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How To Add Google AdSense To Your WordPress Website?

in Detailed Guide on September 30, 2022

Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss how to add Google AdSense to your WordPress website. So keep reading.

If you have just started your website and you have been into the eCommerce business, then you might have heard about Google AdSense. You might also have heard that you can also make money with Google AdSense. But do you know if it is possible to add Google AdSense to your website or not? Well, you can always add Google AdSense to your WordPress website, but the question that arises is how can you add it.

Let’s talk about how you can add Google AdSense to your WordPress website, but before that, you must also know what Google AdSense is.

Google AdSense

Have you seen the advertisement on Google, and do you ever wonder how these advertisements arise on the website that you are browsing? Well, the simple answer to that is the Google AdSense advertising network. It is a complete network of advertisements that Google basically runs, and it allows and provides the opportunity for the website owners to have these ads on their website. When the website shows these ads, it earns money.

However, you must also wonder why the advertisement has arisen on the website and its relevance to your concern. This is another AI tactic used by Google AdSense to provide relevant content and advertisement on the website you are browsing. You will come across advertisements that you might be interested in, and you might also click on them. Well, that is called cost per click. The more clicks are there on the advertisement, the more money the website owner will be getting. It is a good way to start earning from your website. But how will you get started with Google AdSense?

How To Add Google AdSense To Your WordPress Website?

How To Get Started?

If you are wondering how to get started with Google AdSense value will have to set up an account. Initially, you will need to have a Gmail account that you can use for the signup. Initially, submit your application to the Google AdSense team, and it will review it. However, you will require to have some content on your website before you apply. Once the Google AdSense team has reviewed your application, it can further be approved or rejected. If it is approved, you can go for the Google ads. Initially, the manual advertisements were done; however, now Google has announced the sum of the automatic Google AdSense advertisement. You just need to copy and paste the code, and Google will automatically show the advertisement on your website.

Place The Google AdSense Ad Codes.

Initially, you need to create a new ad, and you just need to work on Google AdSense ad code. You will find the display ad in the section of the ADS overview. You can then go further with the instruction and copy the code on the amp pages. The simple navigation process can help you with choosing the placement of the ad.

Sometimes it might be difficult to choose the placement, and you have little to no control over the advertisement placement. You can find the easy navigation step by step on the AdSense page, where you are copy-pasting the code. It will provide you with the best idea regarding the placement and also the size of the advertisement.

Once you learn and understand how to copy-paste the code and get it to integrate it on the WordPress website, you will start showing the ads, and you will be getting and earning revenue as soon as the traffic to the website increases.

Some Other Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is The Basic And Common Size Of The WordPress Advertisement?

Usually, the size of the advertisement can be 336 X 280 pixels. Some of the advertisements are also available in 300 x 250 advertisement pixels. However, you might not have a lot of control over the sizing to choose the best sizing. Integration of them into your website is done automatically.

Will You Be Getting Money For Clicking On Your Own Google AdSense Ad?

Well, you might be getting money for clicking on your own, but you will not be having the website for a long time because the Google algorithm can detect such discrepancies very easily. So what you can do is put relevant content on your website that is search engine optimized so that people are coming to your website and clicking on the advertisements that you earn money and do not get banned from using your website. If you are doing any kind of discrepancy, you will end up with a band from the Google AdSense program, which you do not want.

What Do You Mean By RPM When You Are Using Google AdSense?

Well, the common and the most basic idea behind using Google AdSense is to earn revenue. And when you are trying to research the revenue process, you will come across the RPM term. The RPM basically means revenue per Mile. And it easily translates into revenue after every thousand Impressions. Usually, the percentage is determined by Google AdSense, and it is then multiplied by the number of clicks and page views.

Can You Integrate Google AdSense On blogger Or YouTube?

Well, yes, you can always use blogger or YouTube to integrate AdSense. It can be used to integrate on many other websites as well. If you can monetize your YouTube channel or blogger website, then you can definitely earn from this program. However, it is important to have relevant content on any of the websites or platforms you want to monetize. If there is no content initially, your application will not be approved, and later on, in the long term, you will not be earning any money, which tells the idea of the program.

The integration of Google AdSense on the website is not very difficult. You just need to have relevant content on your website that is plagiarism-free. Once Google AdSense has approved your application, you can easily integrate the advertisement on your WordPress website. Till you must have content that is search engine optimized to get the maximum traffic on your website and a good amount of clicks as well. Also, you can check 3 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

So that’s all from this blog. I hope you like this article on how you can add Google AdSense to your WordPress website.

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