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16 Best Free One Page HTML Website Templates In 2024

in HTML on May 23, 2024

They are relatively new yet easy to use and release to the public, and many IT companies and various industries are beginning to utilize them. Apart from giving out the It’s to those who require FREE and as requested today, we shall also give a guide on designing or developing one-page HTML websites. The fact that one-page templates are also known as Free One page HTML Website Templates. Enable visitors to gain general information and all the data they need without having to scroll through the website for a long time. Potential buyers do not have to go anywhere else to learn about the products offered since they only need to scroll up and down.

These templates are also very helpful since they create an appealing and interesting story for all template users. Many people are curious about free one-page HTML website templates because they can offer them the chance to have an online presence, especially if they do not have the money to pay for the development of a website.

What are Free One Page HTML Website Templates?

It is an open one-page HTML website that does not consist of more pages like a home page, service page, team or about us page, etc. A one-pager means that all of the website’s content can be easily squeezed into one page and nothing more. Furthermore, the web page’s planning involves longer scrolling, which is not common in modern central sites.

Recommended Some Free One Page HTML Website Templates:

1. Split


The Split free versatile one-page HTML template has a straightforward layout with components split right down the middle vertically. You can use it for anything, from adding a simple link in your link bar to showcasing lots of information and a large picture of you, your team, or your product.

As the Split template incorporates the CC3, the realignment of stems into the prefixes and suffixes classification categories will only be possible with the aid of this set of rules. In the case of One Page Love, this website must retain a link back to the site at all times because it is provided under the zero license. To avail yourself of free help and have your desired credit removed, you need to buy a $9 license.



2. Life Coach

Life Coach

A very nice responsive life coaching website template is known as Life Coach. This is a bootstrap template and only has a page. Also, it can help to create a tutoring website, as it provides the general structure of the website. If you are into training, coaching, or consulting, you can use this bootstrap template to present your portfolio. It can be used for business or even personal use, but all for free. This is highly sensitive and friendly with all laptops, PCs, tabs, and mobiles, supporting all types of formats.

Indeed, you are not seeing things; this amazingly versatile and functional template is completely free for both personal and commercial projects. You must keep the credit link to ThemeWagon intact on this free HTML5 template until you have contributed. Besides this, The Life Coach template, built on Bootstrap, is highly customizable. It was also important for you to always feel free to contact us for help or even a free consultation.



3. Finance Business

Finance Business

Money Depending on the needs of the business company, using an HTML template can be one or many pages. It has a green-yellow background with a full-screen picture changer, a central operational button, and also menu icons on its left and right sides.

Four HTML pages were integrated with Google Maps and a contact form. The About, Services, and Portfolio tabs highlight the page’s content.



4. Tinker


The Tinker CSS Template, primarily inspired by Bootstrap HTML5, offers an elegant single-page layout. The full image in the background on the homepage has some sort of parallax. You can also use this as a corporate portfolio presentation web or interface or even on digital marketing websites.

Moreover, use this as a corporate portfolio presentation web or interface, or even on digital marketing websites. Additionally, it enables users to modify the look and layout of websites easily without having to possess web design skills. Furthermore, by adopting this template, website designers are in a position to design their websites uniquely and artistically. Lastly, the Tinker CSS Template offers designers the chance to produce quality sites that would be distinct from the other sites.



5. Dazzle


Additionally, a free One Page HTML template best suited for an app launch is called Dazzle. It features a table with prices, a slider with testimonials, call-to-action buttons for downloading the app, an overview section, screenshots of the app in action, a smoothly scrolling navigation bar at the top, and also parallax scrolling.

Meet a new beautiful Page HTML template, Dazzle, which is available for free. The software’s design and layout make Dazzle the ideal choice for a professional-looking website that will draw in its intended audience. Be different from the rest and provide your content with some style with this multipurpose template. Allow Dazzle to change your online image and move your brand to the next level. Moreover, this astounding template will give you the experience of creativity and innovation you always wanted.



6. Namari


Namari is a clean and simple HTML template best suited for horizontal scrolling landing pages. Some of the options include a price table, testimonials, a video modal when a visitor scrolls over it, a parallax scrolling intro image, a sticky header navigation bar that scoots down to relevant sections, a lightbox pop-up gallery, etc.

This template provides a low difficulty level and a minimalistic look for building websites. It is also very easy to modify the template’s format as per one’s requirements. Namari makes it easy for users to design websites quickly and efficiently, with little or no coding experience at all.



7. The SEO Company

The SEO Company

It is a free one-page HTML template designed purposely for SEO companies that wish to have an appropriate web presence. Some of the features include displaying price tables and testimonials, having a sticky head navigation with a visible CTA button even when scrolling down the page, and having a CTA button located at the footer section of the page.

Moreover, it can help businesses establish an online brand. By using this template, companies can improve their web visibility, which is a factor that can bring more traffic to their sites. When implemented, The SEO Company template helps other businesses to have a better way of ranking their website, thus attracting more visitors. This tool can be easily understood and used by people who are interested in improving their internet marketing.



8. One Page Lite

One Page Lite

Money talks and time is gold, especially online, where the geyser sprays money in the blink of an eye. That is it: launch your company, design your website, and start selling your products. And now you have One-Page Lite.

