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10 Best Free Magazine HTML Website Templates In 2024

in HTML on June 7, 2024

For those involved in the online magazine or news portal business; these Free Magazine HTML Website Templates could be of interest. Such themes with corresponding HTML templates will help to attract more readers to your page and guarantee that all the numerous ads that you may install on the site will receive enough click-throughs.

That’s why we’ve collected splendid templates that possess numerous features and are easy to manage. Also, all the themes are responsive and do not require any adjustments for correct viewing both on desktops and mobile devices. These can be used to create cute interesting websites with tabs of images, videos, and headlines of news articles.

Besides, they are filled with useful widgets and shortcodes that enable the user to organize and attract the content in an organized way. These News Website Templates also include a weather forecast and news scrolling strip that is ideal for News Portal sites.

Take your pick for the most suitable web design for your online news or magazine site by visiting these sites now.

Here are some Free Magazine HTML Website Templates:



The free Bootstrap magazine template of NEWSROOM is simple and mobile-friendly, and the actual size is not more populated. This is suitable for designing news, newspapers, portals & magazine sites. If you are a non-coder or a web designer, you can instantly modify this template to work for your free magazine website, news station, newspaper, news portal, and more.

The first strength found in using a newspaper or magazine website is that one may post stories and news as they are on the web. In this case, it is of significant importance for newspapers or news stations to have a magazine website that is perfect in vision and, most importantly, is user-friendly for mobile devices. If you need to make an online magazine that doesn’t break the bank, choose Newsroom as your best bet out of all the options.



2. Lifestyle


Lifestyle is one of the Bootstrap 5 website templates, which has been developed for lifestyle blogs. Because of this clean and minimalist design, it is perfect for sites on any topic, including and especially blogs. Out of this constant design, you can create a professional-looking blog website that is slick and, at the same time, beautiful.

You have the privilege of working with a developed template that provides a user interface for editing your website to achieve your desired look.



3. Magz


Magz is a free, strong, versatile, and versatile responsive magazine theme for blogging. Some may consider it the perfect template for a modern news portal instrumentation that facilitates the use of any user; especially with its adaptive interface.

The template’s underlined simplicity and clean lines are perfect for starting a traditional weblog. This template will help bloggers zero in on their online presence in newspapers and magazines, fashion magazines, technology blogs, reviews, or any similar niche.



4. Awesome Magazine

Awesome Magazine

There is a high-quality free Bootstrap template for online news and magazine websites called Awesome Magazine. This web skin is suitable for several kinds of industries, and specifically certain niche markets.

Developers used HTML and CSS3 technologies to create the online interface; ensuring the canvas draws itself seamlessly on any existing device and is 100% responsive. The following are some of the 4Cs that make an Awesome magazine; It has good content and a perfect layout among other features.



5. Vizew


This is a list of the best Bootstrap HTML5 magazine website templates that are available for free Vizew. Therefore, for your online news portal, magazine, or newspaper this will be the most appropriate option for your project.

Also, it is well thought out, and visitors will immediately know it is designed for tourist visits as well. It saves you a lot of time that you need not spend creating everything from the ground up because Vizew works perfectly with no additions needed.



6. World


This is a perfect free HTML5 magazine template with several stunning characteristics for readers who are smart in using the technology. Free, professional, visually stunning, colourful, and impressive HTML5 website template. It is time to express the viewers some love and share quality sliders, subscriptions to the newsletter, and other appealing positions.

With the best courtesy of using this template; anybody out there may define him or herself as a unique character in this market. It is a free website template that features Bootstrap 4, and it is also responsive as well. The same, fantastic header engages the audience with an inspirational sticky menu that has a proffered menu bar.



7. Amin


Amin has a relatively simple design, and its main features include the fact that it is a free HTML5 magazine website template based on the Bootstrap framework. Amin’s appointment will take a turn for the better if you are in search of an excellent theme for your gaming magazine. Moreover, it comes with an appealing and unique dark theme for your website online and to attract as many people as possible.

Amin is compatible with all current browser versions and is optimized for usage; in fact, it has a responsive design. Besides, it includes all the significant and exciting aspects of the given presentation. Pretty much every feature that you may ever want is present within the package—essential menu options, a drop-down menu, progress bars, sliders and call-to-action buttons, and hero headers.



8. Eden


The Eden is a good Magazine Website Template that is created by using Bootstrap along with HTML5. Considering online magazines, news portals, online newspapers, or similar types of media, it is a versatile and creative website platform. Other features include its eye-catching style and responsive layouts. While you work at QECS; you may have Eden as your colleague, and you achieve an incredible outcome within the first week.

Eden also has many useful options and additions to the base engine, hubs, and portals, which are choices and special features. Some of the features included are the navigation menu with the drop-down menu, video player interface with modal view, hover effects, sticky navigation, and others. Eden is easy to set up and comes fully built right out of the box. As mentioned earlier, it is further customizable to every extent.



9. Nikki


Nikki is one of the best free templates for Bootstrap-based magazine sites. This chic theme is suitable for websites with features of the primary internet media; within the sphere of online magazines, newspapers, news portals, and the like. We specifically tailored the last release for any modern browser, built-in retina support, and made it very interactive. However, it has a neat and rather looking appearance and the adaptability feature is among the best of the web skin.

Here, one will find several beautiful elements, such as the split header, a sticky top navigation bar, the header slider, hover, drop-down, search, call-to-action button, Google Map appearing effect, or something similar.



10. Newsers


In the case of magazines and news websites, there is so much substance that touches on a variety of issues. Some of the possibilities of what the list might contain are blogs, sciences, soccer, politics, sports, lifestyle, travel, food, health, technologies, gadgets, videos, and much more. In the case of news and magazine websites; it is necessary to bring interest in almost any subject in an aesthetically pleasing manner but not to make it a problem for readers to find the text they want. Thus, the development of Newsers, an effort being a free HTML website template for the magazine, can be used for personal and commercial use.

Newsers will afford your request in case you want the visitors to your magazine website from every or any kind of operability; such as from desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobilе. This exceptional Newsers website works perfectly on all digital devices, and it features a clean, fully responsive, and mobile-first design.




Every one of the Free Magazine HTML Website Templates is excellent and easy to work with. They provide all the requisites for the news portals and online publication houses. Also, they can be easily integrated into your pages and bring unique web design to your website.

Besides this, all these Magazine HTML Website Templates are designed to help you organize a lot of content on your home page. For views to go up, further split this content into several sections and incorporate widgets and shortcodes. Further, each of them comes with elegant code written in the back-end templates. They offer a fast, unequivocal, and optimized SEO and web design. With all that, they are ahead of other magazine and news website template services.

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