Instagram eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Best Instagram eCommerce Marketing Strategies You Should Consider 

in Marketing on November 19, 2021

With over one billion users, Instagram has become a top-rated social media platform. According to reports, an average person spends at least thirty minutes on the application per day, and around 130 million people tap on a shopping post on a monthly basis. For an eCommerce business owner on Instagram, this is excellent news. 

Once you have set up your eCommerce business account on Instagram, you should devise Instagram eCommerce marketing strategies. Owing to its popularity, there are several benefits of marketing your products on the platform that can help you increase your sales revenue and drive those big numbers. 

However, getting started with a plan may feel like a daunting task, especially since there is a lot to understand about Instagram marketing. This article will talk about the Instagram eCommerce marketing strategies you should be using for your eCommerce business on Instagram. 

Start by building a strong community 

When you are at the initial stages of creating an Instagram presence for your eCommerce business, your first focus should be to create brand awareness to build a community of followers that believe in your brand and have converted into customers for your products. 

This will happen once you can gain their trust. To do that, you need to start with the basics. Your Instagram bio should be compelling enough and should include a direct link to your products and services. By engaging with your audience through posts and direct messages, you need to build a stellar rapport. 

This way, you’ll notice growth in your following. However, simply increasing the number of your followers is insufficient. You’ll want to attract real followers who are interested in what you are offering. You can achieve this by hiring an Instagram growth service to help you gain real Instagram followers who will interact with your posts and may eventually turn into paying customers.

Create high-quality content 

For a successful marketing strategy, you need to remember that content is key. By creating high-quality content, you will be able to attract and engage with your desired target audience. To do this, you need to study the sentiments of your audience and figure out what sort of content they prefer. 

Make sure to strike the right balance with content meant for pure branding purposes and educational material. You also need to put out enough videos instead of simple static posts because videos perform much better.

While creating the visuals, copies, and captions for your posts, use consistent branding across the page so that users can develop brand recall and familiarity with your business. You also need to ensure that you follow community guidelines regarding the size and formatting of your posts. Remember to post frequently and at the optimal time. 

Make use of relevant hashtags

Hashtags have become a powerful tool to use on social media. They are instrumental if you wish to reach a wider audience to market your products and services. On Instagram, you can add up to thirty hashtags on each post so make sure you use the right ones. 

You can do your research and develop trending and relevant hashtags for your business and keep that list ready. You should do this by searching online and also studying your competition. Make a list for each type of post you publish. For example, if you share a product post or post something motivational, the hashtags should match. Also, remember to keep the list updated since the trends are dynamic and constantly changing. 

Use influencer marketing 

As an eCommerce business owner on Instagram, you need to stay on your toes and think about how quickly you can increase your brand awareness and follow for maximum benefits. The best way to do this is by forming partnerships with influencers. Influencer marketing is at an all-time high at the moment. 

You need to start by identifying the right influencer suited for your business and its marketing goals. There are so many people out there, so research carefully before investing your marketing budget into the wrong hands. Once you identify a group of influencers, you can then collaborate with them over a marketing campaign. 

Some common ways businesses do this is by either sharing a discount code for their followers or by sending products across for review. Once influencers start sharing your brand and creating targeted content with the correct hashtags, you will notice an increase in traffic coming from their accounts. This way, you will widen your audience reach much faster and effectively.


Instagram has moved on from simply being a photo-sharing application. It is now a platform for hosting businesses such as eCommerce that greatly benefit from its features and popularity. Start by building solid Instagram eCommerce marketing strategies using the aforementioned steps and watch your sales numbers grow. Hope you really enjoyed Instagram eCommerce marketing strategies post. 


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