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14 Best Free Blog HTML Website Templates In 2024

in HTML on June 12, 2024

This need led many start-up businesses and even large companies to follow this practice of having blogs on their websites. Personal blogger accounts exist where persons run a blog for professionals and some for purposes of sharing their opinions and experiences. They are professional quality Free Blog HTML Website Templates that are suitable for both individual and business blogging. We have compiled free blog templates with the enhanced capability of generating revenue, and we know that a huge number of standard bloggers will also be interested in the list. With advertising, it can be possible to have advertisements appearing on the blog without affecting the content in any way.

It is always good to be guided by the design you prefer most before setting your heart on a free blog template. Some aspects of personal branding, such as the quality, tone, and design of a blog, might increase users’ followership if an appropriate blog template that includes several aspects of personal branding is chosen. Choose the appropriate design for a corporate blog that will need elements to promote your products and services. All of these layouts use the best fonts to enhance the understanding of visitors to the website when they read. However, let us go to the free blog templates to get to know some of them, which are available for free download online.

Here are Some Best Free Blog HTML Website Templates:

1. Blogging


The Blogging Blog Website Template is ideal for travel, lifestyle, food blogs, fashion, minimalistic, and photography blogs, and any similar websites are ideal for this template. This template is quite trendy and formal in style, and it will give your blog a professional aesthetic to attract readers.

Presenting content this way is effective, and using this kind of layout will attract more people to visit your site or read your material. The simplified design allows for easy blog navigation, and you can easily edit the blog to meet the audience’s changing market demands and tastes.



2. Bloscot


There is no restriction that you cannot build a Bloscot template for business blogging from the free HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 blog templates. This is especially an online canvas that is fully responsive and massively elegant. Bloscot also looks perfect on all devices, and we implemented it to ensure maximum compatibility with the latest browsers.

Furthermore, employing this theme in an informal approach is also possible. Secondly, you may perform some editing that will enable you to get a copy that has features that appeal to your interests and personality.



3. Pinball


The free blogging flat responsive site design basic template is Pinball. Having such a template is important because you can utilize it for any site. Since we created this site template based on the unattached grid system above; you can change the above as you please.

Notably, the colour balance in Pinball is good, but the stylization of its design needs to be more balanced. When planning to use this free web design template, several factors to consider are highlighted below.



4. FoodieBlog


Another name for a free bootstrap layout specifically designed for food and recipe blogs is FoodeiBlog. The first approach encompasses an impressive; minimalist design that focuses on a catchy appearance to attract attention.

There is no requirement for grinding something up because FoodeiBlog is fully mobile-friendly and customizable without any extra effort. We built this blog site canvas with the most innovative HTML5 technology, providing the latest in flexibility for any device at any time, anywhere.



5. Bloggy


Blogging is an excellent opportunity to connect personal and self-image interests. Well, first, suppose you are a web designer and would like to give your suggestions and experiences to others by talking about what to do and what not to do in web design. In this case, it is ideal to do it through your blog page or a website that you manage regularly. If you want to share your experiences, your travelling, and your everyday life, use our best friends and family personal blog web template and start a blog site now.

Bloggy is a simple, elegant personal blogging theme perfect for personal bloggers to have a unique, simple, looking personal blog website with certain features that will help to attract visitors to enjoy reading personal blogs and articles.



6. Sensive


Sensive is an elegant travel blog template for HTML5, it is free and based on Bootstrap 4. Another is a responsive theme that is equally appropriate for making a site accessible on mobile. Its striking appearance and clean, contemporary look are synonymous with its brand. This canvas, while being a multiple-page site, also has an integrated Instagram section. It is especially suitable for blogs to be similar to travel blogs, personal blogs, and fashion and lifestyle blogs.

Moreover, it also has all the newest features and resources possible, such as the call-to-action button, stick-to menu, breadcrumb, blog-on-slider-on-header, and a lot more. Sensitive consists of dynamic, adaptable, and easy-to-understand code in the box to add dimension to your project’s loftiness.



7. Beauty Blog

Beauty Blog

Beauty Blog design has more than ten beautiful blog post templates and has a sleek, clean, and minimal layout. For this reason, it is perfect for any news and blog, whether it is personal, lifestyle, fashion, travel, photography, technology and news, food, and decor blog, among others, due to its minimalistic design and quality nice look. This Beauty Blog template – a combo of lovely and distinctive styles will serve perfectly for your web presence.

