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Tech Essentials For Your Office

in Technology on July 19, 2021

When setting up your new business and the office that goes with it, you have probably spent hours considering your business plan and hiring staff with the necessary skillsets and experience levels to help you achieve this, but what about the technology that will support your day-to-day work? Technologies and software are essential additions to any modern office. However, with so many available on the market, often at a high price point, how can you be sure that you choose the most useful technology to invest in? To help you out, here are some Tech Essentials for your office.

Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is hugely important for protecting your network and precious company data from infiltration by cybercriminals. Hackers, phishing scammers, and others. Cybercriminals are only becoming stronger and more nefarious in their attempts to access sensitive online data. Fortunately, the best anti-virus software will provide your network with watertight protection. As well as additional features that will keep you safe from scams. Look for anti-virus software available on a business subscription basis. This will protect your entire network, including personal devices for staff working from home, and provide tailored security for a business setting.


VPN service

If it is common practice in your business for staff to work remotely, they may not benefit from the vigorous anti-virus software provided in your office. Furthermore, if they are accessing unsecured public wi-fi networks in order to do work, such as in a coffee shop or a train station. They put themselves and the network at high risk of infiltration by cybercriminals. A VPN service (standing for ‘virtual private network’) is Tech Essentials for remote working and is available as monthly subscriptions for highly reasonable prices. They encrypt your web traffic in a tunnel and replace your IP address, making your online activity invisible to cybercriminals, and therefore safe to access public wi-fi networks. It is one of the must Tech Essentials.

IT support services

All too often, computers and laptops can run into problems – perhaps an update has not been installed correctly. It is causing your computer to run particularly slowly, or certain files have become corrupted. If you are not a computer expert, dealing with such problems can be time-consuming and stressful. Everyone knows the frustration of losing an entire day’s working time to tech issues. However, what can you do if your company is not large enough to warrant an in-house IT department? Outsourcing your IT services to a trusted and experienced provider will give you the peace of mind that your systems will continue to run smoothly, and your bespoke service will be carried out by a team of skilled developers and IT support staff.

Xerox machine

A busy office usually handles a large amount of paperwork, from printing presentation notes and email chains to photocopying and scanning user manuals. As such, you will need a photocopier that can handle heavy use. A Xerox machine is an office classic that has been around since the dawn of photocopiers, and for a good reason. In addition to providing multiple photocopying functions, such as increasing or reducing the size and color copying. Modern machines provide additional Tech Essentials features. Such as printing, scanning, and producing booklets, making it an office workhorse that you won’t regret investing in.

Air conditioning and filtration system

Many offices create their own tropical microclimate with computers and photocopiers working at full capacity, bright ceiling lights, and large windows. However, an office that is too hot can negatively affect staff, making them lethargic, less productive, and even cause migraines. Therefore, you must introduce technology to provide good airflow to ensure that your office is comfortable for everyone to work in. An air conditioning and filtration system will help regulate your office’s temperature while also removing airborne pathogens. Making for a cleaner and more comfortable office environment. It is a legal requirement that offices don’t get hotter than a certain temperature. So to protect yourself from a lawsuit, it’s best to get a good air conditioning system to protect your workers.



Take your air purification one step further with an ionizer. These are often compact enough to sit on a desk without taking up much space. They remove allergens and dust particles from the air and use air filter technology to improve air quality. Neutralize odors to improve the overall freshness of the air, which all too often can become stale in the office. Furthermore, ionizers provide indoor air with the same number of negatively charged ions as fresh outdoor air. It has been proven to boost moods for improved staff morale in the office.


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