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Should Graphic Designers Real Instagram Followers? Smart Ways To Go About It

in Technology on August 31, 2020

Should graphic designers have real Instagram followers? Smart ways to go about it.

Right now, when the world is still fighting a global pandemic, and most business promotion and brand-building activities are happening online, Instagram is the place for most brands! Launched initially as an app/website for sharing images today, it has become an integral part of most organizations’ online and social media marketing strategies.

The reasons are apparent. Instagram provides an attractive interface; it is navigation-friendly, and more users are opening an account on Instagram daily. So, if you are a graphic designer, you should look upon Instagram as a social media platform that helps you connect with other like-minded designers, communicate with your customers, and promote your work. And you can get on with this by using many tools and policies.

You May Want To Buy Real Instagram Followers

Having a decent follower count is essential for people, customers, and clients to take you seriously! Are you a graphic designer who is new to Instagram? Do you want to use your account to share your work, get more followers, and bag in more clients and exciting work opportunities? If yes, you could do a lot better by addressing the follower part of the game.

Can you buy real Instagram follower? The answer is yes! Today, service providers specialize in providing companies and graphic designers with the count of followers they need. The trick is to know the amount you should opt in for. For instance, if you’ve opened your account for a month, you can have less than 500 followers. Any count between 50 to 75 is good, depending on the way you’ve been promoting yourself. According to, if you purchase a vast follower count, chances are your customers will find it unreal and have a negative impression of you. Weigh and assess the situation and your requirements to arrive at an informed decision.

However, before you sign up for a service provider, research and choose the best one in the business. Usually, several service providers help you buy real Instagram followers. But you need a company that will help you purchase real followers, which don’t appear like bots or anything artificial. Read about the customer reviews and testimonials before you shell out your money. Ideally, choose a small follower count and check whether the service provider caters to your requirements. Later, you can choose to increase the follower count, as your organic followers start growing.

What Are The Benefits?

Graphic designers, like most brands and small business houses, are on Instagram to strengthen their online presence and get profitable work opportunities. Hence, online mileage, popularity, and credibility are essential. And a decent follower count helps them attain that. Other benefits of purchasing real followers are:

1. They Can Approach Clients For Work

Several clients who hire graphic designers for work have specific parameters to judge them. Usually, brands work on recommendation, and if they are choosing a new person, they analyze the following aspects:

  • The experience and expertise of the graphic designer.
  • The social media posts and its relevance.
  • The types of people graphic designers follow.
  • The overall follower count, the graphic designer, has currently.
  • Instagram comment engagement and interaction.

Even though there isn’t a fixed number for the follower count, a brand is still impressed with a high follower count. This also gives the graphic designer the scope to ask for work from clients and pitch themselves.

2. A Professional Business Portfolio

Graphic designers need to create their business portfolio that gets listed on other job listing websites. It’s necessary to provide the links to their works done for websites and also social media profile links. If a client opens the designer’s Instagram link and finds a decent follower count, he would consider that professional and have an excellent first impression. All these play a considerable role in bagging fruitful projects.

3. It Attracts More Followers

People love to follow an Instagram profile that already has an increased number of followers. The high follower count acts as a symbol of authenticity. The phrase “like attracts like” applies here. So, when you have more organic followers, it enhances your brand visibility and awareness.

4. You Can Approach Social Influencers

Like corporate brands, even social influencers have their criteria for showcasing a graphic designer or joining hands for a cross-channel promotion. Instagram follower count has an essential role to play. Graphic designers who’ve joined Instagram for about six months and have around 200 to 300+ followers and quality posts are more impressive. Once you get featured on the social influencer’s Instagram page, you are exposed to a wide range of audience pool, which in turn starts to follow you.

The moment your Instagram follower base increases, you can share relevant content and gain word-of-mouth publicity. Social influencers might refer you to potential clients, and that can help you expand your business. Hence, adding a specific chunk of real Instagram followers by buying it is a smart move.

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