Mind-Blowing Present Ideas

15 Mind Blowing Present Ideas For Photographers, Marketers & Designers In Summer 2022

in Technology on June 21, 2019

Living in the age of smart technologies and social media is both a curse and a blessing. With Instagram becoming one of the biggest social platforms, it gets invaded with lots of low-quality content. Still, it’s not that bad as there’s plenty of useful things to discover. Whether it’s for inspiration or networking, more and more programs, UI/UX designers, typographers, and marketers register on Instagram.

Establishing one’s Instagram presence can help promote a personal brand and become an influencer for your target audience. It is the perfect platform to post tutorials and guides, as well as follow the latest trends. And, if you’re more about learning, you could find out plenty of useful things to help your professional growth. In this post, we’re talking about the most in-demand professions of today. Tune in for the exciting talk!

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How to Start A Career Of UI/UX Designer Or Illustrator In 2020?

UI/UX Designer

With so many opportunities for self-expression, more people are turning to creative professions. A career of UI/UX designer is one of today’s hits. So, if you’re tired of googling how to become UI/UX designer, here’s a full-blown tutorial for you. The linked post contains 8 steps to help someone who’s only treading the career path of a UI/UX designer.

how to become an illustrator

Or maybe, you’ve always been fascinated with illustration? In 2020, being an illustrator provides you with a lot of opportunities to grow as an artist. So, if you’re looking for the best point of entry, check out how to become an illustrator career guide from MasterBundles. This post contains loads of valuable information. All it takes is to follow these 15 steps to start your career as an illustrator.

On your way to becoming a UI/UX designer or illustrator, you’ll need a piece of advice from a fellow professional. Whether you’re connecting on or off social media, it’s better to start with a gift. Luckily, today, there’s plenty of material or digital items one can give as a present to their industry colleagues.

Unique Present Ideas For Graphic Designers

Without further ado, here are some inspirational gift ideas for graphic designers to consider. These options will be a great fit for UI/UX designers and illustrators as well. Believe it or not, this can be absolutely anything – from stationery and books to plants and gadgets. In the meantime, check out the digital items to present a designer:

Rose Marble Textures – $3

Rose Marble Textures



60 Hexagon Backgrounds – $7

Hexagon Backgrounds



Free Script Font: Think Music

Think Music



How To Start A Career Of a Photographer In 2020?


Lensman’s craft takes unconventional decisions and lots of creativity. Very few people manage to become great photographers. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Annie Leibovitz? So, if you’re only starting to learn more about the photographer’s profession, online photography courses will come in handy. Professional lensmen and university lecturers share exclusive tricks of the trade.

how to become a stock photographer

If you’re feeling more confident in your photography skills, you might be thinking about monetizing your work. If that’s the case, check out the guide on how to become a stock photographer. In the linked post, you’ll access all of the latest insights on stock photography as well as recommendations on how to sell stock images to potential clients.

Best Present Ideas For Photographers

Best Present Ideas For Photographers

To become successful in a chosen field, it’s important to connect with fellow professionals. A unique gift will help you break the ice and get the conversation started. As most lensmen are super busy people, they’ll appreciate items that can help optimize their work process. Don’t miss the collection of 100+ top gift ideas for photographers in 2020, where you’ll find perfect gift options like must-have accessories, flying cameras, lenses kits for photographers, and more.

In the meantime, take a look at the digital gift options below:

50 Stunning Sky Overlays – $8

Stunning Sky Overlays



150 Summer Love Lightroom Presets – $9

Summer Love Lightroom Presets



86 Butterflies Photo Overlays – $8

Butterflies Photo Overlays



How To Start A Career Of Typographer In 2019?

In case you’ve always been into typefaces and fonts, you may be appealed by a career path of a typographer. In 2020, handwritten and custom fonts are used as design elements, so this might be a chance for you. Take a look at this typographer career guide explaining how to start as a type designer and sell your fonts on the web in 23 steps.

If you’re seeking interesting typefaces to get inspired, you might want to take a closer look at the items below:

Retro Font Hadsut – $10

Retro Font Hadsut



105 Professional Text Effects – $19

Professional Text Effects



Steampunk Alphabet Font – $9

Steampunk Alphabet Font



Mind-Blowing Gift Ideas For Marketers

Mind-Blowing Gift Ideas

Marketers are people who often have a large scope of work responsibilities. A great marketer is a little bit of a designer, copywriter, and a programmer. Needless to say, they often need versatile solutions to cope with the issues faced in their day to day work. Marketers are people who always stay in touch with the latest trends. Being friends with one will help you promote your projects and establish your online presence. Great friendship may start with a useful gift, so take a look at the items to present to a marketing professional:



400 Instagram Post And Stories Template – $12

Instagram Post And Stories



Travel Instagram Templates Bundle – $18

Travel Instagram



Business Infographics: PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS and AI – $25

Business Infographics

Or maybe, you’re looking for something more specific to fit a certain personality type? Whether your friend is a stationery nerd, a techie, or an egghead, you’ll find the best gift ideas for marketers in the linked post. The wholesome selection of over 30 present options will get any marketing professional excited. Books, stationery, gadgets, apparel – all the items included in the post will be a great present for a marketer irrespective of the occasion.



What’s The Best Present For a Nerd In 2019?

Suppose there’s a nerd you’d love to surprise with an acute or useful gift on a special occasion. St. Valentine’s Day, maybe? You may be looking for something more universal, though. Luckily, there are options that will fit everyone from a programmer to a copywriter. Start with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for nerds to pick what’s best. In the post, you’ll discover over 50 present ideas to cater to all tastes and budgets. Also, here’s a few pleasant trifles to keep in mind:



Royal Print Templates Bundle with 170 Items – Only $19

Royal Print Templates Bundle



25 Perfect Skin Lightroom Presets – $5

Perfect Skin Lightroom Presets



Professional Resume Template – $9

Professional Resume

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