Advantages Of Using Podcasts

Six Advantages Of Using Podcasts In Your Content Marketing Strategy

in Marketing on May 3, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the 6 advantages of using podcasts in your content marketing strategy. So keep reading.

What comes to your mind when someone says the word ‘content’? For most people and even seasoned marketers, the word content had been synonymous with visual offerings like whitepapers, blog posts, catchy infographics, and immersive videos.

However, today brands have embraced podcasting as a new way to connect with their target audience.

Podcasts refer to digital audio files that people can easily download from the internet. It is an audio program where the speaker discusses pre-ordained topics that are available in the form of series.

A podcast can either be an interactive or conversational series, depending on the topic of discussion. Though also available free of cost, podcast subscribers can access new releases through online payments.

One may understand the popularity of podcasts from the fact that approximately 57 million Americans consume this medium each month. Today, most savvy marketers have realized the potential of podcasts, as more and more people now prefer podcasts over other content.

Undoubtedly, podcasts can significantly add a new dimension to your brand and marketing approach. If you have a well-developed content marketing strategy but are still unsure about incorporating podcasts into it, this article is for you.

Below, we’ve discussed some advantages of this medium to clear any doubts and show how businesses can achieve peak performance using podcasts:

Six Advantages Of Using Podcasts:

1. Podcasts Are Affordable And Help You Achieve More
2. Develops An Authoritative Brand Presence In the Industry
3. Offers Convenience To Audiences
4. Develops Fruitful Collaborations
5. Expands Customer Reach
6. Increases Customer Loyalty And Brand Affinity

1. Podcasts Are Affordable And Help You Achieve More

The rise in the use of technology has made it easy for people to create podcasts, as it doesn’t require a detailed budget plan like any other traditional marketing strategy. The only essentials you need to create an engaging podcast include an intriguing topic (based on your niche), a functional computer, microphone, and speaker.

Besides being simple and easy to create, podcasts offer unmatched affordability. However, if you wish to gain twice more traffic, it is best to add show notes and transcripts on your website regarding each podcast. For this, you can use online tools such as designrr, which includes interesting features to help you make the most of your podcasts.

2. Develops An Authoritative Brand Presence In the Industry

Using podcasts as a central component of your content marketing strategy can help your brand to create and enhance an authoritative presence in the industry. Remember how blog posts and white papers can promote a business as an authoritative source or thought leader in the market? Well, podcasts can accomplish the same goal for you.

By creating podcasts that are relevant to the trends and niche-specific topics, businesses can boost their customer loyalty and trust towards their brands. Customers will deem your brand an unparalleled industry expert on such topics and pay more attention to your brand’s content, advice, and opinions. As a result, this trust can help you generate higher conversion rates and customer retention.

3. Offers Convenience To Audiences

Though podcasts are just a new version of the Golden-Age radio shows, there’s one stark difference between the two. Unlike radio audiences, podcast subscribers aren’t restricted by time limitations for tuning in and enjoying good content.

Have you ever thought, which type of content the audience generally prefers to access? Perhaps, the one that is easily accessible and offers convenience. Following the current preferences, podcasts perfectly align with the modern patterns of content and media consumption, as users may access these podcasts at any time, anywhere.

With podcasts, one can consume meaningful content and multi-task. Though most users listen to them while commuting, podcasts also make great exercise, mealtime, and even work companions.

Besides their multi-tasking appeal, podcasts are also one of the most mobile-friendly content mediums out there. According to statistics, almost 65% of listeners consume this content through their mobile devices. As mobile devices rule over all other technologies, converting to mobile-friendly content is crucial for sustained business success.

4. Develops Fruitful Collaborations

Podcasts have gained serious traction in the last few years. With renowned personalities like Joe Rogan and Neil Degrasse Tyson entering the scene, this medium is becoming increasingly saturated. Having a podcast makes it easier to work and collaborate with specific field experts, including those in your business niche.

Plus, it would be less hectic for everyone involved to host a podcast together and have a meaningful exchange rather than writing long-winded requests for written content. Even written interviews can’t beat podcasts in this regard.

The dynamic conversational format of podcasts helps foster a more-than-surface-level connection between the interviewer and interviewee, something other forms of content rarely provide. Since your podcast is your platform, you’re free to remain flexible with your content and ideas.

5. Expands Customer Reach

Most businesses have two primary goals to direct their energies towards: maximizing business profits and expanding customer reach. Audio-based content, like podcasts, exposes one’s brand to several new listeners or customers.

According to Edison Research’s study “The Podcast Consumer,” podcast listeners belong to more affluent and educated customer segments. Meaning, either these consumers don’t pay heed to other means of content or are out of reach.

Hence, there’s more probability of generating leads and conversions from these consumers using a podcast than blogging.

6. Increases Customer Loyalty And Brand Affinity

Think of your company podcast as a public ad of your business knowledge and experience in various industry-related topics. Podcasts can help bring a business’s offerings into the customer spotlight.

If your podcast provides authentic content and offers the right solutions to customers, you can convert the subscribers into loyal customers easily. Most content audiences, including podcast listeners, remain loyal to a few programs or shows.

Besides, audiences tend to develop certain bonds with podcast hosts and rarely miss a new podcast release.

Hosting a podcast increases a brand’s chances of developing increased social media engagement with the target audience. After finishing a show or podcast, the first thing audiences do is turn to mediums like social media to discuss more your podcast.

Perhaps while interacting with each other, audiences also engage with your brand.

In A Nutshell

Effective content marketing is no more just about blog posts, white papers, and videos. A foolproof content marketing strategy must incorporate diverse mediums to build and engage the target audience.

The circumstances have never been more favorable for audio-based content than now. In this article, we’ve discussed some advantages of using podcasts in your content strategy—these range from providing audience convenience, boosting customer loyalty to gaining a competitive edge.

If you want to hone your content marketing and increase customer reach, it’s time to embrace the podcast revolution.

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