How can you earn on 1x partner

How can you earn on 1x partner?

in Detailed Guide on March 7, 2024

How can you earn on 1x partner: If you have a large number of subscribers on your blog, social networks or YouTube, it is now much easier to monetize your popularity. Discover the bookmaker’s offer and begin to earn on 1x partner. It is available to all adult users.

The first step is to fill out a special form on the betting company’s website. Next, it is reviewed by managers, and if their answer is positive (which is most often the case), you become a partner of the betting company. Now, you need to inform the audience about the advantages of playing in this company. Moreover, the bookmaker will provide you with all the information. It is available in more than 60 languages, which will allow you to communicate with different audiences easily. Also, you place a link to the company’s website in the post or video. If users click on it and sign up, you get a reward.

The reward will be paid weekly. Its amount may vary, depending not only on the number of new registered users but also on the activity of those whose profiles you have helped open earlier. In particular, the company offers partners 40% of its net profit from each such client.

You can choose the method of financial transactions yourself. A total of 160 options are available to clients. Therefore, there should not be any problems.

The key advantages of the 1xBet affiliate program

Tens of thousands of users from different corners of the globe have already managed to assess the specifics of this program in practice. In particular, the obvious advantages of 1x partner that allow you to earn on it are:

  1. The opportunity to use the services of a marketing specialist. The expert will carefully study the peculiarities of your audience and then try to find the best approach to it.
  2. Round-the-clock support of a personal assistant. He appears to you immediately after registration. All services of the company’s employees are available for free.
  3. Provision of all statistics in real-time. It is important to build relationships with the audience and control your balance. You will be able to understand what publications were liked by the audience and what was ignored by subscribers. It is easier to build a strategy for further interaction based on this.

Conclusion: How can you earn on 1x partner

This makes cooperating with market leaders and their advertising an easy way to make a profit. Fill out a special form to become a partner, and the amount of your reward will depend on how you present your company.

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