Paraphrasing Modes | Exploring 6 Paraphrasing Modes to Choose the Best for Writers

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Are you looking for a reliable paraphrasing tool? Check out and discover its different paraphrasing modes. This review covers everything you need to know.

You may have used many paraphrasing tools, which can help recreate old articles and give them a new look. is an amazing choice for writers that they can use to give an appealing look to their article and keep the readers engaged for a long time.

Users love this AI online paraphrase tool because of its simple interface, which means they don’t have to struggle a lot while paraphrasing the text here.

Furthermore, this online tool ensures that the real meanings of the lines are preserved while it paraphrases sentences and gives them a new look. One of the best features of this AI paraphrasing tool is that it comes with multiple modes that help redefine the text in multiple ways.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss the paraphrasing modes of this AI tool in detail and tell you which mode is perfect for content writers.

Paraphrasing Modes of

Here comes the phase where we will talk about all the modes of paraphrasing in detail and tell you which is perfect for polishing the text quality.

Let’s have a look at each of these modes.



Looking to bring creativity to your work and give a unique look to the content that can grab the attention of the readers?

Creative mode is for you because you can make changes to the content and give it a creative touch.

With the help of this paraphrasing mode, you will experience uniqueness in the structure of the content without any disturbance to the actual meaning of the content.

Other than that, the tone of the lines will be changed and will be presented in a new style that will look more appealing.



Publishing plagiarized articles on your website may reduce the worth of your content, and readers may start losing interest.

Anti-plagiarism mode can come in handy here as it will help you eliminate plagiarized content from the lines and give it a unique look.

This online tool will replace the words with their synonyms and make the lines unique from the actual content.

So, you can have a new version of the text on your screen that will be free of duplication.



Text fluency is an important element to consider in order to enhance the engagement factor and make the text more appealing to readers.

This mode allows you to make changes to your content quickly and make it easy for the audience to read.

This AI paraphrasing tool will go through each line and remove the text that is disturbing the content.


This online paraphrasing tool has added a formal mode to give the routine-up text a formal look so everyone can understand the lines easily.

If you have used slang or informal words in the article and want to make it natural, formal paraphrasing mode is for you.


Here is another mode of paraphrasing offered by this online paraphrase tool, which can assist students in polishing the quality of their assignments and giving them a unique look.

This AI paraphraser can make changes in essays or assignments and give them a formal touch, which is popular in colleges and universities for assignment writing.


Bloggers can use this paraphrasing mood to enhance the quality of the text and make their content more appealing.

This paraphrasing mode ensures the fluency of the text as well as the frequency of the keywords.

In addition, you can lock the main keywords in this online tool and modify the text completely without changing the keywords.

Which Paraphrasing Mode Is Perfect for Writers?

So far, we have talked about all the paraphrasing modes that you will get in this paraphrasing tool and making the lines more appealing to read.

Most of the modes introduced by this online tool are perfect for the writers and can allow them to enhance the quality of the content.

If we talk about the SEO paraphrasing mode, is an all-in-one paraphrasing mode that will not only increase the fluency of the text but also make sure to maintain the keyword density and keep the new lines free of plagiarism.

That means you can get a better version of the text on your screen using SEO mode, which will make the text more engaging and improve the credibility of your site.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the SEO mode in this paraphrasing tool is the perfect option for writers who want to polish the content quality.

Other Top Features of Paraphrase Tool

Just like the multi-paraphrasing mode feature, you will also get a lot of other benefits in this online paraphrasing tool and here we are going to discuss these features briefly.

Quick paraphrasing

This AI paraphrasing tool works blazing fast, as you don’t have to wait long to get the new version of the text.

When you paste the content into this online paraphrasing tool, it makes modifications to the text in just a few seconds and provides the paraphrased article quickly.

Machine Learning

This AI paraphrasing tool uses advanced machine learning technology to help it understand the meanings of the content and make changes in the lines as needed.

Freemium paraphraser

One of the best features of this online tool is that its features are free and paid.

Three of the paraphrasing modes (fluency, anti-plagiarism, and creative) are free, and you can rewrite the text here without any cost.

However, other modes (SEO, formal, and academic) are not free, and you have to purchase them for recreating the content.

Human-like paraphrasing

The text paraphrased in this online tool looks just like a human wrote it.

The reason is that it avoids using difficult terms in the content and ensures that the new text is easy to read.

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