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10 Simple Text Templates For Staffing And Recruiting

in Technology on March 10, 2021

In this article, I will discuss the ten simple text templates for staffing and recruiting. So keep reading.

Approximately three-quarters (72.8%) of recruiters need help to identify relevant applicants. This challenge comes as no surprise, considering that 86 percent of the most eligible applicants for your open positions are already working and are not actively pursuing a new job.

It takes work to balance reaching out to large groups to raise the odds and individually approach strong potential candidates.

The line between high volume and personal contact is mass texting’s strong suit, and one reason is that it is such a powerful tool for recruiters.

Bulk SMS

Mass text messaging, also known as bulk SMS, is a communication service that allows an agency or company to send a single text message to thousands of subscribers at the same time. Its time-saving capabilities allow high-volume communication efficiency with all the intimacy of direct-to-inbox email.

Seeing your LinkedIn direct message read but not responding to stings like sea salt in a skinned knee. Lucky for you, there’s no way you can cut yourself with a computer. Let’s discuss some of the critical reasons why mass texting will help you with your recruitment needs.

How The Candidates Respond To The Mass Text

For every mass texting campaign, the first thing that needs to be ensured is adherence. For your texts to be valid, readers must give you express written consent to accept your messages. This is efficient advice that works to your advantage for a few reasons, the biggest of which is that it automatically vets the applicant pool down to the individuals with the most interest.

No more wasting time and men’s hours in calling, scheduling, and meeting or money on uninterested or inaccessible people.

Out of all the recruiting text messages that go through a business system over time, some stand out as more convertible than others. With this information in mind, the following are ten text templates for staffing and recruiting.

List of The 10 Simple Text Templates

1. Spreading The Word

The first text template for staffing and recruiting involves spreading the word about available jobs, for which texting can prove quite useful. After creating a candidate list, a personalized mass message with an appropriate template can inform dozens of candidates simultaneously.

2. Job Board Sourcing

The second text template for staffing and recruiting involves sourcing on job boards. The relevant Google Chrome extension can be leveraged to cold source on job application platforms such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Merely opening the attachment will automatically import the candidate’s information. The next step is to save and begin texting.

3. Prescreening & Interviewing

The third text template for staffing and recruiting involves prescreening and interviewing candidates, for which text messaging is a potent tool. Screening candidates by text does not require scheduling. Furthermore, while being fast and effective, it does not take away from the conversation and rapport created with the candidate.

4. Re-engaging Unresponsive Candidates

The fourth text template for staffing and recruiting involves re-engaging with unresponsive candidates in your ATS. A list in your database can be created, and a bulk text message can be sent to update their status and re-engage them, bringing them back into the fold.

5. Scheduling Interviews

The fifth text template for staffing and recruiting involves scheduling interviews, for which text messaging can be beneficial, whatever the current scheduling workflow may look like. You can set up automated messages to get sent out through an ATS stage change.

Furthermore, phone screens can be scheduled through an integrated scheduling or calendar app. For those looking to leverage scheduling functions from an ATS or third-party platform, it is recommended to set up an automation rule so that the candidates receive texts with status updates, additional information, and instructions on what to do next.

6. Interview Reminders

The sixth text template for staffing and recruiting involves interview reminders. Whether you have issues with candidates failing to show up or wish to make positive and lasting impressions on them, sending automated interview reminders through text messaging can prove to be incredibly useful and practical.

An automated message can be made to be sent out the day before the interview in a way that consistently creates an engaging and personalized experience.

7. Interview Feedback

The seventh text template for staffing and recruiting involves getting interview feedback. This is particularly useful and valuable right after interviews, and text messaging can provide the perfect conduit for this.

Automation can be set up to trigger the text message upon the interview’s conclusion, giving an intimate impression of the candidate and an ability to pinpoint any potential issues quickly.

8. Employee Referrals

The eighth text template for staffing and recruiting involves employee referrals. You can reach out through a text message after getting employee referrals. Referrals tend to respond six times faster and twice as often when engaged through text messaging instead of email.

9. Hiring Event Follow-ups

The ninth text template for staffing and recruiting involves following up after hiring events. Should campus recruitment or hiring events comprise part of your recruiting strategy, you can send a follow-up text message test to candidates after the next event.

Doing so can be as simple as uploading event spreadsheets, creating individualized messages, and sending mass messages to all candidates simultaneously.

10. Onboarding Employees

The tenth and final text template for staffing and recruiting involves onboarding employees. To this end, business text messaging constitutes a potent and effective onboarding tool that provides the new employee with an experience with the highest touch possible.

Getting started can be as simple as scheduling a text message sent out to the candidate before their start date.

Although texting is traditionally seen as personal and reserved for close friends and family, it has increasingly become one of the most preferred communication channels across various age groups. With recruitment, in particular, more than 80 percent of people use text messaging for work, and 15 percent state that more than half of their messages are for business purposes.

Recruiters are in a unique role, with 90% of leads choosing to be texted instead of being called. Despite any potential negative association, the polls do not lie. Texting your leads with career tips or role vacancies is a universal appeal.

Text messaging is a modern advance that has ensured convenience and quickness in personal communications. However, it has also opened new windows in the business realm, where, if implemented and used correctly, it can consistently and effectively draw in and retain new talent. Indeed, business text messaging is fast becoming the default, with text templates becoming shortcuts to success.

So that’s all from this blog. I hope you like this article on the ten simple text templates for staffing and recruiting. If you do, please share it with your friends and social media followers.

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