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5 Best Free Video Editing Software In 2024

in Technology on August 20, 2021

Hey friends, In this article, I am going to talk about the five best free video editing software in 2024. So keep reading.

Without a video editor, your videos will look unprofessional. This will end up affecting your conversion rates to a great extent. These applications give you the rare chance of making your videos to be highly interactive and engaging.

Also, they help you become an authority in your niche by ensuring your messages are specific and clear.

Here Is The Major Challenge

The problem is that most video editing software is very expensive. Using them means you will have to pay lots of money. This isn’t good, especially when you are starting.

Even if your business is successful, it is still recommended that you save some money by using a free option. There is no need to worry, though. This post will reveal some of the Best Free Video Editing Software.

Just read the options below and choose the one that can meet your needs.

Table of Contents:

1. OpenShot

2. Shotcut

3. Lightworks

4. Avidemux

5. iMovie

1. OpenShot


OpenShot is a top video editing software that you can use to create high-quality and engaging video content for your business today. One of its major advantages is that your videos won’t have any watermark.

Its advanced features are also worth mentioning. For instance, it has cross-platform support, which means it can be used on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

It comes with all the basic and essential features to help you edit any video.

Its features:

  • Unlimited layers/tracks
  • Numerous video, image, and audio formats are supported
  • Extremely powerful keyframe animations (curve-based)
  • Real-time previews for video transitions
  • 3D animated titles including effects
  • There are titles and subtitles for videos
  • Audio mixing as well as editing
  • High-quality video effects like blue screen, greyscale, hue, gamma, and brightness
  • And more.



2. Shotcut


Given the user reviews Shotcut has received over the years, it deserves to be listed among some of the Best Free Video Editing Software.

It is an open-source program, meaning you don’t have to worry about upgrading before exploring all of its premium features. It was created for Linux operating systems. However, it had to be upgraded for Mac and Windows PCs.

This is a tool you can depend on for timeline editing. It fully supports 4k HD resolution and exports in 3 lossless formats.

This means your videos can be exported with their quality intact.

Some of its features are:

  • Webcam capture
  • The latest video and audio formats are supported
  • Different image formats are supported like WebP, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP
  • Noise, text, counters, and color generators
  • Tone mapping of HDR to SDR
  • High-quality audio features
  • And more.



3. Lightworks


Just as the name sounds, Lightworks is software that enables you to create stunning videos without breaking a sweat. When it comes to being user-friendly, this is one of the Best Free Video Editing Software amongst others.

For instance, it has a highly intuitive interface. Its tools are easy to explore, and video tutorials are available to help you out.

This application has some stock videos and audio clips you can use for free to ensure that your edited videos are of high quality.

It is a perfect tool for marketers who want to create videos that look and sound professional.

Its best features:

  • Trimming of videos is easy and fast
  • Edited videos can be easily exported to Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • It comes with premium social media templates you can use
  • It has real-time audio and video FX
  • Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Multiple video formats are supported
  • And more.



4. Avidemux


Avidemux is an interesting video editing application that you may want to try out. One of its strengths is that beginner can easily explore its features without any limitations.

If you are new to the world of creating videos, this is one tool you can use. It can enable you to perform many basic tasks, such as encoding, cutting, and filtering.

It has more than 8 million users, which is proof that it can meet your video editing needs without any compromise. It comes with lots of powerful tools to enable you to edit videos like a pro.

Some of its features will be highlighted below.

  • Videos can be cropped to their required sizes
  • It comes with over 800 effects
  • Video speed can be easily adjusted for better impact
  • Motions in your videos can be tracked
  • Its color matching feature is powerful and easy to use
  • Different video formats are supported like WMV, FLV, MTS, MPG/MPEG, MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4, and more
  • Sharing of videos to Vimeo and YouTube is easy
  • And many more.



5. iMovie


There is a great debate in the online community among video editors about whether this is actually the Best Free Video Editing Software.

Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that it comes with premium features that can make your videos look very professional.

If you are running a marketing agency or plan to start one, this is one of the tools that you should have. Apart from supporting intelligent frames, you can easily edit 4K videos.

Producing cinematic videos doesn’t have to sound or look complicated with all the impressive features of this software from Apple, such as a complete walk in the park.

Other features that it comes with are:

  • Filters that can improve your videos
  • Custom element
  • Intuitive interface
  • High-quality effects and enhancements
  • Super easy sharing
  • And more.

With iMovie, you can produce stunning videos that clients will demand repeatedly. A trial will definitely convince you of its potential.



Final Words

From the various options outlined above, you can see that there is no need to spend money to produce stunning videos that will increase your conversions and sales. You need to choose any of the software mentioned above in this post to get started.

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