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Introducing Laravel 10: The Most Exciting Features You Don’t Want to Miss!

in Detailed Guide on April 20, 2023

Laravel is a robust and adaptable PHP web framework that has skyrocketed in popularity among Laravel developers. It gives developers a wealth of features and tools that make it simpler to create reliable and scalable web applications. Version 10 of Laravel development, a brand-new release with intriguing new features and improved security, was made available on February 14, 2024. Laravel 10 offers a number of new features that make it easier than ever to create dependable, scalable, and secure apps. With each new release of Laravel, the developer experience is improved and new tools are made available for building cutting-edge web applications.

Whether you are a seasoned Laravel developer or just getting started, Laravel’s most recent version has a lot to offer. This new iteration of the Laravel PHP framework includes some changes and new features. Learn about the new features and improvements in Laravel 10 in this blog post from the leading Laravel development company. If you’re considering switching to the Laravel platform for your current application, keep reading!

Table of content:

1. Overview of Laravel 10

2. Release Date for the most recent version of Laravel

3. New Updates and Features in Laravel 10

4. Future of Laravel Developers

1. Overview of Laravel 10

The most recent version of Laravel (Laravel 10), which was released on February 7th, 2023, includes a number of new features that improve the functionality, security, and performance of web apps.

For your information, Laravel 9 became accessible on February 8, 2022. They finally made the decision to release Laravel 10 exactly one year later. Each version of Laravel prior to Laravel 9 was released every six months. But following the release of Laravel 9, the creators have decided to annually release a new version.

Users and developers have high expectations for Laravel 10, the most recent version because earlier iterations of the framework set a standard among Laravel developers.

2. Release Date for the most recent version of Laravel

But when Laravel’s creator Taylor Otwell announced that there would only be one popular variant released each year, the release schedule was altered. Two major versions were previously released by the Laravel team each year, one every six months. Every six months, the core Laravel Development companies would release two significant updates. As a result, the core group and community were able to devote more time and effort to one specific technology version and incorporate new features without splintering the framework.

The executed release schedule for Laravel 10, which goes live on February 9, 2023, is as follows:

February 6, 2024, for Laravel 11

Additionally, in accordance with the support policy, all Laravel versions will receive bug fixes support for 18 months and security updates for two years.

3. New Updates and Features in Laravel 10

Their application’s primary performance enhancement feature is caching the routes. This leads to quicker route handling and better overall performance. Using this Laravel feature, pre-compiling the routes into a single file reduces the amount of work the application must do to process incoming requests.

Numerous features that are already included in the MVC architecture of Laravel Development increase the user’s adaptability, effectiveness, and security. Using an MVC architectural template and Laravel; you can distinguish between the presentation layer and the business logic layer.

New Features:

A basic PHP Active Record is implemented by the Laravel-provided tool Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping). Web application developers can now write database queries using PHP syntax rather than SQL code thanks to the features of Laravel 10.

By using this functionality, you can create a fallback route for the application that will be used if no other suitable routes are found when working with Laravel developers. This offers a special error page and manages 404 errors.

Manual query logic is no longer required, and the codebase is cleaner and simpler to maintain. As it enables Laravel developers to build routes based on model instances, it makes it simpler to connect specific routes to specific models in the application.

Validating incoming data makes it easier to hire Laravel developers and ensure that the application is receiving legitimate input. As a number of new and improved validation rules are included in Laravel V10; including support for validating arrays and improved data validation.

Union subqueries are now supported by Query Builder. Union subqueries are now reportedly supported by Laravel 10’s query developer, making it simpler to work with intricate data structures.

Developers can give the tests for their application a distinct name with the aid of this Laravel 10 feature; simplifying the organization of the tests and avoiding naming conflicts. This helps to maintain the organization of the test codebase and reduces the likelihood of naming conflicts.

4. Future of Laravel Developers

The results of the Glassdoor 2022 survey indicate that the average yearly salary for a Laravel developer in the US is $111,855. Keep in mind that these figures represent the median of the salary range that is most likely to occur.

A Laravel developer’s salary can range widely. And that depends on crucial elements such as the nation in which the company is based, market value, subject-matter knowledge, level of experience, and more.

This takes into account the typical base pay plus an annual bonus. Additional compensation here can take the form of commissions, tips, bonuses, and more. The median represents 75% of the Laravel developers employed in the United States. The lowest pay is thought to be $94K, and the highest is $266K.

Despite the rapid growth of PHP web development, Laravel has emerged as the most popular PHP framework, powering more than 700,000 live websites.

Key Takeaways:

We are all aware of the accelerating pace of change in both the technology market and the underlying technologies. However, there is frequent disagreement between product owners and users regarding whether or not to update their current model to the most recent iteration.

An expert Laravel developer will be your real find and a jackpot for your company’s software development needs once you have the necessary information at your fingertips. The same is true for Laravel and its recently released Laravel version. Besides this, many business owners are curious about whether they should update their current Laravel application to the newest version, Laravel 10.

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