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20 Best Free Fashion HTML Website Templates In 2024

in HTML on June 21, 2024

Among all the professions, the fashion industry is considered to be rapidly developing at the present stage. In the fashion business, the ability of the Internet is pushing sales up to heights with sizes that had never been recorded before. The global clothing market has been estimated to be at $3 trillion in terms of value, and this is approximately 2% of global gross domestic product. By using these Free Fashion HTML Website Templates, those businesspersons who intend to create a fashionable website for the selling of stylish wear to the new generation of customers will be able to do that successfully.

Additionally, the fashion business has sub-sectors such as sportswear, women’s wear, and men’s wear. Moreover, the men’s wear sub-sector is considered one of the most promising within the fashion industry. In addition, the women’s wear market is the largest division, with a value surpassing $621 billion. Furthermore, this free fashion website template includes categories and templates created by fashion experts.

Suggested Some Free Fashion HTML Website Templates:

1. MaleFashion


They named an interesting free Bootstrap template designed for the eCommerce site MaleFashion. It is advisable to work with MaleFashion to develop a generalized or specific web-based selling platform for men’s clothing and even expand it internationally.

Notwithstanding its simplicity, it is perfectly smooth, very responsive, accurately balanced, and optimized for any browser and any gadget known to mankind. Such a digital canvas has better charm, timidity, and an elegant touch to the screen that can help reach a wider ambit.



2. Dress Up

Dress Up

No other website template called Dress Up offers every element a fashion designer needs to market their clothes and accessories. To start, you need to buy the above web design and use it to make the fashion design website look professional so that it attracts customers just by looking at it.

The Dress Up website template is a perfect match for the fashion industry; seamlessly aligning with the aesthetics of fashion clothes, lifestyle goods, and fashion magazines. By creating a fashion website that is attractive, unique, and minimal, you can carve out a niche in the design world.



3. Sprystore


Sprystore is another responsive fashion HTML website template with a clean and minimalist design. It has seven HTML templates that are easily customizable for convenience store websites that sell clothing online.

If there is one thing that people with low incomes use most of the time, that is newspapers; for that reason, they are so colorful because they immediately capture the attention of the people. The design wows the client, whether they are knowledgeable about the clothing line or new to the online shopping experience.



4. Atelier


Fashion stylists can adopt Atelier, one of the most suitable website templates, to focus on their trendy and stylish products and technological devices. You can easily modify the specially designed fashion-oriented theme to distinguish or categorize products differently. By making a few changes, you can utilize the raw HTML templates for other categories.

If you have an online fashion apparel retail business, fashion accessories store, saloon, costume accessories, fashion gadgets, etc.; an atelier fashion website template would be perfect for developing your site. Why not get full access to a trial version, download the premium version, or even get it free of charge?



5. Sglass


Sglass Eyeglasses Shop’s website template applies HTML5 for improved website building; making it appropriate for a store marketing fashionable products; including sunglasses and fashionable eyewear for both men and women, including glasses. It features a responsive design, which ensures that customers can view the products offered by the vendor comfortably; no matter the size of their device screens.

The displayed template allows you to present your stylish selection of eyeglasses and create an effective and pleasant buying experience for your clients. Begin your online store for stylish eyewear through the help of the Sglass template to target those interested in quality sunglasses and eyeglasses for fashion.



6. Trend Website Template

Trend Website Template

The trend is a splendid periodic layout for fashion websites, and the unique animation zoom-in effect for banner images is marvelous. Notably, a complete list of fashion template pages may benefit parlors, shops, salons, and other areas.

All of these sections have a nicely organized grid style that helps to attract the audience’s attention and make them contemplate the company’s products.



7. Polish


Polish can freely use the Fashion Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template, and the Creative Commons Attribution 3 license allows lifetime usage. 

You can use this template as many times as you wish, but you must follow certain conditions. You need to donate to W3layouts, a nonprofit organization, or include their link on your webpage if you are creating one. Which one should also be added? Do mention it because it supports the process of offering more tools to others.



8. Slark


Slark Free Fashion Shop HTML Template is designed as a beautifully simple and flexible shopping website for any online fashion and clothes-selling stores. It is in your interest to know that this template is easy to use and can create a professional and catchy website for your online store.

Be sure to check out Fabulive to take a look at some other incredibly great spots to visit. Yet, with Slark Free Fashion Shop HTML Template, you can reach your goal and offer your customers a great shopping experience as fast as that.



9. Tailor


The free Bootstrap template Tailor is extremely ideal for fashion websites. Here it goes with Tailor, whether you have a business selling clothes online and setting up a website or if you are an online tailor shop tonight.

This web skin will undoubtedly attract more visitors than before because it has all these marvelous features underlying its sexy exterior. That is why the theme of this website is, in turn, very well designed, 100% responsive in all browsers and gadgets, and, at last, it is easily customizable for any of the clients.



10. Timups


Timups HTML5 Template has a powerful and multifunctional construction, which will be relevant for developing smartwatch websites: the audiences for these resources will have the same intuitive experience using them in different formats. This is made apparent through the response traits; which enable it to have a visually pleasing interface that is easy to navigate.

The features of this free e-commerce HTML website template are as follows: The use of this particular eCommerce HTML5 template is the best way to enhance the functionality and navigation of the website. Therefore, Tim Hortons is a prudent decision for companies seeking to establish a unique web identity.



