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The Top 5 Freelance Skills You Need in 2024

in Technology on April 10, 2021

Freelancing is the new norm. After everyone started to work remotely because of the pandemic, freelancing became more widespread. If everyone works from home, then everyone is a freelancer. So why not master your freelance skills for 2024?

65 % of freelancers have claimed that they have more financial independence with their freelancing work. Having different jobs from different clients is more secure than working for only one employer. Moreover, since you are your boss, it is easier to earn more money by freelancing. If you want to gain more, you work more. You don’t have to wait for bonuses or promotions.

According to predictions, by 2030, 80% of the workforce might be freelancing. It means that sooner or later, you can only avoid working with or working as a freelancer. That is why we have gathered the best freelance skills list for 2023 to help you stay updated.

Top 5 Freelance Skills List

Website Development

Web developers have always been among the most demanding freelancers in the market. If you wonder which freelance positions to choose to have a stable income, go with web development. Almost everyone wants to have a website nowadays. Be that a business, portfolio, or blog, websites are a way to raise awareness about you or your product.

More precisely, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are among the most in-demand freelance skills in 2024. JavaScript was the most popular among these and the number-one skill on Upwork in 2024.

JavaScript became so popular mainly because more websites decided to integrate interactive elements into their pages. Instead of hiring an in-house team for this, a freelancer became a popular alternative. Also, designing interactive layouts is usually either short-term or experimental, so outsourcing is a perfect solution.

It takes approximately 6-9 months to learn JavaScript. However, you should constantly revisit it and aim to learn more with each project. However, HTML and CSS take only 2-3 weeks to learn. It means you can start as a junior web developer and slowly but surely make your way to the top.

WordPress development

Isn’t WordaskssIsn’tlopment a part of web development? Yes, in a way, it is. However, WordPress-powered websites have become so popular recently that they deserve to have a separate section.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has the largest share in the market. In 2021, WordPress is powering 39.5 % of all websites. It is not surprising that WordPress developers are becoming more and more demanding. So, in our best freelance skills, WordPress development wins the authoritative second place.

As a WordPress developer, you can design customized themes and plugins for your clients. It will make their page stand out and will bring you more income. Your client might also ask you to start and maintain his WordPress page. WordPress is pretty easy, and it takes just a few hours to learn the basics.

However, just like with anything else, you might need months to master WordPress.

Web Design

Web design smoothly continues the best freelance skills list. Web design does not have to do with programming. Instead, it deals with the UI and UX design. Because website making is becoming so trendy, so does the website design. So, you will really be unemployed if you work as a UI/UX designer.

There are multiple tools you can use as a UI/UX designer. The most famous are InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Axure, Craft, Marvel, etc. However, it takes a little more time to become an expert UI/UX designer.

Usually, designers have a BA or even a Master’s degree in the field, which means they have been practicing their craft for years. So, expect to spend at least a year to become a junior UI/UX designer.

Anyway, at the end of the journey, you will be thankful to yourself. UI/UX designers always have work and are well paid for it!

Project Management

It’s time to switch from web development and design for a while. If you are not really into it, what else can you start to learn? Well, project management is one of the skills that will get you covered in 2024.

A project manager monitors the project, ensuring all deadlines are met, and all employees are on the right track. Project managers use project management platforms such as Trello, Jira, or Asana.

Project managers used to work mainly from the office. However, as most of the teams started working remotely in 2021, today, you can easily freelance as a project manager and never really meet your team face-to-face. Learning project management takes around two months, but you will need two more months of practice to become a pro. You can also go the higher education route, especially if you’re aiming for official certifications, with MPM distance learning.


Finally, our last freelance skill is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and an SEO specialist is a person making sure you rank high on SERPs.

SEO freelancer, you will have to deal with keyword research, metadata optimization, link-building, and much more. Your main task will be to monitor the website’s content and try to push it up on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

You can also mix your SEO skills with content writing and provide an “all-in-one” solution to your client. It takes approximately 1-3 months to learn SEO. But again, practice is the key to success. Try taking on as many projects as possible in the beginning!

As freelancing is growing year by year, if you learn freelance skills in 2024, you will have an abundance of work in 2024. However, if you would rather open your business or agency and let the technical aspects be managed by someone else, it is better to hire a freelancer yourself. You can find professionals with all the freelancing skills that we mentioned above on this site.

No matter what you choose, be ready to live in a world where freelancing is everywhere, and the traditional working system is being abandoned.

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