How Long A Background Check Takes

Guide On How Long A Background Check Takes

in Technology on December 20, 2022

Hello guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss how long a background check takes. So keep reading.

As a company, you want to ensure that the employees you hire are safe and honest. A background check can help with this, but knowing how long it takes to conduct one is essential.

Here’s everything you need to know about how long pre-employment background checks take and what other kinds of background check companies should be doing on their employees.

Pre-employment Background Checks

If you’re looking to get a job and your employer wants a criminal background check, the process can take anywhere from two days to six weeks. The length of time depends on where you live and how busy the agency is.

If your record is clean (no convictions or other negative information on file), then it should take about five days for results from an online service like or Access Online Inc., according to their websites. However, if something in your background needs further investigation, it will impact your chances at employment (such as lack of education). So expect this part of the process to take longer than five days—upwards of two weeks, in the worst cases!

In-house Criminal Record Searches

An in-house search is a search of the company’s records. This type of check is usually done for internal purposes, such as:

  • Verifying a person’s employment history (i.e., to ensure that they have been employed with the company)
  • Screening applicants for employment (i.e., to make sure they are not currently working for someone else)
  • Verifying information on an application

Employment History Checks

Employers can request a background check for any employee. An employer may request a background check before hiring an applicant and then again after the offer has been made. A background check is typically done by an internal or external company specializing in this work. The process can be completed quickly and efficiently. However, it’s important to note that you could still be rejected if something occurs during your investigation that makes you ineligible for employment (for example, criminal history).

Background checks are usually conducted by a third party such as Equifax or Experian, which conducts them using their own databases and information supplied by local law enforcement agencies across the country.

Professional License Verification

This simple process verifies the applicant’s license is valid and that the applicant is in good standing with their state or other licensing authority. It also checks for any disciplinary actions against them, such as fines or suspensions from work. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who has had their professional license revoked or been convicted of a felony!

Credit Reports

Credit reports are a good way to check on the financial history of someone you’re considering hiring.

Also, credit reports contain information about your current and past credit history, including:

  • Accounts in good standing (no late payments or defaults)
  • If you have been denied credit in the past due to inadequate information on your report (for example, if someone else has applied for credit using your identity)

National Criminal Database

The National Criminal Database is a computerized index of criminal justice information. The FBI operates it and contains records on persons who have been arrested, indicted, convicted, or released.

The NCIC contains detailed information about individuals and includes names, aliases, and fingerprint data; any state where an arrestee has resided; and any other identifying characteristics such as race/ethnicity/gender/age range, etc.

A typical background check will take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on which database you use (iCheckmate or LexisNexis).


It can be hard to know how long a background check takes. You may need to wait for an updated result from the National Criminal Database or call a company and ask how long it takes them to do their check. If you’re hiring someone at work, talk with your supervisor about the best way to handle this task and what would happen if you missed a deadline.

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