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30 Trendy Shopify Stores Inspiration For 2021

in Shopify on March 31, 2021

Shopify offers a complete tool for effectively creating and managing an e-commerce site without necessarily being a digital pro. Created in 2006 by Robi Lütke, the Shopify platform comes straight from Canada and more specifically from Ottawa, the city in which the company is based. Shopify is a serious service provider that currently hosts over one million merchant sites in 175 countries around the world. Total sales made through Shopify stores now reach $ 200 billion. What to force respect. It is no wonder people use agencies like to tap into this massive opportunity.

Faced with its growth, the platform launched on the market a few years ago, which makes it possible to work from a perfectly translated interface. To differentiate itself from other services of this type, Shopify relies on simplicity by offering an interface accessible to all profiles – from beginners to experts.

Do you have a brilliant idea and want to start your project right away? Before you jump in and build your Shopify website, let’s see first why it’s a good choice. Here are some of the Shopify stores you can get inspiration from.

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30 Shopify Stores Inspiration 2021

1. Food & Beverages

A. Partake Foods

Partake Foods

Denise Woodard is somebody that has thought of it all when it comes to healthy nibbles for her daughter. When she founded Partake Foods, she considered everything from ingredients that caused allergies, were unhealthy, and of course flavor. Partake is an online store that has amazing cookies in flavors like the classic chocolate chip, ginger snaps, even birthday cake! Her products are free of most allergens that are frequent in food products in the market, not to mention artificial colors, GMO’s(genetically modified ingredients), and preservatives.



B. BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold

Pernell Cezar Jr. and Rod Johnson started BLK & Bold with the idea of helping their fellow communities through selling caffeinated beverages in mind. BLK & Bold ascends wholesale and direct-to-customer as a means to gear young people who want to start their own business with devices to fulfill their dreams and overcome challenges.



C. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks

For $ 20 you can have a bag of “the most tender, crunchy, and delicious popcorn you will ever have.” Shark Tank’s initial investment for this mini-popcorn was $ 200k in 2013. In 2014, the company made $ 800k in revenue, making it one of the hottest Shopify stores around.



2. Cosmetics

A. Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite cares about the planet. They wish to cut the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. As many have mentioned countless times, a lot of consumers prefer environmentally and socially aware companies, and this is a fantastic USP(Unique Selling Proposition). Not only is this great for business, but it’s also lovely on an ethical level.

They impacted the importance of their mission through the power of statistics. We can certainly learn a thing or two from Bite’s writing strategy. Consumers cannot argue with statistics and science, forcing them to challenge any misconceptions they may have. So as a result, they are more likely to turn to your products as a solution to the problem you just pointed out to them.





BYBI Regarding its USP it is very similar to Bite. They sell ‘100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products. They don’t just sell top-quality products, but they also amaze buyers with their amazing content. Content marketing may as well be the go-to solution, and BYBI has definitely put this into action. They constantly post DIY recipes, industry news, and product reviews.



C. Act + Care

Act + Care

Act and Care’s use of social proof on their homepage is stellar. By highlighting the fact that your products have been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue and Glossy, you immediately make the prospect feel and take them as a brand.

So if you have any social proof you can use it to increase the credibility of your merchandise, use it somewhere in your Shopify stores, preferably on the homepage as well as your product pages.



3. Apparel

A. Allbirds


Allbirds is a brand that is organic through and through. Their products are made of organic materials such as wool, sugarcane, trees, and eucalyptus. It is a brand that supports the preservation of the environment and is partnered with organizations that will ensure they protect the land where they get materials from and the living beings that depend on them.



B. Drop Dead

Drop Dead

Drop Dead is a clothing store for the hipster in you. These are t-shirts that say “dropdead” and “IDC”, so if you want to be different and look different, this site is for expressing your thoughts through fashion.



C. Best Made Co

Best Made Co

From Japanese quilted sheets to jackets and knives, this company lives through you encouraging people to “get out there, reconnect with their hands and nature, and in doing so, embark on a life of great adventure.”



4. Fashion & Accessories

A. Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear

Helping women feel safe in their own bodies is the company’s goal. The online site allows women to take a fit test to find out which size and style are best for their needs, and free shipping on orders of $ 100 + helps, as does free shipping on returns.



B. Muroexe


Muroexe is classic and clean. It has all the basic design features, but it is not a basic eCommerce website. Shoes are displayed in a neat minimal grid that makes it easy for customers to navigate. Overall, the site is very aesthetic.



C. Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi

This an apparel-selling site that markets products of various brands. Their simple yet colorful web store caters to customers of all ages. They also have a physical shop in Manchester and they use Shopify as a portal to also sell their products internationally.