This theme provides four different styles of blog posts along with the default blog style. It also has a nicely created home page with an image slider on top, a search box, a filter menu in the sidebar, and awesome blog posts with flexible sliders. Some of them are social media icon links, contact information, an About Us page, a Typography page, a Contact page, and a highly sleek, clean, and elegant outlook.



8. Markedia


The design of the Markedia Free Marketing Blog Responsive HTML Template is astonishing and unique; making it perfect for your internet marketing company and online presence.

It provides research on features and websites trending as SEO tools, digital marketing industries, and other firms.



9. Blog Store

Blog Store

You can get a live demonstration of its features from the blog post section of the blog shop, which looks different from a conventional blogging site with that old, carrot-looking layout. This makes your blogs look more attractive and professional on the internet. I have highlighted that each blog specifically represents a grid type, found under the picture banner; as seen in the blog website templates.

A simple example of a website comprising Every freshly introduced template in our w3layouts collection possesses a special offer called the blog page. Still, this time, we are going to be eligible to offer you something truly wonderful. As three of the sections available are related to blogging; Blog Store is a valid website template in the Blogging category.



10. NextPage


It is a free one-page HTML website template and its name is NextPage. Thus, this template is suitable for websites that contain blogs, magazines, or newspapers. It provides all the essential features and very good performance for creating a great Website with a great look and feel & UX.

Design your blog’s webpage to be attractive and stylish to draw in readers and keep them engaged. NextPage operates flawlessly with all browsers, is cross-browser compatible, is 100% responsive, and runs well on all devices.



11. Ionize


Introduce the Ionize is an HTML5 Bootstrap 4 blog template created to fit into the Lifestyle, Fashion, and Photography niche, and it is free. Health has a first, sensible, and interesting look. It is equally worth noting that it is also fully responsive and compatible with every existing browser version. In summary, the novelties of Ionize are that any blogger may launch their blogging website with the help of this tool.

Moreover, it comes with several advanced and innovative features, such as Google Maps, sticky sidebar navigation, modal view video, hover, load on scroll, and so on. Ionize contains all the natural and essential tools and resources to establish a blog.



12. Clickaholic


One of the many online personal travel blogs that can be accessed for free is Clickaholic. Here, it uses the multiple-page layout, which is responsive and well-adopted, and it has the simplest and most elegant look. As with many ‘click-here-and-get-the-change-now’ services; Clickaholic is very simple to use and offers effective methods for changing the font and color preferences as well as content.

Recognize that this is a free HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 theme for a personal travel blog. Further, for your travelling photos, Clickaholic has an amazing slider for trip photos that can slide in the slider bar on the header section.



13. Yummy


Yummy is a Free Bootstrap 4 HTML 5 Food Blog Template that you can easily use for blogs, food articles, cooking tricks, magazines, and recipes.

More modern features offered by Yummy include; based on all these features; one is assured of a fully functional blog site. Secondly, it has a nice, smooth curvature, and they knead the body with a little ornate design, which gives this machine a nice, humble, and sleek look. Yummy is coded for all the main browsers and is truly responsive.



14. Blogr


This Blogr blog website template is useful for anyone interested in publishing blogs about educational facilities such as kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, universities, and other institutions. To spice up your articles, creating material that your audience will appreciate is just around the corner through this template.

This aspect enables users to present further information concerning various educational institutions as comprehensively as possible. Present your findings and ideas to the educational community employing this template with essential adjustments.




In general, the choice of the Best Free Blog HTML Website Templates available has been depicted to encompass a wide range of what bloggers can obtain in 2024. Indeed, when it comes to enhancing one’s blog; bloggers are presented with a large number of opportunities which range from simple HTML layouts to more complex and advanced ones. These are the blog templates that any blogger with any level of experience can use to create a better-looking blog. Just a reminder to build a good website as you start blogging because; in the process of sharing information, it’s crucial to attract your audience to your brand. These are templates, enrich them with what you are going to blog and set off as a blogger; Here’s to crafting weblog-ey wonders to attract and best your audience.

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