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Secrets Of Black Themes In The Design Of Interfaces And Logos

in Themes on July 19, 2022

Hey guys, today, in this article, we are going to discuss the secrets of black themes in the design of interfaces and logos. So keep reading.

In 2017, black became the most popular colour in women’s fashion, occupying about 36% of the market (according to Edited). And the following year, this trend captured UI / UX design. There are several UI UX design agency that is already working on the design of interfaces. Although the same service used the principle of “light in the dark” for a long time:

  • Spotify;
  • Adobe Creative Suite.

The black theme in the design of sites and applications began to gain mass popularity in 2019.

Programmers have long used a black background in code development, as it is better suited for refactoring and proofreading, especially for long-term work.

For the first time, a dark (or black) theme was announced in Android 9, the iOS operating system—from version 13—and the October 2018 Update in Windows 10 for Windows.

Over the last decade, companies around the world have conducted extensive research on the dark/light interface. We will not cite specific research in the article; we will simply emphasize that the arithmetic mean of all conclusions is the absence of a single opinion or direct correlation from the application of a particular design or rule. There are only recommendations, trends, and empathy for the user.

Why Do We All Love Black Themes In The Interface?

The black theme quickly began to gain popularity at once for several good reasons. First, on mobile devices, its use saves up to 20% of battery power because displays with Amoled and OLED screens require fewer “enabled” pixels. Second, the dark theme reduces eye strain in low-light conditions. You can create animation for free on VistaCreate with a black theme to make your website look trendy as well.

Website Design In Dark Colors

Currently, more and more sites are created in dark colours, and it is difficult to disagree that they look elegant and creative in most cases.

Recent surveys found that 47% of users like sites with a light background, 10% said they always preferred a dark design, and 36% believe that the success of using a dark theme depends on properly designed content. So, the choice is subjective.

Development Of Sites With A Dark Design

It is widely believed that a black theme can hide the shortcomings of the site and increase user loyalty. However, in practice, this theory needs to be revised. After all, it would help if you saw all the factors that will affect the perception of information.

So, consider the nuances that must be noted when designing a site with a black theme.

Black Emphasizes The Accents On The Site

If your site contains a lot of graphics and visual content, the dark design will accentuate the look and shift the focus to the right places, as the elements are different colours.

Dark Is A Status Symbol

The dark interface, when balanced with minimalism, adds a sense of status and creates an emotional connection with luxury and prosperity.

Dark Does Not Mean Black

If you are familiar with the principles of painting, remember that artists never use 100% black and 100% saturated colour of any shade. The human eye distinguishes hundreds of shades of colour, even when the picture is rich and low-contrast. Therefore, never use 100% black and 100% white. It is necessary to maintain balance and use a combination of different shades of colours: choose the golden “middle”.

Dark design often gives elegance and looks very good in the portfolio, but in fact, should be used only when appropriate and reasoned.

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