5. Electronics & Gaming

A. OC Gaming

OC Gaming

The OC-gaming Shopify shop sells custom game controllers for smartphones (typically used for PlayStation, Xbox One, and PS4 Controllers). This product is a success because the company knows how difficult it is for gamers to use touch settings in classic games.



B. Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic

If you need high-quality sound every time, this product is for you. They don’t just sell headphones that rival their competitor (Beats by Dre). Master and Dynamic believe that sound is movement and their goal is to please, with a balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort, and sound, which they say is “designed for decades of use.”



C. FiftyThree


Pencil by FiftyThree is the most natural and expressive way to create on iPad and iPhone for artists and writers. This site uses simple but well-designed navigation features and is explained with graphics and illustrations with a simple downward scroll of your mouse pad.



6. Home & Living

A. Hauser


Hauser is an online retailer committed to providing high-quality household items that can transform every home into a cozy and warm place. It uses a drop-down menu to make navigating through its wide selection of products a breeze. On each full-width image, the brand has placed a captivating black CTA button that makes it convenient for visitors to make a purchase on the spot.



B. Made


Made is a furniture shop that uses Shopify to share its values when it comes to furniture design. They value everyone’s talent and creativity. Thus, their concept is to collaborate with independent furniture designers and make them into a reality. This gives their customers an exclusive and personalized space that they will love.



C. Cookbook Village

Cookbook Village

Cookbook Village is one of the successful shops that once thrived on Amazon and eBay. The idea of selling cookbooks online came about after years of him and his wife browsing hundreds of stores in search of cookbooks. They sell Vintage and rare cookbooks and share their love for such materials through their blog.



7. Stationery & Office Supplies

A. Office Desk Mat

Office Desk Mat

Office Desk Mat designs aesthetic mouse and desk pads that anyone can enjoy. Their style ranges from quirky to classic and sleek. You can rest assured that the products you’ll be getting from this store are high quality and are easy and comfortable to use. They can also customize personalize mats and mouse pads that are available internationally.



B. Studio Neat

Studio Neat

Studio Neat designs tools that help people solve problems in innovative ways. From an iPhone tripod to a kit syrup, the company uses Kickstarter to fund its product ideas.



C. Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab is an online printer dedicated to the highly specific craft of rendering data into charts and infographics. They are offering a lot of products that include, stationeries, famous letters, and awesome wall decorations. The eye-catching header at the top of the page immediately grabs the attention of visitors and the bold typeface matches the aesthetics of their products.

This is a good eCommerce business inspiration for those who want to sell products on Shopify and still want to support education and knowledge with their customers.



8. Eco-Friendly Products

A. Package Free

Package Free

Package Free’s Founder and CEO Lauren Singer wants the world with less trash by selling home and beauty supplies that come in free packages. Lauren lives a zero-waste lifestyle and has dedicated her life and business to create and influence less-wasteful behavior among her customers. His 2015 TEDx talk generated millions of views on how to have a zero-waste lifestyle and showed his 16 oz. A glass jar containing three years of garbage.



B. Bailly


Founded by Edwina Govindsamy and Ariel Gough, Bailly is a vegan fragrance company that uses all-natural ingredients and they give away 15% of their sales from their Girl Power collection to benefits like the Just Like My Child Foundation’s Girl Power Project. Like coconut oil-based fragrances, Bailly products will not irritate or overpower while providing a mild scent that also moisturizes the skin.



C. United By Blue

United By Blue

United By Blue cleans a pound of rubbish from the seas, oceans, and waterways with every item sold. The clothing and household goods company founded by Brian Linton incorporates sustainability into all areas of its operation. This brand is devoted to ending the use of single-use plastics that slowly and cumulatively destroy the environment. It also houses organized cleanings, allowing clients to participate in the mission of the company without even making a purchase.



9. Digital Products

A. Life Is Messy And Brilliant

Life Is Messy And Brilliant

Life is Messy and Brilliant, a brilliant collection of digital planners that are far from messy. If your life is messy, what better way to organize it than with a planner? Their products also come with clickable links and can be paired with Notability, GoodNotes, and Noteshelf.



B. Gauge Girl Training

Gauge Girl Training

Gauge Girl Training is a great shop if you’re looking to find the best books on healthy meals, etc. Their list is extensive and can fit anyone’s needs. They offer memberships that then introduce you to several options for customized nutrition and workout plans.



C. Chaos


A well-designed website that matches your individuality, Chaos combines personalization and a sense of fun. You can choose a unique accessory for your phone or travel needs, which also matches your identity. “Tech gathering fashion; practicality meeting punk, with a dose of typically London individuality. That’s the ethos of CHAOS.”



