Common Social Media Mistakes

8 Most Common Social Media Mistakes Costing Your Brand

in Technology on November 9, 2020

Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing asset for individuals and organizations. Whether you’re launching a business or introducing a new product line, you can reach new audiences and increase your brand visibility with the help of social media. However, using social media to your advantage isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are tactics to learn and algorithms to tackle, and this post will guide you through it all. Here are some common social media mistakes that are likely the reasons restricting your brand’s potential. Take a look.

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1. Posting Without Any Strategy

Just posting what you feel like, whenever you feel like, is not going to create an impact. Like a product is developed keeping in mind what your customers would find useful, you need to plan for your social media platforms carefully. If you’re unfamiliar with social media or your past attempts have failed, it would be wise to involve a social media marketing company.

2. Not Knowing Where Your Audience Is

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn are just a few of the many social media platforms. Trying to create a presence on every social media platform isn’t financially or practically feasible. Moreover, creating an account on every social media may not even be beneficial for your brand. Research to discover which platforms are most frequented by your target audience, and then work on devising strategies.

3. Plagiarized Content

Only original and plagiarized content is going to take your marketing efforts far. Yes, platforms like Instagram are popular for reposting content. There is no harm in occasionally reposting with due credit, but don’t make it your MO. Ideally, you should create high-quality content, especially visual content, which is relevant to your brand and audience.

4. Irregular Posting

Creating social media accounts and posting once in a blue moon is just as good as doing nothing. Consistency is key if you’re serious about employing social media to build your online presence. Every second, millions of photos, videos, and other content are uploaded to various platforms. If you want your brand to be seen, you must post on a regular basis.

5. Failure To Engage With the Audience

Social media has made it incredibly convenient to connect with your audiences. Utilize various tools to engage with them. For instance, Instagram features like Questions and Polls are instant ways to communicate with your followers.

6. Not Optimizing Content For Different Platforms

The way Instagram works is vastly different from TikTok. You must create more than one piece of content and expect it will perform well on both platforms. Also, it’s imperative to optimize content for different platforms based on their unique algorithms.

7. Neglecting Other Online Assets

Having a well-designed website is crucial to support your social media platforms. When your social media attracts audiences, they should have a place to learn more about your product and company. Get a website design company on board to design an easy-to-navigate website.

8. Lacking ‘Human Touch

Way too formal, and corporate-sounding content isn’t appealing to most social media users. People use social media as a way to escape, so offer them that by making your content more personal. For instance, the popular fast food joint Wendy’s is loved for its funny and wacky content. On the other hand, Paper Magazine is adored by followers for its millennial and Gen-Z-approved humor.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, you are not able to much time on social media promotion then, you can hire a brand agency or a company to handle social media platforms. Strategically using social media can change the course of your business. Even if you’re a small business, social media is something that can help you stand apart from bigger competitors and win over new customers. Hopefully, the tips above will help you avoid social media faux pas and build a successful online presence. Also, if you like this article, 8 Most Common Social Media Mistakes, then please share it with your friends and social media followers.

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