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Top 7 SEO Trends That Can Help You Expand Your Reach In 2024!

in SEO on May 11, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the top SEO trends that can help you expand your reach in 2024. So keep reading.

If you speak about digital transformation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) deserves mention. SEO is an effective way to attract an audience to your online platforms. It helps the websites get ranked; the better the rank, the better its performance. That’s why so many companies trust an SEO agency to manage their SEO strategy.

As SEO is constantly evolving, holding the top rank of updates can be challenging. However, it’s worth the effort as it is seen that users tend to focus more on organic results rather than paid listing. Top ranking SEO in Adelaide requires paying attention to many aspects, including traffic, backlinks, and even social shares.

The top SEO trends in 2023 are related to creating an easy-to-use and effective digital experience.

Here are the seven top SEO trends you must watch in 2023:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Play A Massive Role In SEO

AI is changing the way we interact with online content. We did see a lot of manual work in 2020; however, there might not be too many articles entirely written by machines in 2021, but we will see AI playing a crucial role in:

  • Gathering background info
  • Structuring the content
  • Writing snippets of the content
  • Reviewing as well as publishing the content

2. Structured Data Will Shape The New SERP Feature

Google SERP layout keeps changing to add interactive elements that would serve the searchers way beyond than it did in 2020. We did notice that the SERP results were becoming (to some extent) apps. Hence, it is expected to drive new rich results and provide web editors with multiple ways to interact with Google services via the help of structured data.

3. Content That Fulfills EAT Principle Will Rank Higher

Google is now capable of a more granular understanding of the pages. Hence, it reiterated that content quality is essential for ranking success. Here, by quality, Google refers to its EAT principle, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The EAT factor helps it determine whether the webpage has applicable quality content or not. The content that fulfills EAT principle will tend to rank higher in SERP.

4. Local Search Listing Will Play A Significant Role In SEO Strategies

Local SEO in Adelaide is essential as it is evolving and is in part of the rising of zero-click search. When people search for things around their neighborhood, their queries are often answered by the SERP itself. Hence, click on the ranking results is not required. These zero-click searchers are termed as “local pack.” A business must list itself in zero-click search, as it plays a prominent role in SEO strategies as well.

5. Queryless Search And Web Stories

Google works as a discovery engine; it tends to push stories to users even before they search. The query-less search is on the rise; hence, it is necessary to optimize your content for Google Discovery to get more visibility. This would give your website’s organic traffic a boost and grow your reach.

6. Predictive Search Is Set To Improve

The AI of Google discovery tends to read the user’s search behavior. Hence, it recommends the content based on their interest. For appearing in the discoveries, you don’t need to do anything special as google says that the discoveries appear based on one’s past browsing history.

7. Image Optimization For Effective SEO Strategy

Image search on Google has changed drastically. Hence, it is necessary to provide an optimized, high-quality image on your website and proper tags used by the search crawlers to increase its visibility.

Image SEO is one of the most often ignored aspects of on-page SEO, but that doesn’t negate its importance. Poor image SEO, in reality, can do a lot of damage to your page’s ability to gain links, rise in the index, and, eventually, drive valuable organic traffic if you’re not careful. The good news is that with just a few simple steps, you can drastically improve your image SEO:

  1. Use a compressor to reduce the size of your images.
  2. Serve images in next-generation formats that are recommended.
  3. Adjust the size of your photos to suit your website.
  4. Create unique image assets that can be linked.
  5. Take your photos shareable by optimizing the names, captions, and alt text.
  6. When it comes to videos, try using lazy loading.


From the above list, it is clear that SEO is getting more complex with time. Hence, it’s becoming tough to stay on top in the ranking. However, it is a valid point that the right SEO tool can help you select a smart strategy of SEO in Adelaide that your business needs.

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