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16 Best Free Education HTML Website Templates In 2024

in HTML on June 3, 2024

Well, this is the right place if you are looking for Free Education HTML Website Templates. Templates for school websites or website templates of any other type of school. You could build an engaging and modern website from this wonderful selection of beautiful HTML themes. In Addition, to distinguish your website from the rest and improve its presentation, you can choose both paid and free design themes.

Day by day, the modern elements and simple changes make it easier to develop a wonderful school website; take a look at the top school website templates that we listed here. You can explore the options below by swiping forward on this page. Prepare to find the perfect templates for an education website – you won’t regret it!

Take a look at the list. You may quickly choose which is more suitable for your needs, seems rather professional, and will meet the necessary criteria of your educational institution.

Education HTML Templates What Is It?

Education HTML templates refer to pre-made website templates designed specifically for schools, colleges, universities, online, or any learning venue. Note that these themes come equipped with numerous functional and design features relevant to an instructional website, such as the section with test reviews, the calendar of events, the list of courses, and contact information.

Top Free Education HTML Website Templates List for 2024



Whenever the pedagogical platform encompasses online courses, classes, tutorials, workshops, learning, lessons, or any other type of Educational platform, ECOURSES is perfect for it as it is a free HTML Website template that is clean, crisp, creative, responsive, and truly professional.

Below is a free HTML template for online classes that allows you to obtain everything you want within no time. Moreover, it includes all HTML5 pages and CSS3 attributes, which help make the website successful.



2. Edukate


Edukate is a free, modern, visually appealing, retina-responsive, innovative, and unique template for an online school or class, training, tutorials, or any kind of learning or educational site, including college, university, school, kindergarten, etc.

Additionally, this free online course website template is easy to modify for use on many other related specialized websites. Consequently, uploading your tapes and tutorials on the internet as courses is likely to attract many new students.





The eLEARNING is indeed a free eLearning HTML template with wondrous design and wonderful features that are contemporarily innovative, clean, and magnificent. Especially in the area of courses and learning, websites that offer educational resources will be best suited for your needs.

Online learning, online tutoring, online study, online teaching, education centres, colleges, universities, kindergarten, learning blogs, tutorials, courses, classes, education facilities, and so on.



4. Webuni


Webuni is one of the finest Bootstrap 4 HTML5 templates that are suitable for students and tutors, providing online learning solutions for free. That is correct; it is a very progressive yet feasible instrument to introduce your academic facility or supply online classes.

Moreover, this ensures quality and prevents performance from being compromised within the manufacturing process. It has an interesting look in unison with progressive functionality, making it a versatile option for presentation. With Webuni, you can build an online learning platform similar to Coursera, Codecademy, Udemy, or Udacity. Everything is ready! Take it out of the box and surf the web!



5. Kider


The professional and free preschool website template, Kider, provides numerous preset echo features, allowing you to easily customize it according to your needs to build a personalized site for your instruction.

Because of its condition, the template is most suitable for areas such as kindergarten, early learning, preschool, primary school, elementary school, Junior High School, college, child care centre, and nursery. Another reason is that it is effective to use a new brand for children’s websites.



6. KidKinder


Are you looking for free templates for an HTML website if you own a Kindergarten or any other institute? Well, you are in the right place to find valuable tips for starting this type of academic writing. Here is the sample design of the kindergarten website, which you can use to create your design and will cost you nothing.

You can use the KidKinder preschool website template to design websites for various educational institutions, including early learning centres, kindergartens, preschools, primary and high schools, colleges, daycare centres, and nurseries.



7. Elearn


Elearn is a free Bootstrap HTML5 education website template that you can easily use for the creation of college, university, or school websites. Moreover, it works well with e-learning, online courses, online learning, and other similar environments. It’s also a unique theme with superb design and a fully responsive layout.

Some of the kit’s delights include the slider, the off-canvas search, the sticky navigation bar, and the hero header. In Addition, since the codes created here can be made flexible and formatted, you can change them as you desire.



8. Etrain


The fresh, free, responsive education website template called Etrain uses Bootstrap 4 and HTML 5. Also, it offers a modern and clean design without unnecessary details. Additionally, it includes all the essential features needed for college, university, or specific online course websites.

Also, there are several articles of high methodological level in the Etrain package of the program: Some of the other especially useful additional capabilities include custom images, gradient buttons, sticky navigation bar, drop-down menu, on-card hover effects, as well as the intriguing counters. By being versatile and well organized, regular modification becomes a lot easier with the code of its system.



9. Acadewe


Additionally, you can develop training courses using education templates for online training. Moreover, these web-based training course templates enable you to create some of the modules, tests, and other course-related materials.