Additionally, this is the perfect smart one-page web template you have been looking for, the Ideal One Page Responsive Bootstrap Template. Furthermore, there seems to be a very useful bootstrap that can potentially depict any business you are conducting.



9. Justice


Additionally, a new and free One-Page HTML template called Justice was developed and is dedicated to legal companies. It consists of a big image with the video modal window on mouse-over, a list of services and areas of practice, a list of team members, and a contact form at the end. Moreover, it is inspiring to see more free templates that cover all sectors of the economy.

This template is a professional and sleek design software used to create websites. Customers can easily present their content and products with the help of this template. Also, it has a simple and elegant interface that is easy to comprehend. Thanks to its simple navigation and responsive design, this template is suitable for creating a business or personal website.



10. Brandi


Brandi is a one-page architectural, agency, or personal business website template. We developed this website using state-of-the-art web development technologies such as HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, and jQuery to ensure it looks good and runs perfectly today overall if you are purposely seeking to create a professional image for your business online.

Brandi might be suitable because it has a responsive and neatly structured design. From the appearance, you can easily modify the template to match your brand colour and convey your services in the best way possible.



11. Resto


Developed and published as a free one-page HTML template, Resta was made specifically for cafes, restaurants, and other culinary necessities. Among the features are sticky header navigation that smoothly scrolls to sections, an intro slideshow that informs about specials, a separate menu with a description of meals, and the possibility of making a reservation.

A blog or event feed with information about the restaurant’s events and a contact form with working hours. It also showcases how they developed fashionable section header typography using Open Sans and Pinyon Script fonts.



12. Browny


The free HTML5 template Browny is designed for individuals seeking a single-page portfolio website. It caters to all creative ideas, with a particular focus on aiding web developers and UX designers. When using this fantastic free web developer portfolio template, you can apply these useful tips to design and develop websites to enhance your work. Also, the portfolio design is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap, which contribute to its sturdiness.

Moreover, it has a dynamic portfolio grid, skill bars, sticky top navigation, experience timeline, and hero header images. It is available for free and comes with a responsive design. The clean code design allows easy integration with your preference or other programming languages and ensures a sleek appearance on any device. Show, by all means, that you are versatile. Get Browny to highlight your profile. It’s ideal for a portfolio.



13. Justice


Justice is a free one-page HTML5 template suitable for business and law companies and unions. They make it simple to present your services in the header video and related sections while maintaining the modern standard of integrating the Bootstrap design with technological progress. The other aspects, like responsiveness, which is the adherence of the web to different screen sizes, clean design, good fonts, and a beautiful design concept, will ensure that you achieve your desire for a perfect website.

Justice is a free one-page HTML5 template focused on legal services provided by law firms, as well as other businesses. To stay updated on the newest technologies, you may incorporate your services in the aircraft graphic and related sections using this Bootstrap design. The remaining characteristics will ensure your dream of developing a perfect website comes to fruition since it will be responsive, have a neat layout, readable font types, and a great design idea or theme.



14. Kind Heart Charity

Kind Heart Charity

Kind Heart Charity can be applied to several pages or only a one-page layout for the website. Bootstrap 5. 2. 2 This CSS template can be maximized, and it depends on the two frameworks to achieve that. There are only two unique pages in the news listing blog, although there are several sections.

On the homepage, two primary sections appear, one at the top and the other in the centre. Besides this, the banner section has subtitles arranged diagonally. The donation form is featured on two different pages, although the second page has a slightly different appearance. Also, there is one table that hosts two HTML forms.



15. One Page HTML Template

One Page HTML Template

The popularity of one-page HTML templates for website development is on the rise. Single-page websites are very useful for giving customers the information they need to know about a business. Many studies state that one-page websites with proper design are more effective than multiple-page websites in terms of conversion rates.

Besides this, OnePAGE is a lightweight, fully responsive HTML template ideal for creating one-page websites for freelancers, agencies, and small enterprises. It significantly reduces loading times, allowing potential customers to quickly familiarize themselves with your company and services with just a few scrolls.



16. Beauty


The HTML5 free artistic template you are looking for has earned itself a name: Beauty. It is a Free Website Template that is innovative and stunning, creative and stunning, neat and powerful. You’re looking for the HTML5 free artistic template named Beauty.

Moreover, your website is more special with such a different style layout, which is the most challenging layout. It is also clean, easy to navigate, and fast loading, which are some of the most important qualities a blog must possess. We encourage you to use this free Bootstrap template. Despite limited options to modify the website’s design, it features a very distinct look.




Overall, it is worth stating that the offered Free One Page HTML Website Templates are truly helpful and useful for everyone who would like to design a beautiful website with a minimum amount of time spent. They are versatile, readily configurable, and fairly simple to implement and customize, which makes them a worthy tool for people and companies aiming to engage in online marketing. In this way, it allows users to produce advanced organizational maps with less time and effort, increasing efficiency.

For freelancers, business persons, or artists, these templates can serve as a good starting point to work on as they create appealing interfaces and ensure the intended content is in a position to impact its viewers. Also, it is often the sheer ability to have free HTML website templates that means that you have the tools to make a difference and stand out in the digital landscape. So, start exploring the possibilities today and begin transforming some of your ideas into incredible uses with these easy and diverse templates.

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