How To Improve Website Performance

How To Improve Website Performance With CDN

in SEO on October 13, 2020

Hey, do you want to improve your Website loading speed? If so. Then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you about how to improve website performance with CDN.

If you want to retain a healthy chunk of all the first-time visitors who hit your site, you need to pay good attention to your website performance. According to a recent survey, whenever users come to your website for the first time. Then they get annoyed. That annoyance may prompt them never to return.

No matter how much you invest in a website in terms of designs and all. The act of neglecting speed is a subtle way of indicating that you are not serious.

You can change all of that by using a CDN to boost the performance quality of your website. Let’s have a brief look at what you need to know about CDN.

What Is A CDN?

Should your Google speed fall below the required standard, then know that it is about time you considered a CDN.
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CDN is just initials used to represent the content delivery network. It is basically about cutting short the distance information gets to travel before arriving at the end-users. A CDN comprises a series of servers that are networked together, while they are located in various geographical locations.

When an end-user tries to view a web page, information is served to the person from the server that is closest to them. The simple implication is quicker response and faster flow of data. That is the simplest way to explain a content delivery network architecture. Technically, there is a lot more to the whole process. But, this skeletal explanation should be okay for anyone who is not a tech guru.

In a nutshell, it is just a strategy for spreading servers at specific locations. So they can easily be located by viewers that are closest to where they are.

How To Improve Website Performance With CDN

In the remaining parts of this article, we are going to focus on how to improve website performance with CDN. Highlighted below is how the whole thing works:

Faster Loading

A CDN is known for storing several content types. This can help bring about faster loading of web pages. Not only that, the CDN handles the storage of these content types, while ensuring that the content is served directly to the users. That data flow technique is what leads to quicker loading times on the path of the viewers. Files that can be stored on any CDN are web fonts, image files, JavaScript, stylesheet, video, audio, as well as other file formats such as HTML, PDF, ZIP, PPT, and much more.

Basically, whatever can be saved into WordPress wp-includes as well as wp-content folders is fit to be stored in a CDN. A CDN practically makes your website faster by enforcing a reduction on how much time it takes to request information, process the request, and sending it to the viewer on the other end.

But why do you need to focus on having a faster site? That is because when a site loads up quickly on users’ devices, the conversion rate is bound to increase. Reducing your loading time by 2secs can bring about a conversion rate of 14%.

Enhancing SEO

Search Engine Optimization is all about how friendly your site is with the search engines. By friendly, I mean the chances of your site coming up on the first page when it searched on search engines increases. With the faster loading times guaranteed by CDN, your site’s ranking will improve.

Google prioritizes sites that load quickly and those they can crawl within a shorter time frame. The more frequent Google has to crawl your web pages, the higher their chances of knowing that your content is regularly being updated. This quick turnaround for indexing will give your content the needed edge over the other sites.

The easier it is to index content, the more that content will be readily available for end-users. It all boils down to the performance of your website. Even the other advanced elements contained in your website have a way of giving the content up when consumers call for it.

Website speed is not the only factor of good rankings, there are almost 200 factors that Google considers to rank the web pages such as dwell time, high CTR, etc. To improve the CTR of your web pages you need to learn how to write an effective meta description for your web pages.

A CDN equally provides for additional security, discouraging unauthorized access to your website. Also, you can blend a CDN together with SSL certificates to ensure that your site gets more security. It is also an important factor that affects rankings.

While consumers are not privy to see this, it makes all the difference because they don’t need to wait forever to access your website.

Reduction Of Bandwidth Costs

Due to how a CDN has been configured to function, it does use up lesser bandwidth across a number of servers. If your website hosting is based on bandwidth, a CDN can help you cut down that cost. The reduction in bandwidth can be traced to the fact that that information is programmed to travel through various servers for content to be delivered to the client. Not all the inquiries to your page are making use of the origin server at that point in time.

Run through your hosting plans to ascertain if this hosting is what you need to turn the tables around regarding your website performance. A couple of plans do charge based on bandwidth, while other plans are charged on an unlimited basis.


Your website’s speed has a crucial role to play in determining the success of your online business. Whether you are running an online store. A service, or any other thing, you should never neglect the performance of your website. If viewers come to your site and notice it’s taking too long to come up, they will leave and most likely never come back.

That is why you need to start thinking of how to use CDN to improve the loading times of your site. They can improve your website rankings by affecting your SEO, and reducing the cost of bandwidth. With a CDN, it is a win-win for your website!

So that’s all from this blog, I hope you get the idea about How To Improve Website Performance With CDN. If you like this post, then please share it with your friends.

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