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Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

in Hosting on April 17, 2020

The domain for your website isn’t something that you just choose haphazardly. It needs a lengthy and careful process with lots of thoughts and considerations. Your domain must be a representation of your future goals and your views. It must be something easy to understand without causing confusions and inciting ridicule.

Follow the tips below on how to choose a perfect domain for your website that will help you thrive, grow, and succeed:

Use Keywords Only When Possible

It might be ideal to fit the keywords of your website into the domain but this is not necessary. If you find this difficult, that is also perfectly fine. Never settle for a specific word and add it to your domain just because you find it catchy or you like to use it as keyword. Your domain must be geared towards your site visitors as well as the message of your brand that you want to communicate.

Stay Away from Hyphens and Numbers

Your domain must only be a single word or a handful of words that will make sense once put together. It can be very tricky to verbally communicate your domain name when it contains a number, hyphen, and space. The recommended practice is to just stick with the letters of the alphabet and leave out symbols and numbers even when you are tempted to include them.

K.I.S.S It

As stated earlier, your domain name must only have one or several words maximum. Trying to use the long name of your business as your domain will never work. There is a tendency for visitors to mistype or misspell long domain names. You would prefer your domain to be memorable and easy, with a name or phrase that can pop up right away in people’s minds in a matter of seconds and will be easy to type in a browser. Keeping it short and sweet is how you do it, folks!

Showcase Your Brand

Your domain must speak for itself. It should be an identification of your brand and whatever it is done in concise and simple way. The last thing you want is for people to go online, feeling confused because of your domain and trying to figure it out. When your visitors feel confused right from the get-go, there is very little chance for them to click through your site or even purchase your product or service. Once you determine who you are and what type of message you wish to communicate, you want to ensure you have a broad enough term that will stay relevant even after 5 years from now.

Be One of a Kind

The last thing you want is for your domain name to be the same with that of your competition or someone else. Research is an essential step in learning how to choose a perfect domain for your website. This way, you can be sure that the domain you choose is not extremely close or the same to someone else’s.

Remember that this process isn’t something you should do in just 5 minutes without any revision. Pay close attention to your domain as this will have a significant impact for as long as your business exists.


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