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What is the Difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting?

in Hosting on April 23, 2020

A website needs space to run its applications and scripts and host all essential data. Servers give websites this much-needed space. Windows and Linux are the two most popular servers used for the longest time in the hosting industry. Users choose them due to the programs or applications they implement on websites.

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So, what is the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting? Which is a better option between them?


Linux supports most of the applications and software that lets you install some third-party components into the server, allowing better functionality. However, Linux doesn’t offer enough support for the installation of Windows applications. This means that if you are a big Windows fan, you will be better off with Windows hosting. If not, Linux is a more suitable platform for you.


The Windows platform has always been popular due to its simplified operation and easy-to-use interface. The majority of functions and other management procedures are seamless in Windows servers, giving it an upper hand.

On the other hand, Linux hosting is relatively easy to operate. However, starting this poses numerous complications because it is difficult to execute running various commands, particularly if you are a first-timer. The moment you get past this initial hurdle, you will find it easy to operate a Linux server.


As far as web security is concerned, Windows and Linux web hosting platforms both share the same traits. While Linux’s source code is accessible to everyone, the security parameters were notched up through the years, making the platform less susceptible to viruses and other forms of security threats. Linux doesn’t get affected by most viruses, which can benefit Linux servers.

Meanwhile, Windows tends to be vulnerable to viruses at times. However, some security applications are available for installation in Windows to reduce the risks of security breaches and improve its resistance against possible threats.


The last but not least consideration when deciding whether to opt for Linux or Windows web hosting is the pricing.

A licensing fee is charged by Microsoft for Windows dedicated hosting that can increase the overall price of your hosting package. In contrast, Linux is an open-source hosting platform mainly available for free to help you save some costs when it comes to your hosting service.

The world of the internet is now filled with numerous providers of web hosting services, with Linux and Windows being the two most popular ones. Making yourself familiar with their differences can help you choose the right hosting provider for your needs that will meet your website’s requirements and offer a platform that can handle large traffic volumes. Always think about these differences so that you can be sure that you will be making only the right choice that won’t leave you disappointed and give you the best results you need.

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