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Why Should We Use SSL Certificate?

in Hosting on May 3, 2020

SSL serves as the backbone of a secure online world. Your SSL certificate serves as the protection of your sensitive data as this travels across the computer networks all over the world. SSL is important to maintain the safety of your site even when it doesn’t deal with sensitive and critical details such as credit cards. It offers data integrity, critical security, and privacy for your website and for the personal information of all your users.

Read on to discover the top reasons why you should SSL certificate today:

SSL Certificate Offers Authentication

SSL certificate is what provides authentication. It gives you the assurance that you will send information to the correct server instead of an imposter who only wants to steal your data. This is essential because the internet’s very nature means that customers will often send information through various computers. One of these computers can pretend to be your site, tricking your users to send their personal details. The only way to avoid this alarming concern is by getting your SSL certificate from a reliable SSL provider.

SSL Certificate Encrypts Sensitive Data

One of the main reasons why SSL certificate is important is because it helps ensure that sensitive information sent across online is encrypted so that it will only be accessible to the intended and right recipient. It is imperative since the details you send online gets passed on from one computer to another to reach the destination server. All computers between the server and you will be able to see your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other pertinent data if it doesn’t get encrypted with SSL certificate. By using an SSL certificate, the information won’t be readable to anyone aside from the server where you want to send the information to. It protects your data from identity thieves and hackers.

SSL Certificate Develops Trust

Website browsers use visual cues like the lock icon to ensure that visitors can tell if they have a secure connection. It means that they will find your website more trustworthy once they see such cues, increasing the likelihood of buying from you or using your servers. SSL providers can also give you the trust seal that will make your customers trust you even more.

HTTPS can also keep you protected from phishing attacks. Phishing emails are emails sent by criminals who try to impersonate your site. These emails often contain a link to their site or use a man in the middle attack so they can use your domain name. Since it is hard and impossible for them to get the necessary SSL, they cannot have a perfect impersonation of your site. It reduces the chances of your users falling prey to phishing attacks as they will search for trust indicators in the browser and leave once they don’t see it.


SSL Certificate is Necessary for PCI Compliance

For your website to be able to accept credit card details, you need to pass some audits that will show your compliance to the PCI or Payment Card Industry standards. Among these requirements is the proper use of an SSL certificate.

The use of an SSL certificate is necessary for any type of website, including yours.


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