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What is Shared Web Hosting?

in Hosting on April 11, 2020

What is shared web hosting? Shared web hosting is the most affordable solution for website hosting. When you speak of shared web hosting plans, these are web servers partitioned into several accounts in which customers can manage their databases, websites, and emails separately. Yet, they share the resources of one server and all the involved costs.

What is Shared Web Hosting? – A Quick Definition

Shared web hosting is the leading choice for beginners and for people who are just getting started with their first-ever website. This is simply because shared web hosting is a budget-friendly solution. It works well as long as you choose the right hosting provider.

With shared web hosting, several sites are stored on one server connected to the Internet. Customers or users share the costs of the server’s maintenance and upkeep, making it an economical option.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

While shared web hosting is not free from flaws, just like anything else, it still has a long list of benefits to offer to users. Other hosting solutions might be better out there. However, only some of them come at such a low price that they are affordable for anyone who wants to launch their first-ever website. Take a look at the following advantages of using shared web hosting that make it the top favorite solution for beginners:

  • Economical

The first and most enticing benefit of shared web hosting is none other than its cheap price. The extremely affordable cost of shared web hosting is its number one advantage. In fact, you can get a shared web hosting plan for as low as $2 up to $5 so that you can enjoy all the perks it has to offer. It will give you sufficient storage space available for your use.

  • Efficient

A shared web hosting provider will give you all the essential resources you need to run your online website or business. Your initial requirements for storage space and bandwidth will be taken care of properly. Your site will also have the necessary resources so that it can run fast and smoothly. Once again, this will largely depend on your chosen hosting provider since not all of them can provide the kind of speed you want and expect.

  • Convenient

If you need more resources, you have the freedom to upgrade to a higher plan that makes things more convenient. You can also manage resources, scripts, installations, applications, and more using a convenient control panel provided by your host. The control panel will visually display all that you need so you can have a better understanding of what you are doing. You can also install content management systems in just one click.

The provider will also take care of the server’s maintenance and administration, so you need not worry about anything other than running your site. You can also count on the group of expert professionals who will look after the servers.

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