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What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting Needs and Features

in Hosting on April 8, 2020

What is cloud hosting? Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting using the resources of a number of clustered servers. It basically means that your site makes use of virtual resources of various servers to communicate every aspect of hosting your website. Cloud servers have all the necessary software they need to run with the ability to function as independent units.

What is Cloud Hosting – The Cloud Defined

The cloud refers to numerous servers connected online that could be leased as part of an application service or software. Services based on the cloud can include data sharing and hosting, application or software use, and web hosting.

The cloud can pertain to cloud computing as well wherein different servers can be linked together for sharing the load. It means that instead of the use of just one powerful machine by itself, complex processes could be disseminated across several smaller computers. The model of cloud hosting is a more affordable alternative to the conventional model of dedicated servers where companies are required to manage and build data centers of their own.

The Architecture of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting architecture is different from the usual setup that regular web hosting uses. Many shared hosts follow a centralized approach in which a single server holds several websites. However, the moment the server fails or goes down, all the accounts in it will also do.

Meanwhile, cloud hosting and its distributed approach can solve this issue. Since every individual site gets distributed across several locations, you will not experience any downtime even if an issue occurs with one server within the cluster.

Large websites like social networks and search engines use distributed approach since no single server will be able to handle the entire load.

Cloud Hosting and Types of Websites That Use It

Just like regular hosting, cloud hosting can also be used by various types of websites. However, there are some instances when it is specifically more popular.

If the site is mission-critical wherein the company won’t be able to function and run without it, it is a good idea to use cloud hosting. Lead generation sites, high-traffic projects, corporate platforms, and eCommerce stores also prefer the cloud hosting model.

Cloud hosting can make scaling easier in the event that you require additional power. It makes it an appealing choice for publishing firms and news agencies that expect large numbers of clicks or traffic surges on their posts.

Needless to say, cloud hosting is a great option in many cases and this makes it a strong rival to virtual and shared hosting servers.

Cloud Hosting in the Future

Cloud hosting has definitely come a very long way since the time large enterprises started to use it a few years ago. However, its price might still need to come down a bit further to make it an equally good option for small businesses. Hopefully, making cloud hosting more affordable will let it see significant growth in the next coming years. For all you know, one day in the future, everybody will be on the cloud.


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