have discovered that some call-to-action buttons provide a better conversion experience for visitors.

In a recent study published by Moz, clear and informative CTA buttons proved to be more effective than vague ones.  The study also concluded that it was important to display the CTA button at the right time in a buyer’s journey. A visitor will only take the next step when he is ready. To get the maximum benefits from your CTA buttons, you need to place it at a strategic location on your site. The CTA button also has to be the right size and color.

Avoid Excessive Pop-ups.

Call to action buttons obviously play an important role in converting visitors to customers. However, they must be used sparingly. Excessive use of pop-ups can be annoying. Pop-ups are a great call-to-action tool and have been used to increase the conversion rate of so many websites. Too many pop-ups can interfere with a visitor’s experience and cause him/her to quickly leave your site.

A study by Hubspot found that four out of five website visitors have closed a browser because of a pop-up or an auto-playing ad. The team at Solitaire removed instructional pop-ups and found their bounce rate improved by 6%.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.

One great way to increase your conversion rate is to make your website mobile-friendly.  According to statistics published by Statistica, approximately half of internet traffic are mobile users. Always use online marketing tools that are great for desktop and mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site is more likely to capture visitor’s attention and give them a pleasant conversion experience.

Show Reviews and Testimonials.

Your website visitors want something more or extra to help them make that decision to commit. Often, they want to sample other customers’ opinions. This is where testimonials and reviews come in handy. A growing body of evidence shows that user feedback helps to increase the conversion rates of websites.  Current Statistics from business2community reveals that about 90% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product or service. Be sure to publish testimonials and good reviews from satisfied customers and clients. This will give your site credibility and encourage visitors to want to commit.

Give Guarantees and Warranties.

A guarantee is simply a formal assurance that the terms and conditions of certain products and services will be fulfilled. Warranties are special types of guarantees used to assure customers of the good condition of products. Although guarantees and warranties are pretty common, they are still very important tools in marketing. They are effective in dispelling doubts about the products and services on offer.

Write Great Headlines.

After analyzing 100 million headlines, Buzzsumo concluded that,

“A good headline can entice and engage your audience to click, read and share your content”.

Headlines are the first things website Visitor Attention see and read before they decide if the rest is worth checking out. A growing body of research shows that a vast majority of website users read headlines, but only a small fraction reads the content.

Use catchy headlines to attract attention to your brand stories, products, and services. If your headlines aren’t attention-grabbing enough, most people won’t visit your site. And you know what the implications are? Less traffic to your site, less conversion.

website speed

Increase Your Website’s Speed.

Time has always been a scarce resource. With thousands of websites to navigate, a slow loading page is a turn off for many visitors. Research published by esearchgate, reveals that “high-performance websites lead to high visitor engagement, retention, and conversion” Optimizing your site for speed will increase your Visitor Attention conversion experience.

Simplify Your Sales Path.

Statistics show that most visitors to a website rarely convert or commit to taking the next step the first time around. Visitors come several times to a website that has grabbed their attention before they are able to take the next step. Know your visitors’ needs and desires. This will make it easier for you to simplify your sales path and to boost conversion experiences.

Another way of simplifying your sales path is to have different payment options for your customers. Often visitors are willing to pay but find that they have limited and difficult options. This often affects their ability to seal the deal.

Use Easy-To-Fill Forms.

Forms are great marketing tools. They help website visitors to commit and to take the next step. But filling some forms can seem like sitting for a professional examination, which can frustrate your website users.

Matt Janaway from Marketing Labs stresses that the best sign-up forms are those with the minimum number of fields. This data is confirmed by research from the Baymard Institute that found you could decrease 20-60% of fields in a typical check-out form as they’re not necessary to the transaction. So, before adding an extra field to a multi-question form, ask yourself: Do I really need this information at this moment? Or could I collect some of it at a different, more comfortable point of the customer’s journey?

Don’t give your visitors long and complicated forms to fill. They will feel discouraged and irritated. Use short and simple forms containing questions that can be easily recalled by your Visitor Attention.  They improve the buyer’s journey. Easy-to-fill forms are a surefire way to enhance the Visitor Attention conversion experience.

Make Your Contents Scan-Friendly.

With thousands of web pages to check out, people do not read web content from the beginning down to the end. To prevent boring your visitors and readers, your content must be scan-friendly. Some of the ways to make your content scan-able are to use bold text, short paragraphs, and bullet points. A study by the Nielsen Norman Group, of five different writing styles, shows that websites scored 47% higher when the text was scan-able.

Diversify Your Content.

Unless you know the kind of content your visitors prefer, it is advisable to have different content options on your website. By incorporating a variety of content materials on your site, you’ll be able to cater to the content preferences of many website visitors. We all have our preferred means of consuming content. While some people are avid readers, others favor video content. A combination of different content options will maximize your chances of increasing the conversion rate of your website.

The Wrap-Up.

Increasing the conversion rate of your website begins with attracting visitors, but it does not end there. Having attracted visitors to your site, you need to hold their attention and gently guide them to make a commitment. You can do this by setting up a call center, providing excellent customer support via call center software, optimizing your website, using call-to-action buttons, and so on.

Have you mastered the art of capturing Visitor Attention and increasing conversion rates? What strategy worked best for you?

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Andrej Fedek is a digital marketer and partner at DigitalNovas and owner of InterCoolStudio , a blog about digital marketing. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

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