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14 Best Free Travel HTML Website Templates In 2024

in HTML on May 24, 2024

In this post, I will be discussing some of the Free Travel HTML Website Templates that you may find interesting. Other than that, every one of them has their distinct features. But, by sheer chance, if one is a proprietor of a travel agency or if one is in the information age searching for a web-based platform where the clients can handle all aspects related to their vacation, then the travel agency web design is the answer.

In addition to the opportunities to unveil yourself and grow to be visible to a huge target market, use the Internet’s simply limitless potential to establish an abiding presence on the Web. It will not only help you add or gain many clients but also enhance the turnover in general. In that regard, I’ve listed below some free travel website templates that one can use to develop a new website on the Internet in this sector.

Expert web developers have designed these templates, which are now available on the Internet, to be well-designed and readily useful. Choose one that best suits your brand, and you can develop a professional and sleek website that meets your travel company’s specifications.

Suggested Some Free Travel HTML Website Templates:

1. Travel Agency

Travel Agency

If you are operating a business of vacation bookings, then the Travel Agency Free Responsive Website Template will suit the website of the business. Any prospective customers you attract are sure to stay because the rest of the layout is simple and manageable. Besides this, the Temple package offers a free and responsive solution that users can fully edit for any industry.

We designed this template to be well-matched with every kind of device, including computers and telephones. Moreover, it gives professional and easy-to-navigate practical space for travel agencies to present their travel offers, destinations, and information about them. By adopting this template and filling it with relevant information, travel agencies will be able to attract potential customers and offer them useful information, which they will require during the planning of their itinerary.



2. Journey


Journey is an HTML5 template that has an emphasis on travel and tours and includes an HTML insert for entering the check-in and check-out dates. Each of the continents has content tabs that allow for easier navigation and organization of the content.

Besides this, the Journey website template is suitable for travel agencies, tour directors, and companies that offer trip services. The company underlines this aspect with its contemporary and intuitive website design, which allows visitors to navigate different destinations and packages easily. Moreover, this enhances the site’s beauty and provides basic information about places potential travellers may be interested in visiting. By adopting the responsive design principle, Journey guarantees that the website structure will look fantastic on all devices and will assist the user in exploring possible travel options at any time.



3. Venue


The features of the Venue HTML Template are the price tables, the pop-up modal for the contact form, selected carousel items, the search form, and drop-down menus. As it is evident, the CSS Bootstrap layout used here is responsive and suitable for use on mobile devices.

Furthermore, the Venue HTML template is a unique design package that enables the user to develop beautiful and elegant sites to host events. Additionally, the website offers many layout and colour palette options, making it easy to customize according to personal preferences. Moreover, its user-friendly design provides straightforward options for frequent updates and changes, ensuring visitors always find new and engaging content. The template-based approach enhances the website’s effectiveness in incorporating multimedia components like images and videos, ideal for event websites.



4. Trovol


This is a template that will enable you to design and develop your trip booking website in a short period. In other words, its design allows this template to fit different types of websites, from personal to commercial ones.

Trovol is another cross between a clean but simple and professional HTML template for those who love to travel and like to share their experiences in the form of blogging on the Internet. Besides this, Trovol readily-made web templates, interactive and customizable tools, and widgets for those who do not know HTML and CSS make travel websites visually appealing. While some will use the App to display travel plans and schedules, others can use it to share travel advice, experiences, and word of mouth with fellow travellers. It’s always helpful to have a reliable assistant when travelling, and as a traveller, Trovol is right here to help you share your travelling experiences online.



5. Tiya Golf Club

Tiya Golf Club

Three HTML pages have been created using Bootstrap v5. 3. No CSS is available in Tiya Golf Club. You can use this template for the websites of your golf courses. Curvy shapes, membership tables, email forms, events listing page, and event details page are all available.

Moreover, it is easy to navigate and has a contemporary design that improves its usability. Through the integration of Bootstrap, the developed pages can adjust to various screen sizes, making them responsive. This helps viewers, especially those using laptops, smartphones, and tablets, view the uploaded content.



6. Holiday


To travel and tour websites, Holiday is an ideal Bootstrap v3. 3. 5 responsive HTML theme. There are visible destinations, a check-in form, and an image slider on the front page. There are three more pages present. The palette consists of light grey, black, white, and yellow. You can modify this template according to your website. The homepage can be converted into a landing page.

It provides convenience for visitors who want to discover various places. Moreover, the layout contains features that enhance the accessibility and general appearance of the website. By using Holiday, travel companies can introduce their services and gain more attention from potential buyers with little effort. In conclusion, Holiday is a powerful tool for designing spectacular and efficient travel websites.



7. Trave Land

Trave Land

The download is free. It has a high-quality design and is an essential element for developing complex websites for travel agencies. It is also an easy, elegant, and simple template for tourism and travel.

