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Mobile Apps And Users Security Concerns

in Technology on February 28, 2020

Mobile apps have become an everyday-use object for users. With too much Involvement in users’ lives, the use of mobile apps raises some important concerns regarding its use. There are some concerns that must bother some users, and they want clarity to easily continue benefiting from the apps they use on a daily basis. It is important to find an answer about mobile app security and other issues.

You should be completely aware of what a mobile app can do on your phone. You should know that some apps installed on your mobile can assess sensitive information, and you might face real trouble in case of any mishap or misuse of your personal data. Read on to know the basic security concerns of users while using a mobile app.

Malware and Security Concerns

While downloading an app, many of us come across a concern about the security and malware issues in the app. so, could a mobile app infect the smartphone with malware? In short, yes! A mobile app that is intended to harm a mobile phone can be injurious to your device and information security. Some hackers develop mobile apps with the intention to infect personal devices. However, this doesn’t happen on a regular basis. You just have to keep an eye on any unusual thing happening on your phone. For instance, if your phone starts sending messages and e-mail on its own, or, if it starts downloading an app that you did not opt for, then your mobile could be infected with a harmful virus through a mobile app or website.

If you see any signs of malware on your phone, you should seek instant help from the mobile app development company that developed the app. if it doesn’t work, you can simply check for the last app download and uninstall the app making unusual changes in your device. Moreover, you can contact your mobile phone carrier for further help.

What Are The Harms In An App Update?

One of the basic questions that come to your mind when an app asks for an update is, “why should I.” you may think how updating an app can be useful for you. Is it safe or not? Does the app ask for extra access or information? Sometimes, some people even don’t update their app due to the security concerns they doubt with the app update.

Whenever there is an update available, your phone notifies you about the available update or install the updates if you have enabled auto-update settings. Well, it is overall a good idea to install the available updates because it enables you to use the latest versions of any app. The latest version usually offers an improved version of the app with bug fixes and other issues in the app.

However, as per the security concerns, updates often offer newer security patches that protect your device and personal from the latest malware. To avoid any such situation, you can check for the user reviews on the app store. Most of the mobile apps’ quality is visible on the app store through app ranking and users’ reviews. However, you can not blindly trust each and every review on the store because some mobile app development companies and their marketing teams post positive reviews for their own app.

Kids Mobile Apps and Parents’ Concerns

Some parents are really concerned about how their kids get knowledge and what is the source of their education. They keep an eye on everything from school to their mobile device. This is, in fact, justifiable because getting access to wrong, misleading, or adult content can be really harmful to kids. So, it is necessary for parents to watch what their kids are feeding and where they are getting educated.

So, what are the necessary things that you must know before installing an app for your kids?
A recent survey regarding mobile apps for kids listed some contains options that may not be in your favor. Here are those points:

  • A kids’ mobile app may gather and share personal data without informing you.
  • Despite being free, some of these apps may cause your children to spend money in an imperceptible way.
  • Some of these apps may contain inappropriate ads.
  • A kids’ app may link to social media apps.

If the app is not informing about the data they might be collecting or expenses it may cause, it might be harmful. In order to avoid any such thing, make sure you do the following things before installing an app for your kids.

  • Check the screenshots before downloading any app.
  • Read the description carefully.
  • Check the user ratings and reviews on the app store.
  • Make sure the app belongs to a reputable mobile app development company.
  • Look for the app reviews from outside sources you trust.

How to be safe with the security and other issues while selecting n app for your kid?

Try the apps first yourself before passing it to your kids. You can simply talk to your kids and aware of any misshaping that could take place. Tell them about your rules for using mobile apps. Change your settings and set a password for installing any new app so that your kids might not download any harmful app. setting a password will also help you in protecting your saved cards from any sudden shopping on the app store from your kids. If the kids are younger and the app doesn’t require wifi to run the app, you can also turn wifi off so that it cannot be connected to the internet and make a purchase on online stores.

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