Ways To Boost SEO On Your WordPress Website

10 Simple Ways To Boost SEO On Your WordPress Website

in Detailed Guide on February 8, 2022

In this article, I have listed the ten simple ways to boost SEO on your WordPress website. So keep reading.

It can be daunting at first to understand the best way to use WordPress as your content managing system. But if you’ve decided that, it is a great idea because WordPress is SEO-friendly.

However, being SEO-friendly doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in work on this platform. You will still need to apply your SEO knowledge in order to start ranking high.

You must be aware of SEO best practices to emerge successfully. Still, since WordPress makes it easier for beginners to venture out into the world of SERPs and grow their traffic from Google, you can focus more on your tasks and grow your reach organically!

SEO can be difficult to deal with. There are plenty of ways to boost SEO on your WordPress website. In this article, we will explore ten simple ways to do that, and if you’re a beginner, it’s time to read carefully.

What Is SEO And WordPress SEO?

When you want to learn about a particular topic or cross-check something, the first thing you do is open your search engine on your mobile or laptop.

So, this is the one place to trust unquestioningly to give you reliable information. When you have your results on Google’s search results, you tend to go for the top 5 results, and they usually solve your query.

So, to get your website noticed, you need to ensure that your page appears in SERPs (search engine result pages). You also want to rank high to attract good traffic.

SEO is the best way for you to ensure that your website starts ranking high. You must know the techniques to boost your SEO on your WordPress website.

Search Engine Optimization is basically a wide range of strategies and activities that help your content to get picked up by search engines and end up with a good ranking; optimizing your website has many advantages, such as:

  • Once your page starts ranking high in SERPs, you start to gain traffic on your website and obtain greater visibility.
  • If your page is ranked high in SERPs, it directly translates to your page being trustworthy and reliable.
  • SEO is based on quality content with lots of keywords. That means you will be generating quality content.

WordPress being SEO friendly means something other than that it is a replacement for an SEO strategy.

Yes, this CMS helps you save time and assists you in adhering to best practices without experience; however, you will still need to work your way through to obtain a good ranking on Google.

Your website can rank well through this CMS, provided it does not have any technical issues that stop it from being crawled.

Why Is SEO important?

SEO can get very, very tricky and technical. It would help if you did not presume that WordPress is an SEO weapon, but it definitely helps you along the way in terms of accessibility.

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

10 Simple Ways To Boost SEO On Your WordPress Website

1. Choose A Good Hosting Provider.

Your choice of hosting provider is crucial for SEO since Google considers speed. A good host can help you rank higher in SERPs.

2. Choose A Theme That’s Optimized For Search Engines And Use A Dedicated SEO Plugin

You must opt for a theme built with SEO in mind. Some themes can take a considerable amount of time to load, and as we discussed, it is vital to have an appropriate theme.

Plugins are small pieces of software add-ons that you can install in your system to get better results. SEO-oriented plugins will help your ranking, and there are numerous plugins you can use to get better results.

3. Change Your ‘Permalink’ Structure.

Permalinks are your website’s permanent URLs that will link back to your posts, pages, and other content. Hence, a clear description of the link’s content will help your page get picked up by search engines and rank higher.

4. Create A ‘Sitemap’.

A sitemap is a list of all the pages and other content on your website arranged in a hierarchy. This helps search engines crawl your website’s content and start indexing pages, which helps them understand how they relate to one another.

5. Use Headings.

It’s important to use headings because crawlers usually do not pay attention to individual content. Headings will help you achieve two things: breaking up the text and making it easier to read and helping search engines recognize your content.

6. Keywords Are Key.

Including keywords is necessary for any content. You can easily predict common keywords that people would use while looking for information.

For example, if you’re looking for clothes, you’ll type in ‘men’s clothes. You can easily research keywords with help of websites like Semrush.

7. Use Responsive Design.

Using responsive design is important because people access websites through different devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Your page should be easy to read and navigate on all of them.

8. Optimize Your Images.

Images are crucial for any website. With them, websites tend to be more varied and exciting. The quality and size of your images matter as they can affect your page’s loading speed.

Pay Attention To Long Form Content.

Google’s algorithms pay attention to the length of your content. Long-form content usually has an advantage since it offers more information and can be rendered credible.

Focus On Quality Content.

Any search engine’s goal is to display content that is actually informative and helpful to its readers. If you wish to emerge successfully, you must start creating quality content instead of just trying to cheat the system!


Keep this list handy for all your queries. You can also reach out to any SEO company to assist you. Clickmatix is a reliable SEO agency Melbourne can provide to its rookie marketers.

So that’s all from my side. I hope you liked this article on the ten simple ways to boost SEO on your WordPress website. If you do, please share it with your Facebook followers. Thanks for reading!

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