11. Styleway


StyleWay is yet another existing HTML-based fashion website template that is completely functional, responsive, and customizable. It is especially suitable for internet-based clothes and accessory business establishments. This fashion e-commerce template is also integrated to operate responsively on any device and is customizable.

We designed it with the following features: a visual banner slider, attractive hover effects, a social icons pack, a quick subscription for newsletters for the latest fashion news, fluent navigation, gallery version hover, functional forms, and font icons.



12. Scarvve


Scarvve Free Tattoos HTML Template is suitable for piercing studios, hip studios, body art shops, tattoo parlors, and shops that offer a variety of services. This design will also help you present your studio with an elegant face.

Furthermore, it concerns companies struggling to attract clients in today’s society. Additionally, it is advisable to use this template to develop your studio’s website; creating a more professional appeal to the branding.



13. Timecenter


Timecenter is a free responsive fashion template developed to sell time on the internet through commodities manufactured by reputable time manufacturers. Other usable functionalities are fading slider effects, carousel effects, lovely hover effects, scrolling navigation, etc., and all of these are free for fashion Website HTML templates.

Moreover, Roxanne is a very effective method for users to shop. Additionally, all good-looking images with magical effects attract the customers and make them buy the merchandise. Furthermore, it helps focus consumers’ attention on specials and discounts in an attempt to improve conversion.



14. Stylinto


Designed in a clean and minimalistic style, Stylinto comes with a comprehensive set of features and stunning, perfectly adjusted for the modern Web trends free multipurpose HTML website template for beauty & fashion that will give your site an edge over the competitors.

A responsive free fashion HTML template for online clothing, accessory store fashion stores, and much more. Combined with some of the innovative elements, such as bright hover effects, a great banner picture, robust graphics, and product badges to inform users about the available offers and discounts, etc.



15. Fashion Trendz

Fashion Trendz

Fashion Trendz is a modern website template for a fashion trend store. The template enhances the app’s compatibility so that it may be used on any device since it is developed to support all screen resolutions.

Furthermore, the uncluttered look and ease of navigation, in addition to the clearer, cleaner lines of the website, make Fashion Trendz a good platform to popularize the latest fashion trends and ideas. Additionally, its Bootstrap framework guarantees enhanced viewability across arrays in the responsive browsing space among fashion lovers and professionals.



16. Beautilicious


This fourth list includes Beautilicious, a glossy, stylish website for hair and beauty salons, barbershops, nail salons, cosmetic services, body treatments, and spas.

This HTML fashion website template was designed to become the best choice for popular lifestyle, fashion, art, and beauty specialists. By organizing this layout, the developers and designers guarantee that using this template will be as smooth and perfect as possible for you, the customer, and your clients.



17. Models


This fashion category Bootstrap responsive web template will enable models to display their respective looks to the nobility of fashion. It is well-designed with a minimalistic interface without many frills and is highly usable on multiple resolutions, devices, and operating systems.

Furthermore, the site’s simplicity and interface can be evaluated. The given option allows users to find out more about the latest fashion trends and preview different categories of models. This template is perfect for people interested in fashion and business. Similarly, other business people who want to have their online representation unique and original can benefit from it.



18. Probeautyfly


Do you want to have an amazing-looking layout for your salon’s website? This is a good place to advertise your salon, spa, beauty salon, and body care company, Probeautyfly. It is also ideal for any other form of category that you may be looking at while developing a website or conducting research. Free fashion website templates using HTML are designed with a simple and modern look of this layout.

Some striking features of web design also include an amazing image banner slider, a short introduction section, an attractive way to showcase products or services with beautiful hover effects, a unique and special way to provide offers, events, and blogs sections, an appointment form, and a testimonial section which increases the reliability factor in this striking and impressively designed beauty and fashion web design template.



19. Spacelon


SpaCElon is a free responsive website template for spas and Salons. Its clean design suits any spa or salon business seeking to create an online presence. The simple, orderly code and well-coded files allow both experts and nonexperts to make changes easily.

Additionally, it is completely built on the Bootstrap framework, HTML5, and CSS3. Specifically, the template is ideal for beauty and spa field, including beauty parlors, spas, massage stations, and others.



20. BeautiCastle


The BeautiCastle is one of the beauty-specific templates that will create an appearance of multiple websites to enhance online presence and company growth. The template is professional and has a clean design, while at the same time; the HTML and CSS structure is clear and easy to tweak.

By using the versatility of this imaginative beauty website template, you may increase the size of your beauty-oriented firm; all this while without having to code for hours and hours. The Bootstrap framework, HTML, and CSS3 are utilized in developing the full construction of the template. The happy aspect is that being a template, your design shall be ok on both high-end, as in laptops and PCs, and low-end devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.




Lastly, adopting Free Fashion HTML Website Templates are an excellent chance for fashion lovers, bloggers, and small businesses to create an edgy web presence. While these templates are stylish, they are also highly practical, which means that, apart from providing people with the means of expressing themselves artistically; they also allow them to convey their messages to the target audience effectively.

That way, these templates help readers, aspiring fashion enthusiasts, and experts take their online fashion empire to another level and sustain the rapidly growing world of fashion. If it is your goal to highlight style tips or if you are representing a fashion line; these templates make a good starting point for site designers, having stylish, easy-to-navigate layouts. Try to include these templates and allow yourself to foster your fashion adventure and engage your audience online.

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