SaaS vs Custom Development

SaaS vs. Custom Development: Which one is better?

in Technology on April 26, 2023

Selecting Software for a business is one of the initial and most crucial steps. When an organization selects Software for its business, it does so with a preconceived notion that the Software will help streamline its work and increase the team’s productivity. Therefore, one should make a timely decision when choosing Software (SaaS vs. Custom Development).

Although there are multiple Software for web and app development, this blog focuses on two widely used options- SaaS vs Custom development software solutions. In this blog, we will carry out a detailed comparison between SaaS vs Custom development to help you choose one that suits your requirements the best.

Let us begin by introducing SaaS and Custom development Software and then discuss them in detail.

What is SaaS or Software-as-a-service?

Software-as-a-service is cloud-based Software used by businesses of all sizes. With this Software, you can access the data from any device with the help of a web browser and internet connection. Under SaaS software, the vendor is in charge of maintaining databases, upgrading the code, data security, and adding exciting new features.

What makes SaaS different from other traditional Software is that it doesn’t need any extensive hardware, which allows the buyers to outsource several IT tasks. Its popularity has grown so much over the years that according to a 2023 report, the SaaS space is worth over $195 billion. When it comes to payment, the SaaS model requires payment through a subscription rather than an upfront fee.

What is Custom software?

A specific organization exclusively develops custom Software for itself. The development team designs custom software while considering the specific needs of the business. Using custom development benefits a business in many ways. It contributes to greater productivity, scalability, long-term savings, and greater quality of services.

Large companies often prefer to build their Software from scratch and have personalized business needs. These companies find custom Software more suitable as they can customize all the features to meet their unique requirements.

Custom software

Moving ahead, let’s talk about the pros and cons of SaaS and custom Software next.

Pros of SaaS solution-

  • It is subscription-based, so there are low initial costs
  • Since the SaaS solution is already deployed in the cloud; you will need a minor configuration
  • In SaaS, hardware and software updates are the provider’s responsibility
  • SaaS is more flexible and enables changing plans

Cons of SaaS solution-

  • Customization is minimal in SaaS.
  • As SaaS runs on a subscription model, costs might add up in the long run
  • The number of reports is limited in SaaS
  • Might face some difficulty with regular compliance
  • Insufficient data security

Pros of a custom software solution-

  • 100% customizable as per the business’s requirements
  • You will have full control of the Software
  • The company owns the data.
  • Custom software integrates with third-party software with much ease
  • Custom software has better reporting and analytics

Cons of a custom software solution-

  • Takes a long time to develop
  • Initial investment time is high
  • Prone to security risks and bugs
  • Greater dependence on the developers

Now, let’s compare SaaS vs. custom software solutions on the basis of some factors.


Security is one of the most crucial factors to watch out for when choosing Software for web or app development. Therefore, it’s a must to talk about the security of both solutions. Custom development provides a high level of security and privacy. With custom software solutions, the safety of any system is at the maximum level.

On the contrary, if we talk about the SaaS model, publishers aren’t responsible for ensuring data security. Instead, it’s the business’s responsibility to ensure that there are appropriate security measures and protocols.

Verdict- in terms of security, cloud solutions have much more to offer than SaaS solutions.


Price is yet another important factor to evaluate while choosing between SaaS and custom solutions. Custom Software can cost much more than SaaS software. This is because custom Software takes care of a business’s unique needs and requirements, and therefore, the costs increase.

Some businesses argue that although the initial cost of custom development is higher, custom software saves money in the long run by offering several functionalities that contribute to faster business growth.

Verdict- although custom development costs more than SaaS, its long-term benefits, functionality, and custom development capabilities make it worth the price in the long run.


Learning new Software can be tough, and training can come in handy in such times. Having some level of training can be highly valuable to ensure that the Software is being used properly. Saas software is equipped with online training tools that allow businesses to learn on their own. Because of its more general nature, this design may not address the employees’ unique software-related queries.

Custom Software, on the other hand, comes with organization-specific training, which is more in-depth than generic training.

Verdict—Both SaaS and custom software offer staff training; however, custom software training is more detailed and targeted than SaaS training.


Undoubtedly, the main attraction of custom Software is that it fulfils all a business’s unique requirements. SaaS development cannot match the amount of customization offered by custom software development. Consider the amount of customization required before deciding between SaaS and custom software.

SaaS, on the other hand, is not a suitable option if the business requires customized solutions for its web development.

Verdict- when it comes to customization, custom software enables businesses to add any new features the company desires easily. Thus, custom software takes over SaaS in terms of customization.


The choice of Software depends on a business’s individual needs and requirements, and therefore, different businesses choose different software and development frameworks. SaaS solutions may be the right choice for small and newly established businesses that require basic and simple features. However, if your business requires more customized solutions, custom Software is the key to consistent growth.

Suppose you have decided on the Software for your business. In that case, you can either get in touch with a SaaS development company or a Custom software development company and begin your development in full swing. However, if you are still trying to decide between SaaS and custom software, you can speak to an experienced software development company. Professionals can guide you better about SaaS vs Custom development after evaluating your business needs. Contact an expert now to start your development journey.

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