Sublime Text vs Visual Studio Code

Sublime Text vs Visual Studio Code: Which Text Editor Is Better?

in Technology on January 13, 2021

If you’ve dabbled with a number of text editors, you’ll probably agree that Sublime Text and Visual Studio are two of the best out there. But while both editors have something awesome to put on the table, it’s interesting to know which of them lets you create your best work. In this article from White Peak Digital, we will compare what these sublime text vs visual studio code text editors have to offer so you can decide which of them suits your needs best.

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Sublime Text

When you open this text editor for the first time, you get a stripped-back text editor with no sidebar, no search options, and no option to take you to the extension sidebar! But that’s an advantage because its focused layout lets you concentrate more on coding. Compared to Visual Studio Code, this editor opens more quickly and offers quite a perfect starting point, although you may find some of its other features quite difficult to find.

Let’s walk through the key features of this text editor…

Package Control

This feature is like the Visual Studio’s extension marketplace, although you can’t have it out-of-the-box. If you are new to programming, Sublime Text will be of great help to you since it comes with a lot of packages available for beginners. Whether you need help with your Python completions or need to write HTML and CSS faster, you’ll definitely find a plugin that’s perfect for your needs!

Command Palette

If you’re working on a project and need to add a new folder, you can easily navigate your way to the command much quicker than having to go searching through menus for it through the command palette. This feature lets you access pretty much anything! Even if you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, it can autofill for you by suggesting some options.

Go to Functionality

Unlike Visual Studio’s Go functionality, Sublime Text’s Go feature is much more fully featured and lets you find symbols within a file more easily.


You don’t want to be spending hours searching for what you need across all your files when working on a project. Don’t worry because that won’t happen when you use Sublime Text. The Projects feature of this text editor lets you organize your folders and files within the editor itself, which means that all your files and folders are saved in one location and quickly accessible from the sidebar as soon as you open the project.

Visual Studio

If there’s one thing you’ll instantly love about Visual Studio, it’s the fact that you don’t need a license fee to use it. This software is Microsoft’s free text editor and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s no good. In fact, despite being a new text editor, Visual Studio has rapidly grown in popularity due to its amazing features, simple layout, and ease of use.

Let’s see what it has on the table.


Nobody wants to spend ages staring at lines of code, trying to break it, and then fixing it again. Luckily, Visual Studio Code comes with a debugging functionality to help detect errors before your eyes even start to go blurry. To debug your code, all you need to do is either press F5 or go to its Debug menu. This text editor also automatically detects issues in your code and takes you directly there so you can easily address them!


If you want to discover how to do something while working on a project, the first thing you’ll probably do is Google it. Helpful enough, but you don’t need that when working with Visual Studio. That’s because this editor has a built-in feature called Intellisense, which is an effective alternative to Google. This feature automatically analyzes the semantics of what you’re inputting so it can provide suggestions on how to finish what you’re writing. And it’s available in all of the most common programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript!


There remains a lot of debate as to the best text editor out there. While Sublime Text is quick and easy to write code and navigate your way around, Visual Studio offers more hand-holding and is an awesome option for its debugging functionality. But while both text editors have strengths you can’t find in the other, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to web design tools, so the best option is always the one that has the features you need for your project.

Download and try Sublime Text and Visual Studio and see which of them you get on with best. Or, click here for more digital marketing advice.

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