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What is SEO and Ways To Improve It

in Detailed Guide on September 23, 2022

Are you looking for Search Engine Optimization to get more traffic on your website organically? Here is some information that will help you to do SEO easily and increase the visibility and ranking of your webpage on search engines by optimizing a few things. Listed below are possible ways which help to improve website rankings and changes you can make from plugins and tools.

What is SEO


SEO is short-term for search engine optimization. It is easy to understand as a technique that can optimize the search results to get targeted traffic to your website. To increase the visibility of the webpage it is necessary to do search engine optimization. These optimizations are based on the basics of personalizing the engine according to the user which helps in finding the right traffic.

In short, all the actions that one can take to get the website to reach in top search rankings of search engines like Google, Bing, and Goduckgo are termed Search Engine Optimization it can be paid as well as organic. The better the search optimization of the page the more it is likely to appear in top suggestions when someone searches the relevant keyword and is more likely to be visited.

How does SEO work

Different search engines deploy bots on their site which crawl over new websites and index them in order and therefore making a giant library of data with relevant keywords and ranking them in order which is then displayed to the user when they try to look on the search engine using that keyword. A few algorithms help the search engines to rank the website and order of display, therefore stacking. This algorithm decides which site to display first when searching a query. It is important you should know search engine optimization before doing SEO so that you can take the SEO services benefits.

Ways To Improve SEO of Your Website

Characteristics of a good SEO

  • Focusing on relevant keywords which users could search for your article.
  • Making high-quality content that can be in the top searches.
  • Adding relevant links from high-quality sites.
  • Analyzing the results.

Improving loading speed of webpage

About 80 percent of the traffic on the website is affected by the loading speed of the website. The faster it can load up the probability of it getting views is high and search engine rank such sites in upper positions. So it is important to have fewer images and content which does not take more time to load up. Pictures on the website should be of less size to reduce load-up time.

Produce High-Quality Content

The content on your website is the main source of its ranking basically. Therefore it is necessary to work on improving the quality of content before anything. Better quality content gets your webpage to appear at the top and it will increase visitor trust in your website to return more often to look at the new content on the webpage.

Optimizing Images

Image is a major part of any website. It captures the attention of the user first so a relevant image also improves SEO. Using copyrighted images and very high-quality images ranks the website a bit down so try to use a non-copyrighted image with a reduced quality that can load up easily even on a slow or poor connection speed.

Break Up Your Content With Header Tags

Using different headings on the webpage increases its visibility and is more pleasing and easy to read as well. So try to make the view in different headings subheadings and points. It makes the page more interactive and can also result in improving the SEO of the webpage.

Add More Than Just Text

Adding just simple text makes your webpage boring and dull. Therefore making your webpage interactive is equally important as quality content. Adding compressed images related to the content media such as videos audio and other different plugins will help you in making the webpage more lively and pleasing to the visitor’s eyes.

Writing long post

Creating a post content with nearly 1000 words will not get you enough potential visitors. To be in among the top searches therefore it is important to level up your views and elaborate a bit more. This will make its chances of being listed top gets high. An average article of 2000 words is more likely to be in top searches and get more viewers.

Make Sure Your Site is Readable

When writing a post make it really simple to understand. Not using a phrase or words that are hard to understand not using technical and other terminology. Until necessary and specify the meaning of it there only. Moreover, these steps will let anyone understand your content and get you more viewers and is more likely to be in top searches. Remember people like things which is easy to understand, writing as simple as possible will get your site in the top index rankings.

Using Tools And Plugin To Improve Search Engine Optimization

Using SEO Plugins and tools is also a method to optimize. Therefore change a few things to make your webpage popup high when searched on engines. Here are a few of them which can help you to improve your SEO, tools can provide a better analysis of what you should change.

All in One SEO

It is a popular plugin to do search engine optimization. It comes up with settings for SEO changes making a few changes accordingly will get your website to new heights. Moreover, it’s an easy setup wizard that allows selection settings. And with its TruSEO on-page analysis gives input for more improvements.

Google Search Console

It is a free tool provided by Google. This helps website owners to monitor and maintain their site’s presence in Google search results. This alerts you when Google is unable to crawl and index pages on your website. It provides feedback on crawl errors and suggestions on how to fix those crawl errors.


SEO is an important part of any website visibility on the internet which depends on multiple factors. Loading speed, optimizing images, improving readability, adding media, breaking in subheadings, and lastly using tools, and plugins like AIOSEO and Google Search Console.

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