What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

in Hosting on April 9, 2020

What is managed WordPress hosting? When you speak of managed WordPress hosting, it is basically a type of WordPress-specific hosting with several convenient features so that it will be easier to speed up, secure, and manage your WordPress website.

Managed hosting is not so much a kind of plan as this is the description of the type of server you will receive. Although majority of the hosting plans leave most of the job up to you, managed WordPress hosting takes some of the responsibility off your shoulders when it comes to keeping your website up and running. It makes it a great choice for most site owners.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting? – A Brief Explanation

Managed WordPress hosting is one form of website hosting solution optimized and tailor-made particularly for supporting WordPress users and websites. With managed WordPress hosting, it is like you have your own team of WordPress hosting experts that work on your site. This frees you from the burden and costs of managing the in-house hosting of your website.

Managed WordPress hosting is a separate option from other hosting solutions due to the unique needs of WordPress sites. WordPress websites have various server resource footprints compared to others, with unique security concerns. To support them properly, WordPress expertise is a must.

Simply put, this is the kind of hosting made from the ground up to specifically serve WordPress.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

The number one advantage of managed WordPress hosting is the fact that this is a kind of option that is more hands-off. For example, Cloudways offers managed solutions perfect for those who are looking for cloud-based WordPress hosting but prefer the white-glove treatment afforded by a managed service. Features such as automatic CMS updates and daily backups can offer reassurance for those less familiar with website maintenance. This also has a lesser need for technical know-how. The provider of the hosting service is going to help you in maintaining your site in tiptop shape. This will then allow you to focus your full attention and time on content creation, business promotion, as well as other critical tasks that you alone can do.

Since there is no set criteria when it comes to how a managed hosting plan must look like, what you will get can differ from one provider to the next. But, most managed WordPress hosting options can do the following:

  • Handle and take care of updates on your behalf and develop frequent backups of your website for safekeeping.
  • Deal with performance optimization for your site to run fast all the time.
  • Scan your website for any security threat and react right away to deal with any problems that might arise.
  • Configure the server to cater to your needs if you are on a dedicated  or VPS plan.
  • Provide a lot of options for support to answer any questions you might have.
  • Offer staging websites that can help you test updates and changes in a safe way.

Don’t forget that this is all about managed WordPress hosting. It means that your chosen hosting provider is also familiar with the WordPress platform from top to bottom, inside out. It is a hosting solution that can prove to be very valuable, particularly when you are still getting started with WordPress and you have limited idea on how to optimize your website.


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