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9 Tools To Create Online Exam Software For Students In 2024

in Technology on March 16, 2021

Holding online exams for students has been one of educators’ most significant challenges for more than a year now. Everyone has already adapted to teaching and learning online, but assessing students is another story. If you’re not in a physical classroom, how can you prevent students from cheating? Fortunately, there are many exam software solutions for creating online exams and implementing anti-cheat measures. Here are some of the most popular online exam software for 2024.

1. ProProfs Exam Maker Software


ProProfs Exam Maker Software is a user-friendly exam builder with a clean interface that makes creating exams a breeze. It features more than 100,000 customizable exam templates with over a million ready-to-use questions that you can shuffle and enrich with multimedia files.

This easy-to-use exam software lets you create multi-sectional exams with separate grading, set timers, keep exams private with passwords, and share them with students seamlessly.

You can also make exams available only during a specific timeframe and implement anti-cheat measures through a range of security settings.

Tracking students’ performance is a delight with this online exam software. You can monitor the scores while students are taking an exam, getting real-time performance reports, automating grading, creating custom certificates, sending instant results, and providing personalized feedback.



2. Test Invite

Test Invite

Test Invite is one of the best online exam software solutions for preventing cheating. You can use it to create and deliver online exams, but its top features are security settings for online assessment proctoring.

The software supports multimedia, time limitations, test norms, custom reports and analytics, and many other customizations.

You can use a webcam to ensure academic integrity, but you can also watch screen recordings later. You can lock your students’ browsers during an exam to prevent them from opening new windows, switching to other tabs, or launching apps.

It even has a math editor and a fun playground for programmers. If you know your way around CSS, you can stylize your online exams any way you want.



3. Pesofts


If you’re looking to create and conduct online tests and exams while ensuring your students don’t cheat, you can also try Pesofts.

It’s powered by AI, supports face recognition, and focuses on real-time proctoring. You can use it to conduct live and offline tests and hold live classes.

This exam builder is fully customizable, provides detailed performance reports, and lets you build high-speed exams. It also has integrated email and SMS functionalities for sending test results, which you can convert into PDF reports.

You can also provide coupons and tokens on the platform to sell your exams.



4. Jotform Quiz Maker


Jotform Quiz Maker is a tool that can help you create custom quizzes to embed in your courses and provide a unique experience to your users. You can use it to collect course registrations and keep track of your submissions wherever you are. The Form Analytics feature makes it easy to analyze your data and take action.

Their free plan includes all of its features like conditional logic and tons of templates to help your quizzes stand out.



5. ConductExam


With ConductExam, you can create, schedule, and analyze online and offline exams in multiple formats. You can choose questions from an extensive question bank or upload your own resources.

There are loads of useful features, such as shuffling questions and answers, adding multimedia files, setting time limits, adding password protection, automating grading, and enabling real-time proctoring. It also supports face recognition technology and uses live authentication and ID authentication to prevent cheating on exams.

This exam software’s in-depth analytics reports are delightful, giving you a clear overview of your student’s strengths and weaknesses. There’s an online store on the platform for monetizing your exams as well.



6. ClassMarker


ClassMarker is a feature-rich exam builder that has everything you need to assess your students remotely. It’s a straightforward online exam software for creating, conducting, and selling online exams, tests, quizzes, and courses.

It comes with a question bank, but you can also upload any resource you already have to create unlimited assessments from scratch. You can specify the number of attempts for each question, set availability dates, automate grading, create custom certificates, export results, and much more.

You have access to instant reports and analytics and the flexibility to change question values and scores after the exams.

When it comes to anti-cheat measures, this tool only allows time limits, shuffling questions and answers, and preventing students from going to previous questions to change their answers. It also disables printing options.



7. QuestBase


QuestBase is an all-in-one quiz, test, exam, assessment, and employee training maker. Its powerful and user-friendly features enable a seamless creation and customization of online assessments for remote students.

You can type questions and answers in the built-in editor or upload them from existing teaching materials. You can randomize them, assign different scores, add custom instructions and hints, and create custom passing certificates.

The software gives you real-time performance reports that contain scores, grades, charts, and statistics. You can export and convert them into various files, including PDF and CSV.

There are many cheating-prevention options, including passwords, disabled printing, no backpedaling to previous questions, disabled control keys and right-click menus, forced fullscreen, and more.



8. ExamSoft


ExamSoft is a powerful online exam software that automates and streamlines student assessment and helps you improve learning outcomes.

Its intuitive platform lets you import questions to author exams, administer them online and offline, and analyze students’ performance in real-time.

It provides instant, visualized grading and results, and aggregates them to measure student’s performance against the learning outcomes.

Its anti-cheat features are powered by AI. Your students need to use an ID verification, and they can’t switch to other tabs in the browser during an exam. You can monitor them with real-time video and audio. When it comes to offline exams, the software also disables their Wi-Fi.

You can’t go wrong with any of these exam builder tools, but we highly recommend you try all of them before making any commitments. Some are free to try, while others offer a free demo to explore their features.



9. Think Exam

Think Exam

Think Exam is an interactive exam builder with seamless registration, synchronized processing, smart subscriptions, active accessibility, and useful anti-cheat functionalities.

It works just like any other online exam software. This has an editor where you can create as many questions and answers as you want, add multimedia, customize tests and certificates, and create schemes for scoring and grading students.

It features an advanced reporting system that lets you share instant scorecards and personalized feedback.

When it comes to proctoring, there’s screen freezing to prevent students from heading to Google for answers, and you can limit the number of attempts they have to give the right answer to each question.



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