10. Pet Products

A. PawHuggies


The items on PawHuggies are original, which means that you will deliver high-quality products to your customers. It offers a few cute pet products that are custom and personalized.



B. CrownandPaw


CrownandPaw is one of the cutest shops that offer custom and personalized items with your pet photos. Mugs, canvas, phone cases, throw pillows, and more. Perfect items to gift your family, friends, and special someone.



C. Heads Up For Tails

Heads Up For Tails

This is a specific wholesale pet supplier that gives you access to various wholesale pet supplies for resale. Even if you are looking for wholesale dog accessories from various brands or other pets, you will definitely find them here. You will find a lot of pet toys, clothing, collars, harnesses, and others.



How To Market Your Products Effectively On Shopify

You have created an online store, you have found the perfect product, and now you just have to tell people. This is where product marketing comes into play. Product marketing is when you bring a product to market by promoting it and selling it to customers. Efficient product marketing takes things a step forward by focusing on specific audiences and utilizing strategic operations to drive appeal and sales.

Product marketing differs from conventional e-commerce marketing because it is much narrower in focus. Instead of promoting your brand or an overview of your SKUs, you have to promote a product individually. Product marketing focuses on a specific item or package, requiring a deep understanding of the product, it’s positioning, and its audience. Since your products are at the center of your sales, marketing, and product development strategies, product marketing is key to the success of all three.

1. Referral Promotion

A referral promotion consists of providing a benefit of our company (such as discounts on products) to recurring customers of our store by attracting new buyers. This type of strategy has a double benefit since on the one hand, we strengthen the bond with our regular customer to whom we are giving them the opportunity to obtain our products with very good discounts and on the other hand, we get new customers with a plus of confidence in our online store, as it was referred by this regular buyer.

2. Use White Background For Your Product Images

You must always go for a clean-looking website. In general, you must not add irrelevant elements to your website as it will only do more harm than good to your customers and site visitors by creating for them a poor viewing experience.

A clear or white background will give your images the professional look. And it will help your customers find easily the products are looking for. Using background remover for eCommerce tools will help you remove the background from your images in seconds where you can replace a white background to give your products a cleaner-look.

3. Weekly / Monthly Packages

The weekly or monthly packages are a set of items that are sold at a single value, in our niche we always have to look for the customer’s needs and take advantage of them to squeeze the most of our sales. The packages are weekly or monthly and make our users think less when selecting the products to buy in our store.

Our mind is prepared to save energy whenever we can and through this strategy we are getting the user to take everything they need in a single package at a weekly / monthly offer price. You do not necessarily have to have a real discount to the value, in many cases customers tend to pay more for products in combination than buying them separately, this is achieved thanks to the operation of our mind and the energy savings that are sought to achieve, always you will take the easy way and much more when you have to fill a need.

4. You Must Have Various Payment Options For Your Customers

Your eCommerce business should not be limited to using credit and debit cards as payment options. Nowadays, there are more ways to pay for items and services online and PayPal is one of the popular e-wallets that brands have embraced. And it is now also followed by Google Pay. Now, brands are trying to integrate as many popular payment options as possible on their website so that such a situation does not arise when online shoppers feel they have no choice but to abandon the purchase at the last minute. Today, if you don’t provide multiple payment options to your customers, you might be losing huge conversions and you just wouldn’t want to see visitors leave when they’re at the last stage of their payment.

5. Informational Blogs

When we create our blog we must be clear about the objectives we want to achieve, mostly the blog is used to give added value to our buyers through useful articles in the niche we work in, but the truth is that we can give it a commercial use, use of sell through this strategy with buy buttons.

Writing a striking article for the reader is an art, we must analyze their situation, write lines that add value, and cover needs. When we talk about the sale of a product through the informative blog we have to bear in mind that we will not achieve anything if we try to make direct sales by creating an article with all the benefits of our products and encouraging the purchase.

Your Turn… Start Selling On Shopify

Earning sales on Shopify is not easy. First, you need to rank your Shopify website quickly so that customers come to your store. But even after you do, you are still competing with sellers at Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. In fact, 66% of shoppers start their search on Amazon, and that number rises to 74% if they already know what they’re looking for. Online marketplaces have the advantages of being a household name, having an established reputation, and selling a large selection of products to attract buyers.

E-commerce has made it incredibly easy for consumers to research, buy, and receive products. But it has also made it incredibly difficult to sell. Aside from the notable competition in the market and the inability to reproduce the shopping experience in stores, cart abandonment is a major problem. We hope that this comprehensive list will help you in starting a store on Shopify.

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She is currently managing public relations and customer operations for Removal.AI. An AI technology that operates as an image background remover. And photo editing software to offer professional photo editing for eCommerce.

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