The file structure, which uses SASS files, well-commented coding, Bootstrap, and an HTML5 foundation, makes this template highly customizable to the given or required conditions. TraveLand offers meaningful hero areas, service grids, trips/tour packages and pricing, team, reviews/ testimonials, and blog section/ newsletter subscription.



8. Eforlad


To start your travel agency business website, you should use the responsive Eforlad Travel Agency HTML Template. This one works seamlessly with any industry site and also comes with a unique design interface.

HTML travel agency template called Eforlad Travel Agency is one more helpful tool for designing websites for travel agencies. This makes it easy for users to create unique squeeze pages for the travel services that they are promoting without any difficulty. Highlighted features include cross-device compatibility and customizability, which makes it well-suited to help travel-related companies create a solid Website. Incorporating the Eforlad Travel Agency HTML Template into the business can help businesses capture potential clients and promote services to the clients in the highly competitive tourism market.



9. Woox Travel

Woox Travel

A clean and professional HTML CSS layout for the website is Woox Travel. Additionally, Bootstrap 5 is utilized in this template. Moreover, there are four very well-drawn-out pages with lots of features. Furthermore, the list of items is shown within the carousel sliders. Lastly, the reservation form is enclosed. Ultimately, all these arrangements are yours for general business use.

Also, it is a clean and well-structured design that gives an organizational look to the web presence you are creating. Alignment of the elements in Woox Travel is made purposely to make your site look attractive. With Woox Travel in place, it is possible to enhance the appearance of your site so that more visitors will want to visit.





The business of travel and tourism can benefit from the usage of the free, responsive, and unique TRAVELER travel website template to target its audiences as they include travellers, travel agencies, blogs, hotels, directories, villas, and also other related educational websites and business/information centres. You may seek to attract more new customers and call them to start the adventure tour by participating in the launch of this free HTML5 template for the website design. So, let’s examine the specifics.

Moreover, this free travel agency website template contains all the necessary features to create a decent, professional website. Fully customizable, it functions properly every time, whether for tablets, iPods, iPhones, or compact mobile spaces. It is worth recommending for anyone wanting a travel website that can work for both desktop and mobile users.



11. Tuor


If you want to create a web page for your future travel site, it is a perfect opportunity for that with Tuor Travel Website Template. In other words, you get a framework that is designed and written out for you, focusing on how to integrate your distinct additional features and pages. When it comes to the selection of travel website templates, you have a vast list to choose from, and you can select the ones that fit the needs of your travel website. Moreover, use plans and layout multiple templates online if you only wish to have a simple website updated by your planned travel schedule.

If you require extending the full capabilities of the travel website, such as the capacity to book online, then a more complex template will be necessary. No matter what kind of business you plan to undertake in the travel niche, choose a responsive theme to ensure your site looks good on any screen.



12. Triship


This versatile template is the Triship Travel Agency Website Template, which contains a booking panel. Triship is, therefore, useful in websites that sell cruises, hotels, resorts, tours, car rentals, and other services.

Besides this, it has features that can assist you with planning and booking these arrangements in a relatively simple and efficient manner. Because the template is well organized, users can easily locate the information they want and quickly book a room. Customers can use this template to select their dates easily; offering specific options to avoid confusion during booking.



13. Go Tours

Go Tours

Firstly, the Go Tours travel website HTML template is perfect and one of the best free HTML website templates you can use if you are the owner of a travel company. Additionally, it is suitable for online hotel booking businesses, travel clubs, or companies specializing in vacation planning.

Due to the flexible structure and inspiring web design, it is easy to build an attractive and informative website for presenting travel services. Moreover, this design is helpful for business people in the travel industry in that one is in a position to advertise the various destinations easily to potential clients.



14. Tripbiz


Tripbiz Travel and Tour suits travel-related portals and services, hotel and resort websites, online booking systems, and similar websites exceptionally well. Describing it solely as a travel website HTML template fails to capture its true beauty—Tripbiz has been coded using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

It is also designed to replace the site’s appearance conveniently, and it can be easily connected to order and purchase systems, which is why it is suitable for work with travel agencies. In productive mode, the Tripbiz template allows users to navigate through the site on both computers and portable devices.




So, in the following part of this article, let’s explore why these Free Travel HTML Website Templates are so valuable for travel-related enthusiasts and companies that do not want to pay lots of money for their website. Beautiful, simple, and customizable, such templates serve as a useful tool to promote travel destinations, services, or experiences.

No matter if you are a travel agency, a blogger, or simply an adventurer; you will find it useful to create an amazing website with the help of these templates. Moreover, seize the strengths of these templates to hold your audience’s attention and make them dream of travelling. Therefore, don’t wait any longer to experience the exciting world of travel websites for yourself!

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