Tips To Boost Your Agency Brand Visibility

5 Proven Tips To Boost Your Agency’s Brand Visibility

in Technology on July 26, 2022

Hey guys, today in this article, we will discuss the 5 proven tips to boost your Agency brand visibility. So keep reading.

If you want to be the first agency clients think of for marketing services, boost your brand visibility. After all, the more visible your brand is, the more people will remember and talk about your company and ultimately work with you for their marketing.

While amplifying your agency’s brand visibility is no walk in the park, you can jumpstart your initiatives with these five time-tested tips to boost your agency brand visibility.

1. Pour Time and Resources Into Instagram Marketing

If you’re not investing in Instagram marketing, you’re missing BIG opportunities to promote your brand and increase its visibility. Develop a solid strategy and use reliable tools to streamline your Instagram marketing efforts to make your brand more visible to wider audiences.

For example, Vista Social’s sophisticated and feature-packed platform simplifies your IG marketing tasks by letting you schedule your content publishing. Create your posts, add your visual elements and viral hashtags for Instagram, tag people, and schedule them to auto-publish on peak times and dates.

You won’t need to manually publish your Instagram and other social media platforms’ content, saving you time and energy. You can also establish a content tracking strategy and use Vista Social to generate custom reports.

It lets you monitor and analyze your social media content and campaign performance. You’ll get valuable insights into the posts (or content types) that get tons of views. Advanced social media marketing platforms can put your critical IG marketing tasks and efforts to boost brand visibility on autopilot.

2. Conduct Guest Posting

The more websites link back to your site, the more relevant and credible it is to users and search engines. That said, backlinks can help your web page get in the top results in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), making your brand more visible to more people.

You can gain backlinks in countless ways, but an effective strategy is to do guest posting. Guest posting can facilitate your backlink-building efforts, helping your web pages rank higher in SERPs and, in turn, boost your agency’s visibility.

Create fresh and valuable articles and publish them on relevant blogs. Develop a content writing playbook to guide your guest posting efforts.

Doing so can help position your agency as a credible information source and industry expert. It can also entice readers to visit your website to get more value-packed content. Your guest posting or blogging efforts can help your agency convey a strong personal brand. It humanizes your company’s brand identity, helping you connect with prospects better.

3. Work With Influencers

Tap into an influencer’s established audience to reach more people and increase your brand’s visibility. Implement your influencer marketing strategy, starting with these basic steps.

  • Find influencers that a significant number of your target audience follow
  • Contact the influencers to determine if they’re a good fit for your brand or specific campaign
  • State your offer and ensure it provides value to the influencers in exchange for them spreading the word about your agency

You can also leverage influencer marketing to promote specific campaigns or promotions with other brands.

For instance, if you collaborate with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company offering robust desktop project management software, have influencers promote your collaboration, such as giveaways or discount offers.

Next, decide and agree on the type of compensation. Below are a few examples.

  • Affiliate compensation. You can give Influencers commissions when people use the affiliate links they share for your brand. You can also combine affiliate with paid compensation.
  • Paid compensation. Set predetermined fees or rates to pay the influencers for promoting your brand, events, services, and others.
  • Free product compensation. Provide influencers with free services or products instead of monetary compensation. For example, offer complimentary spa days or hotel stays.

Work with your influencer and get creative with your brand visibility and promotion strategies.

For instance, if your agency provides SEO services, ask influencers to share Instagram Reels mini-tutorials about how clients can buy SEO articles with links on your website.

4. Share Captivating Videos

When used strategically, compelling and visually-rich videos can raise your audiences’ awareness of your brand. Produce creative and interactive videos that capture your potential client’s attention while offering them easy-to-consume, valuable content.

Follow these tips to use videos to amplify your brand visibility efforts.

  • Plan your content. Have a defined set of goals, ideas, and strategies before shooting and creating your videos.

Doing so gives you the building blocks to inform and shape your content and help ensure your videos support your brand visibility initiatives.

  • Use compelling CTAs. Include catchy and convincing Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in your videos (or the comment, caption, or description section).

Compelling CTAs tell and entice your potential clients to take the next steps, such as getting a service quote or booking a call with your sales representative.

  • Ensure consistency. Keep your video’s quality and branding elements consistent. For instance, use your brand’s color scheme in your YouTube and Instagram videos.

You can apply the color palette in your thumbnails or Reels’ background to make your videos instantly recognizable. It’s a great tactic to help raise your brand recognition, awareness, and visibility.

You can also create an ad version of your videos and run them across the best advertising networks as part of your paid ad campaigns.

5. Run Online Ads

Besides sharing videos for engagement and promotions, you can advertise your agency with video ads. Paid ads can expand your video’s visibility on Google search engines and social channels.

The ads can drive high-quality traffic to your landing page and boost lead generation, engagement, and conversion opportunities. Platforms with video advertising features provide step-by-step guides to help you develop your ad campaign easily.

For instance, Google Ads asks you to paste your YouTube video’s URL and select options on its appearance and landing page. Then, it shows you a preview of the video as an ad:

The platform leads you to set your campaign goals, advertising reach (global or local), message, and budget, and that’s pretty much it. Facebook Ads Manager follows a similar pattern. It lets you identify your ad objectives, target audience, placement, and video format. It also allows you to measure your ad performance.

Facebook’s video format options include single video ads on your viewers’ news feeds, Stories, carousel ads (series of videos in a post), and more.

Draw More Eyeballs To Your Brand

Taking your brand’s visibility to the next level can take time and effort. Invest in the best-fitting tools, learn from best practices, and develop a solid strategy to equip your agency to succeed. I hope you like this article on the 5 proven tips to boost your Agency brand visibility.

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