If you are planning to develop an online course, you must first select a template that contains all the elements you would require. Additionally, our numbered list for the education template provides space for all that you would require at the initial stage.



10. Unicat


Another free HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 school website template is here, which is the Unicat. It is a well-crafted theme applicable to online learning businesses, colleges, universities, online courses, and many other related institutions. Besides, there is a list of several beautiful and convenient variants. In Addition to that, it works well on all the existing browsers and is fully mobile-friendly. With smooth serpent-like curves, Unicat strikes a natural pose on any stage, which gives an idea of its impeccable shape.

Regarding the prospective features, Unicat had included specific options like an application form, slider, hero header, search bar with filter options, interesting fact counters, and the off-canvas search bar, among many others. Likewise, as specific aspects of the templates are changed, rearrange the layout as required.



11. SmartEDU


Responsive Free HTML5 Education Website Template SmartEDU Free HTML5 Education Website Template is based on the latest Bootstrap 4. They, in turn, have hover effects and the typical full-screen slider found on the header section. It is a classic, direct multi-page theme and has a clean design without many decoration elements. Moreover, it is a bright website that has a parallax effect and loads on scroll animation.

Moreover, website templates of any school, college, university, or any other educational possibilities can hardly raise any issues in terms of integration with SmartEDU. Additionally, this business theme can provide a range of significant, state-of-the-art tasks and properties. For example, it includes a price table, tabbed section, testimonials slider, drop-down menu, timeline, call-to-action button, and attractive counters of interesting facts.



12. Denso


Awakening in a minimalist HTML5 theme, Denso Study Education is ideal for any university, workshop, college, school, kindergarten, course centre, or any other type of educational institution. It has a rather simple layout that can be quite effective when used to deliver your educational material to your audience.

Besides this, the Denso Study Education template has a professional-looking design and an easy-to-navigate layout. Additionally, it makes it easier to build and present an attractive and well-organized website for the institution. Moreover, this template’s flexibility and range of useful features can be used on your educational establishment’s web page, thereby making it more engaging to visitors.



13. Wiser


If you own a school, college, or university website, then this Bootstrap HTML5 education website template Wiser is for you, and it comes with a free price tag. Every visitor is attracted, in particular, to the subject due to its uniqueness and the high quality of the design of the demolition site. Wiser is also available for cross-browser that are available for a minimalist and clean-looking as well as fully responsive design.

However, it also entails many other advantages that go with the effectiveness of the given work. Some of the types include Google Maps, hero header type, hover effect, search type, and slider type. The authors successfully implemented many other useful features in the bundle, namely a working contact form and a blog section.



14. Eduprix


To illustrate, Eduprix is a Bootstrap 5 and free template specifically designed for education-related websites. What we have here is an in-house theme by Themewagon that features a very modern and luxurious look. Also, you can use this one-page template to bring out more of the features and an attractive design that will lure more policy into the website.

Eduprix is fully compatible with all retina screens and devices, such as iPhones and iPads, increases its loading speed, and does not require any additional optimization. Moreover, it’s as if everything is rationally laid out to correspond with what a more technologically conscious population expects.



15. Eduland


Eduland is a Bootstrap 4 HTML5 website template that you can easily use for educational institutions, including colleges and universities, as well as online courses and more; it is available for free. It is a cross-browser as well as a cross-device website, working well on all active web browsers. I will also not mention the fact that its fluid container also makes it look smooth and perfect on any device.

Some of the features/models that users can get from Eduland include timelines, the parallax effect, the on-hover effect, hero headers, and the call to action button. Moreover, it incorporates a simple architecture that you can easily modify relative to the box’s coding.



16. Drivin


Drivin is a simple, attractive, and sleek driving school website template that, if used on your site, will effectively convey the services offered at your driving school to potential learners. As a result, the template is quite presentable and functional on all modern devices and browsers, which is critical for enhanced performance.

Drive and Learn gives you an idea of how to create your free driving lessons website using the Drivin website template. This template is designed mainly for driving schools, driving instruction classes, driver training, driving classes, driver education, and one-to-one driving courses.




Overall, Free Education HTML Website Templates. Provides a good and aesthetically pleasing foundation for an online presence for any school, university, or other associated organizations or individualists concerned with the field of education. Built to adapt to different users, browsers, and devices, and with features so that you can easily change, add, and remove, you can easily customize it for a certain company or organization’s unique requirements.

Thus, using this template, educators have the opportunity to properly value the promotion of the courses and materials available in the online space, as well as demonstrate their activity and knowledge, which can also lead to increased interaction. Whether you are in the position of a teacher, tutor, or educational organization, using this template can do wonders for your web presence. Here is a great website template that encompasses the different aspects of internet visibility and educational awareness.

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