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Get More Clicks With These 10 Effective Graphic Banners Ad Design Tips

in Graphics on November 8, 2021

Banner advertising or display advertising is the use of graphic banners that are displayed in high-visibility areas of a website. It is an attractive method of attracting customers and sending a message without being interruptive. It is very effective in the sense that it is easier for companies to increase brand awareness. graphic banners ads are also great in generating new leads as well as re-targeting audiences. In a 2019 study, 31% of online ads were spent on graphic banners advertising.

Although they are highly effective in online marketing, plenty of people still find it difficult to make graphic banners ads work for them. The main concern lies in how to make them enticing enough for customers to take notice and click on the ads. Luck is on your side today as you will uncover tips on how to make your banner ad design effective.

But first…

Why are Banner Ads Still Important?

Using graphic banners for advertising remains important in today’s marketing standards simply because they are still as effective as they were back in 1994 when they first came around. Many companies use it because it can be personalized, are affordable, effective, and can easily be measured. Here are three reasons why you must consider using banner advertising this year:

1. Directs High Website Traffic.

Banner ads can increase site visits by as much as 300%. This makes it an efficient method of reaching your target reach in a short period. The link on your banner ads serves as the customers’ gateway towards your website. The banner itself is considered as the first point of interaction where the users are lured into clicking the ad. The direct method of leading the users to your website helps them in a way that their search for a specific product or service ends there.

2. Quick Way to Disseminate Information.

Banner graphics are the quickest tools to give out information about your company. They are handy for a sales promotion or for introducing new products and services. Of course, you also need to plan when to use banner ads for this purpose. During the weekend, for example, students usually have more time to browse through the internet. This is the perfect time to display banner ads that are targeted at this demographic.

Aside from sales, banner ads are also useful in introducing both new and unsold products. You can also use it to promote events, discounts, and incentive schemes. They are effective because you can easily customize them according to how you want to use them for.

3. Increase Conversions.

The ultimate goal of using any marketing method, including banner advertising, is increasing conversion rates. This is true for banner ads that are for retargeting purposes. According to a study, using banner ads for retargeting campaigns can yield up to a 70% conversion rate. It works this great because it serves as a reminder for any product or service. Customers are then more likely to complete their desired action after being reminded by banner ads.

More importantly, you also need to consider that many users now use ad blockers, especially when using mobile devices to browse the internet. This decreases the chance for ads to be seen if you are going to use pop-ups for advertising. With banner advertising, the ads are integrated into the website itself. Visitors will get to see them whether they like it or not.

The question, however, is how you can make them like your ads? Is there a way to make them notice and encourage the audience to click your ads?

10 Effective Graphic Banners Ad Design Tips to Get More Clicks

Creating the most clickable banner ads can be challenging. It involves strategic planning and you must have a clear understanding of its purpose. You have to know what your banner is meant to achieve so you can see later on if your method is effective.

Here are 10 ways on how you can boost your online traffic using banner ads: 

1. Use Astounding Visuals.

One of the main purposes of using graphic banners in advertising is to increase brand awareness. It will be great if you can make a positive impression by having amazing photos in your ads. High-quality images elicit more impact and offer an excellent way to showcase your brand. They must look sharp and clear in whatever banner size you are using.

2. Utilize Different Formats.

Banner advertising comes in many sizes and shapes. Do not settle with designing an ad that is size-specific. You must design in multiple variations so that they will look impressive in whatever banner size. Since it would take a lot of time to design according to all banner sizes, the best way to do this right and fast is by choosing the top 10 performing banner sizes for your niche.

3. Do Not Forget Your Logo.

If you want to increase brand awareness and drive more website traffic, the easiest way to do this is to add your logo to your graphics banner designs. It should be visible but in just the right size so that it does not overpower the whole design. It is like adding a stamp on your ad that says “this ad is ours” but without overdoing it.

4. Keep It Short.

It can be pretty easy to run out of room within the limited ad space of a banner. If increasing the banner size is not an option, the only way to make the design attractive is by keeping all texts concise. Go directly to the point and convey the message in less than 15 words.

Plenty of users also have a very short attention span. You can’t simply expect the viewers to read all the texts in your ad, especially when they are on the website for something else. Make sure to grab their attention with a few chosen and easy-to-read words instead of losing that few seconds of opportunity.

5. Follow the KISS Rule.

The “Keep it simple stupid” rule works well when it comes to designing banner graphics. Having more clutter in your design will not only make the ad look confusing but will also risk not being to deliver the main message across. You can use simple backgrounds so that the main focus of the ad is the product.

6. Elicit Urgency.  

Phrases like “Limited Time Only” or a countdown timer make people think that they need to take action right away or lose the chance to grab a good deal. This is an extremely popular strategy across e-commerce stores. It is like encouraging people not to miss an offer that does not come by often.

7. Consider Animated Banners.

Although they are more costly, animated designs are more fun to look at and will more likely draw attention. That being said, you must list down the pros and cons of using it especially when you have a limited budget for advertising.

If without budget constraints, the animated design must also follow the KISS rule. It should not be too distracting and must not last more than 15 seconds. Do not forget to still include your logo either on the first few or last seconds of the animation.

8. Add a Frame.  

It has long been proven that people are naturally drawn to look at anything within a frame. A clearly defined frame on your banner ads will get noticed more. You risk the possibility of having your message getting lost with the rest of the website’s design if you will not put it inside a frame.

9. Research About Colors.  

The use of colors in any advertising material is very important. Colors have a way of affecting the purchasing habits of a person. Although it varies from person to person, you can always choose to have colors that are best associated with your brand.

On the same note, it never hurts to not stray too far from your brand’s color. This means that you have to somehow add your brand colors to your design to initiate an association.

10. Keep the File Size Small.  

The problem with most non-working ad banners is that they take too long to load. The user has already scrolled down the page and missed the chance to see what a nicely designed ad there is on the banner. Avoid this from happening by keeping small file sizes for your banners. Google Adwords likes it when banner ads are under 150 kb because they will load fast.


Effective banner advertising is essential in today’s digital marketing needs. It is a must to utilize this method correctly for you to fully enjoy its benefits. It can be overwhelming at first because it seems that you are given a limited space to deliver a big message. It is difficult but completely doable if you know how to do it right.

Are you ready to design the best ad banners? Bring in those clicks with these graphic banners design tips.

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