Ways To Showcase Your Projects

6 Ways To Showcase Your Projects And Win Over New Clientele

in Detailed Guide on May 3, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the six ways to showcase your projects and win over new clientele. So keep reading.

If you’re in the business of creating things, then you know how hard it can be to wow potential clients. Your best tool to show them what you’re capable of is tapping into images and case studies of your latest projects. By sharing what you’ve done for other clients, they can get a sense of what you might do for them.

Studies show creating an excellent UX design can increase conversions by 400% or more. Just throwing up a few images isn’t enough to draw users in and engage them. You must present your latest projects in a savvy way.

From image galleries to video testimonials, there are numerous ways you can highlight your best projects. Share what challenged you and how you overcame struggles. How do you showcase a project? Here are six ways to showcase your projects and win over new clientele.

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List of 6 Ways To Showcase Your Projects:

1. Choose Your Best Work

2. Go Social

3. Share Details

4. Create Consistency

5. Tap Into Video

6. Offer Variety

1. Choose Your Best Work

It seems obvious you want to choose your best work, but there’s more to offering online portfolios than just throwing up beautiful images. You’ll want to figure out which areas you’re an expert in and highlight those first.

Be aware of any outside influences on your reputation. Don’t claim to be an expert in pouring concrete basements when your online reviews state your basements are subpar. Know where you excel and focus on those elements of your business.

Milestone’s Early Learning Centers

Milestone’s Early Learning Centers is an excellent example of how you can highlight a service rather than a product. They offer to learn for preschool ages, so they use images from various activities and show their building’s features.

2. Go Social

Most people are on one social media platform or another. If you want to reach a particular segment with the latest news on projects, placing images on your pages and taking out ads is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.

Please share a story about a particularly difficult project and how you approached it to find success. Post the story on your wall, share an image in an ad, and ask your clientele to share how you helped them.

3. Share Details

People want more than just the images of the projects you’re working on. They want to hear how you overcame obstacles. Why was the project a success, and what extra effort did you put in that your competitors might not have?

Think about what new clientele need to know to decide between hiring you to complete the work. What can you share to show them you’re the right choice?


Equitone creates fiber cement for a durable facade for all types of structures. They use their project gallery to highlight the specific products used in each assignment. If a potential client sees a look they like, they can consult the details to see what they might use.

4. Create Consistency

As your site and business grow, it’s easy to take different types of photos and place them on your site in new ways. However, a lack of consistency may be confusing for users.

Make sure you’re taking similar angles and shots and even placing the same sizes on your gallery pages. If you add filters to a few photos, add them to all so they have a matching appearance.

Create a brand style guide outlining when and where to use photos. You can also include details such as resolution, size, and orientation. Decide how many photos of each project to include.

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5. Tap Into Video

Video is a powerful tool that offers a 360-degree view of a project. You can use drones or hire a professional to shoot your project from different angles. A video is easy to view and often sticks with potential leads longer than words alone.

All Recreation

All Recreation offers examples of some of the playgrounds they’ve built. In addition to a photo gallery, they also offer a video gallery showing the computer-aided design and children playing on installed equipment.

6. Offer Variety

When adding your project gallery, consider the different types of projects you complete. You likely serve more than one type of buyer persona. Instead of only choosing the best of the best, choose the best in each category.

It’s important to show the scope of the different types of work you successfully complete. If you organize closets, show projects where you’ve worked on tiny spaces as well as walk-in ones. Highlight both commercial spaces and residential homes.

Think through the different types of clients you serve and make sure you tap into solutions for all their pain points. Understanding your users helps you decide which projects will have the most impact on their buying decisions.

Offer Plenty Of Examples

Ways to showcase your projects and win over new clientele. No matter what format you put your gallery in or which projects you showcase, think about how you can show you aren’t a one-hit-wonder. Consumers want to see a consistent presentation of your work, and you can meet their needs not just today but in the future.

Share big projects, small projects, and everything in between. While you want to share only the best quality, make sure most of your work fits that description so you can provide enough examples to build a history of success and show that you’re the right company for the job.

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