How to write blog posts that rank high on google

How to write blog posts that rank high on google

in SEO on August 20, 2022

To increase blog traffic, you need to know how to write blog posts rather than just pumping out as many articles as you can. One of the best and most important digital marketing content marketing tactics to increase brand recognition and draw potential customers to your organization is blogging. Several tried-and-true methods can significantly raise the visibility and ranking of the content you provide. 

Select the Best Blog Topic for You

Selecting a topic for writing blog posts that is both relevant and well-established is crucial. Make a blog post on the top skateboard parks in Indiana. For instance, makes little sense if your business manufactures artisan cheeses in Wisconsin and won’t help you draw in the leads you’re after. There are several incredible, free resources available to assist you in locating the ideal, tested subject matter that can improve your Google ranking.

  • Amazon – Amazon may be useful for assisting you in locating pertinent blog subjects. Use the basic term you’re thinking of when searching for books on Amazon, and you’ll probably discover several books that cover the subject. Look into the table of contents of a book that has received many positive reviews to get a list of potential article titles.
  • You may use Google’s free tool, the AdWords Keyword Planner, to identify the ideal heading and subject for your article. The keyword planner will offer you helpful recommendations for frequently used keywords that would be extremely worthwhile to utilize in your blog title and content if you enter the basic topic and click “Get Ideas.”

2. Use the right keywords to increase your block’s Google ranking.

It is critical to learn how to select the most relevant keywords and include them in your title. To outperform your competitors, you’ll need to utilize every tool at your disposal to capitalize on the most popular terms that members of your target audience use while searching. Avoid jamming keywords into unusual sentences since they will appear as spam and make your readers suspicious.

 3. Long Reads Improve Your Blog’s Ranking

Your blog content will be better optimized for higher ranking if you aim for 2,000–3,000 words in length. Comprehensive content is one of around 200 key variables that Google takes into account when determining its algorithm. The ability to segment the material for use in various types of marketing is an added benefit of longer articles.

4. Improve Your Blog Post’s SEO for Higher Positions

You must make every component of your content SEO-optimized if you want to rank better on Google. This involves using keywords and linking to authoritative websites. Cross-linking (discussed below), producing longer pieces that are concise and well-organized, and image optimization for the quickest page load time. Your corporate blog post will be optimized for more organic traffic once you’ve properly handled every one of these on-page SEO factors.

5. External Link

External linking may be beneficial for your SEO, even though it may seem contradictory to link to other authoritative blog articles or websites. By including worthwhile external links, you may achieve three important goals. Provide your readers additional value, demonstrate to Google that you’ve done a comprehensive study on the subject, and create a useful backlink for your website.

6. Use cross-referencing

Find as many pertinent locations in your content as possible. This provides connections to other pages or posts, which is known as cross-linking, also known as internal linking. It makes it easier for search engines to construct a sitemap for your website accurately. Use natural language as much as you can when writing the content for your links rather than generic or spammy expressions like “click here.”

7. Add a Call to action

In the AIDA formula, the last “A” stands for “call to action,” or CTA. In your posts, you should always include strong calls to action. You should wait to save the CTA until the conclusion of your piece. Either it is because humans have a remarkably limited attention span. When appropriate, provide a CTA as soon as plainly as you can to avoid losing your readers’ attention.


Any company’s content marketing plan must include these seven methods to boost blog traffic. It might be challenging to use every one of these SEO strategies in a single business blog article. Find themes for blog posts, then begin writing with a smooth, easy flow.

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