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Explore Some of the Amazing Benefits of Getting an SEO Audit Done & Top SEO Audit Tools that Could Make a Real Difference to Your Business

in SEO on August 18, 2020

All businesses today think that it is a good idea to invest in social media and digital marketing extensively for boosting their overall online brand exposure and selling products online. Numerous organizations are recruiting marketing teams of their own and some of them are hiring the expert services of SEO agencies, SEO freelancers, and SEO consultants for promoting their brands and boosting their overall online brand presence. SEO audit tools are supposed to be a time-consuming and meticulous process that entails analyzing every page of your website with the support or help of numerous technical tools.

As per Searchenginejournal, while an SEO consultant audits a website for his client; his primary objective is adding value to his client with his site recommendations and suggestions for both long-term and short-term perspectives. SEO audits are usually divided into three distinct parts and could be presented using Google Slides. The three SEO audit tools types include:

  • Technical Audit that entails identifying and addressing crawl errors, hosting indexing, etc.
  • Content Audit that entails keyword research, Metadata, content maps, and competitor analysis, etc.
  • Links Audit involves backlink profile analysis, effective growth strategies, etc.

Top SEO Audit Benefits

SEO audit of your website should help you in developing a robust website and marketing stratagem. An SEO professional would be devoting time for not only fine-tuning your website but also, addressing any existing issues for improving its overall performance. SEO audit tools for your website could be best performed with the professional assistance of a trustworthy SEO company.

Enhanced Organic Search Visibility

For boosting your SERP rankings. It is of pivotal importance to a clear understanding of precisely what you wish to rank for. A fantastic organic search ranking begins with a robust keyword stratagem. Once you know your competition and your market well it would prove to be helpful in developing an on-page SEO code specifically for your business site.

Google and other such search engines would be figuring out what rankings your website achieves based on the website content and on-page optimization. Remember a website audit would involve a thorough keyword discovery and comprehensive research that is usually integrated seamlessly into your off-site web advertising and on-page SEO. You could hire our search engine firm for prompt and superlative SEO solutions.

More Powerful Content

A technical audit of a website would be looking at crucial things like page views, bounce rates, time spent on site, and even more. These are the core areas that should be improved for an enhanced search engine indexing. People and search engines would be visiting your website simply because of your content quality.

Once you undertake content auditing, you would get a clearer picture of the kinds of content your audience love and what do they prefer? Pictures, words, or videos? Thanks to an audit, you could chalk out a robust content stratagem for both your website and blog. All your customers or prospective customers who visit your website would be having access to useful and highly-engaging content and this should be culminating in much higher organic rankings in terms of the search engines.

Boost in Conversion Rates

For all businesses, it is of critical importance to boost conversation rates. A comprehensive website audit would be examining meticulously your site’s top landing pages including their design, content, and even CTA for ensuring that they get maximum conversions. Obviously, this is a difficult process and could take several months for figuring out precisely what really would work for your site. You must, however, keep in mind that thanks to strategic planning testing, and analysis, SEO audit tools for specifically your website could be boosting your ROI.

This is not an easy process and it can take months to figure out what actually works for your website. However, with strategic planning, analysis, and testing, SEO audit tools for your website will increase your ROI.

Much Better Search Engine Optimization

In recent times, we have witnessed a radical change in search engine optimization. Google, for instance, comes up with at least 500 modifications on its algorithms annually. This implies that whatever seems to be effective today, may not be working next month. Good SEO must focus on providing the best UX or user experience first and thereafter, the search engines.

Thanks to a website audit, a meticulous assessment of your SEO would be performed. And professionals would be figuring out precisely how it impacts your user experience. SEO experts would be coming up with effective stratagems that should keep both the search engines and your users satisfied and happy.

Uncover Potential Revenue Sources

Websites using the same keywords with you could be potential affiliates or prospective influencers that could be partnering with you. By assessing your online business’s citations, you could discover certain websites that boast of bloggers and rich proven leads. Thanks to a proper website audit, you could expose rewarding opportunities that would raise your brand’s profile.

Top SEO Audit Tools

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an effective crawling tool and predominantly a desktop program used for web site-wide analysis. Thanks to this amazing auditing tool. You are able to examine diverse parameters like outbound links, site links, Meta descriptions, broken links, anchor text, ALT tags, response time, and more. This tool would be crawling as many as 500 URLs completely free.


Woorank is a fabulous auditing tool to analyze websites. This tool has proved to be incredibly useful to SEO agencies, website owners, and even digital marketing companies. Woorank is known for providing a detailed and meticulous analysis of Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, backlinks, broken links, and identification of defective web pages. Woorank further helps by giving recommendations for improving the ranking and visibility of the site. It offers both paid and free versions and audit reports could be downloaded in PDF format. The reports generated by Woorank are easy to comprehend. And SEO experts could fix the issues associated with the website quite easily.

Ultra Tools Blacklist Checker

This tool helps in examining if your website is by any chance present on any blacklists. We know that if you are blacklisted, it would indicate that your website could have been compromised. It could be having a negative effect on your emails’ deliverability. That should be adversely impacting your link building outreach and email marketing. Suppose upon examination, you find that your website is not compromised anymore yet it is still blacklisted. You could take up the issue and get your site removed from the blacklist.


It is a wise idea to get routine audits of your website done at least, thrice every year. You could establish impressive website traffic organically, boost visibility, and keep gaining momentum. Your consistency should keep you firmly placed on the road to success despite algorithm updates, new competitors, and even shifting industry trends.

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