WordPress Plugins For SEO Optimization

5 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO Optimization

in WordPress on July 23, 2021

Hey guys, in this article, I have listed the 5 best WordPress plugins for SEO optimization. So keep reading.

More and more company websites are being built on the WordPress platform. Numbers testify to its popularity. It is estimated that the system already has over 70 million websites.

The range of actions is very wide: templates, extensions, plugins, and paid add-ons customize every aspect of the website. One of the key ones is SEO optimization of the resource.

What Do You Need To Remember?

Have you created a new WordPress site? You are probably thinking about page optimization.

Set meta tags correctly – tags: title, description, keyword, Nofollow in links are minor issues that, however, significantly affect page indexing and positions in search engines.

Optimize template files. Use the services Compression JavaScript and Compression CSS.

Create an XML map and update it regularly. Index the page using the Google Console.

5 Indispensable Plugins

We present the 5 best WordPress plugins for SEO optimization, traffic, and valuable inbound links.

1. Yoast SEO

It is one of the most popular and important SEO plugins for WordPress. Thanks to it, you can easily manage metadata, create sitemaps, and edit features that affect a site’s visibility in the search engine.

With SEO by Yoast you can:

  • Create metadata for all subpages manually or in bulk;
  • Create a website on a social network;
  • Perform internal binding;
  • Create sitemaps, URL;
  • Edit the content of the .htaccess file.



2. SEO Smartlinks

With this plugin, you will create an internal link structure using selected key phrases.

List of all options:

  • Links to posts, pages, and comments;
  • Adding links to RSS feed;
  • Selection of negative key phrases that you do not want to position;
  • Selection of subpages that you do not want to link to.



3. WP Syndicator

This tool allows you to quickly collect content. The plug-in loads a small chunk of a post and directs it to Web 2.0 pages, passing it along with a postback link.

The plugin supports sites:

  • WordPress;
  • Blogger;
  • Twitter;
  • Typad;
  • FriendFeed;
  • Livejournal.



4. Automatic SEO Linker

SEO Auto Linker allows you to schedule link building (both internal and external) for keywords in your content.

How does it work?

  • You choose the phrases you want to associate
  • You specify the URL to which the link should be directed.
  • Also, you specify the maximum number of links coming from one page.
  • You decide whether links should open in a new window or in an open one.
  • You set the type of pages on which links should be displayed.



5. Checking Broken Links

The purpose of Broken Link Checker is to check if all outbound links on the page are active.

The plugin regularly checks your website for broken links. This is useful when your website links to a domain that no longer exists and takes away unnecessary “power”.



Search Engine Loves WordPress

WordPress is loved by search engines, which means so are SEOs. Open source allows IT pros to create plugins that support SEO and positioning novices.

Many of them automate a lot of actions, making our work faster. Google is very fond of WordPress sites – it quickly indexes all subpages thanks to its extensive backend in the form of countless plugins.

So that’s all from my side. I hope you liked this article on the 5 best WordPress plugins for SEO optimization. Thank you for reading.

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