How To Write A Good Blog Post

How To Write A Good Blog Post | Easy And Effective Tips

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Hey guys, are you struggling to write your first blog post? And if you Don’t know how to write a good blog post then don’t worry about it. Because In this article, I will tell you how to write a good blog post in 10 steps that people actually want to read. Also, I will show you some amazing points to create a blog post that will rank on top and bring more traffic to your website. So let’s started!

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

One of the first questions of a new blogger is “What makes a good blog post?”

So, I am sharing our answer here.

There are a lot of aspects that contribute together to make your blog post impressive and attractive.

Well, suppose you prepare an article that’s very well-researched and beautifully written and comprises all the data your readers are looking for. But if your paragraphs are too lengthy and it’s difficult to read. Also, you forgot to attach images or other media content in your article. So due to all these, there are very few chances that your readers like your post. People are more probably to go “back” than to stay and read the entire article.

Whenever you are writing a good blog you have to consider…

  • How easy is it to read and understand?
  • And, how well does it answer your reader’s questions?
  • How will it keep attracting more traffic?
  • And, how visually engaging is the post?

To help you in creating an amazing article, I’ll show you the 10 best tips that you can easily use to make an amazing article for your site.

So get ready:

Without wasting more time, let’s start with our best points:

Table of Contents:

1. Choose A Good Topic And Understand Your Audience

2. Do Your Own Research

3. Take Notes And Start An Outline

4. Write A Draft

5. Use Images For Visual Engagement

6. Add A Featured Image

7.  Optimizing A Blog Post

8.  Make Your Blog Scannable

9. Hitch Your Readers With A Strong Opening

10. Blog Post Timing

1. Choose A Good Topic And Understand Your Audience:

How To Write A Good Blog Post: Choose A Good TopicWhenever you are writing a blog post the first and most important step is to pick a good topic according to your follower’s needs.

A good topic will not only attract your viewers but give you the potential to provide a great piece of content that your viewers will love.

All you need to identify your follower’s needs, what they actually want to know, and read about, So that your post will continue trading after it’s published.

Select the topics with the most potential and popularity.

2. Do Your Own Research:

ResearchYou’ve got a topic. Awesome! Now, decide what’s important, and narrow things down which make your blog post interesting and more attractive.

Particularly, extract every topic and tap it into your library’s list and database search engine.

Now you found out where to search, type in your topic. I like to use library lists, novels, books, and a search on Google Scholar.

Also, you can use some common tools include the following:

  • Stats and data from reliable sources
  • Finding popular articles on a similar topic
  • Quotes from authoritative websites

You can easily find all these three tools via Google.

It is not necessary to be an expert on the topic, but all you have to do is your own research to make sure you’re adding value to it.

3. Take Notes And Start An Outline method

Whenever you do your research carry a notepad handy where you can note down the key points and outline your topic.

I like using Google docs because, unlike using a notepad, I don’t fear losing it.

To begin something, put your thoughts and fix them into some form of structure.

Understand this outline as the foundation of your blog post.

Coordinate the major topics you want to enclose and look into by filling in the sub-topics for every section. Give each and every section a name.

4. Write A Draft

Write A DraftNow you got the outline, you are ready to write your first blog post. I generally like writing it straight from the WordPress dashboard. If I don’t have to copy and paste it from somewhere else later then it will take less effort and less time.

Once your content is written, look it over and fix all inaccuracy. For instance, if by mistake anything which is not in the right position then you have to reorder them accordingly.

Also as you go along be sure to fix issues like grammatical error and unfit sentence development. An immediate way to solve this is to use the Grammar-Checker tool, which allows you to check your spelling, writing for a mistake.

5. Use More Effective Images For Visual Engagement

Visual Engagement

To make your blog post more effective use images. Everyone likes articles that are humorous, attractive, a good laugh, and with well-chosen images which light up the emphasis of your posts and put some much-needed humour into an article.

Believe me, no one wants to see such boring blogs in which readers don’t find any flashy stuff which is not scrumptious.

Images make things easy to understand. Things that you can’t explain in words can be done with just an image or a screenshot.

6. Add An Attractive Featured Image

Featured ImageFeatured images help you make your blog pages look more interesting.

Your readers don’t want to waste even 5 seconds to decide whether or not to open your post. You should plan if you want to get a positive response from the readers.

They also help you to get traffic on your page and build user compact. Every social media website, Search engines also use these images to display them in search results and social media news feed.

An attractive featured image is the best way to get more shares, clicks, and engagement to your blog.

7. Optimizing A Blog Post For SEO

SEOIf you think you are a good writer who knows how to write a good blog post but it doesn’t get any engagement with readers, it means you’re missing something in your blog!

To get traffic on your Blog Post, SEO is important because it helps you get more traffic to your website with consistency. There are many tips you can do to rectify your blog posts for SEO.

To have a lot of readers on your blog, you need to rank your SEO.

You need to add a keyword that is kind of sharpen, do the addition of a title with the keywords in it, and also add an SEO title and narration. Also, you can check 5 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Content.

Your article needs to have more than 300 words. Although, I would suggest you carry your word to at least 1000 words.

8. Make Your Blog Scannable

People usually don’t read blog posts word-for-word. Rather than, they scan your blog for the data they’re looking for.

Let me introduce you few ways to make your blog posts more readable:

  • Use Great Headings and Subheadings.
  • Use Bulleted or Numbered lists.
  • Keep Sentences Short and Paragraphs Shorter.
  • Select Simple Words
  • Break out quotes and important information
  • Use Blockquotes
  • Use images early and often

9. Hitch Your Readers With A Strong Opening

We all know a famous idiom “The first impression is the last impression”. Here this idiom best fits.

First impressions are a deciding factor for any readers. Whether or not your readers want to evolve into the world of your narrative.

If you can connect your readers with a great opening acknowledge half your work to be done. Because if you’re starting an introduction which is not boring then, people wouldn’t upset to read the rest.

The right way to write an introduction is to raise a question addressing the reader’s problem. Then you can open up with them how reading your post can help them manage it.

10. Blog Post Right Timing

Blog Post Right TimingNow you’re ready to publish your article!

The closing step is to read out your post to yourself. This helps you diagnose errors and lets you improve them before you tap the publish button. Do a keen read-over for grammar, spelling, and formatting but don’t waste much time.

Recognize your audience and their content expenditure habits before you go for your publishing schedule.

Hit publish at a peak time. For me, the best time to publish a blog post is early morning between 7 AM to 1 PM EST on weekdays.

The peak time is between 9 AM to 10 AM, which shows when you can schedule or publish your posts.

Now we can say how to write a good blog post easily! Wasn’t too difficult, was it? Just follow these energetic steps and see how you can be skilled in the art of writing the best blog post in such a shorter time.

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