Video Types To Promote Your Business

10 Awesome Video Types To Promote Your Business

in Marketing on May 17, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the 10 awesome video types to promote your business. So keep reading.

The digital marketing journey of most firms involves brainstorming ways to drive better traffic to the content. Video is a powerful way for brands to tell their story in a way that delights the audience. In recent days, many organizations have taken to video to educate and entertain the target group.

If you are a brand that is in constant pursuit of providing a delightful experience to the viewer, then it is understandable that you are unsure of the type of video content to create. To help you out of this dilemma, we have curated a list of ten video types to promote your business.

1. Educational Videos

The easiest way to spread awareness about your product or service is to create educational videos in your niche. Spend time online to identify the most popular questions that people ask in your industry area. You can browse platforms such as Quora or Reddit for this.

Then, try to create educational videos where you offer answers to such queries. That way, your video will establish your industry knowledge and help in the capture and nurturing of leads.

2. Corporate Videos

The ‘About Us’ section of your brand website is usually the most boring bit and most people simply skim past it. To avoid such a situation, you can create a corporate video where you talk about the strengths of your company, its core team, the business infrastructure, and achievements. Such a video builds trust and is influential in converting prospects who are weighing their options.

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are the ideal choice for situations when a potential customer is looking to validate the merit of your business offerings. After a potential customer is satisfied with the features of your product and its pricing, they need affirmation about the quality.

If you can leverage them well, testimonial videos can trigger the buying decision in potential customers. A potential customer is more likely to listen to the words of someone who has been in the same shoes as them. This is especially true in the case of high-value products or services.

4. Loyalty Program Videos

Most brands indulge in some form of loyalty programs to get the customers to make repeated purchases. However, many a time, customers are not aware of the existence of such programs. As a brand, you can come up with videos that showcase the benefits of the program and explain its utility.

Depending on your business image, you can leverage motion graphics, animations, and live-action for such videos. Loyalty program videos are ideal for the growth phase of your buyer’s journey.

5. Entertainment Videos

If you are planning to share your video content on social media, then short entertainment videos are the ideal choice. Such videos give the audience some fun content and help in building brand rapport. Ideally, you should create entertainment videos to capture the attention stage of the buyer’s journey.

For entertainment videos, think of a funny storyline where you incorporate your brand in a non-intrusive fashion. That way, your target audience does not see it as a brand promotion and will share it among their peers.

6. Event Videos

Planning event videos requires minimal investment and you just need to record corporate events and create videos online. That way, you establish an inclusive company culture by showing your potential customers a sneak of your business.

Such videos lay the foundations of a healthy business relationship and are popular among brands in the technology sector. It creates hype about a brand and viewers are more likely to spread the word. Studies show that the video of a live event results in a 63% increase in brand favourability.

7. Explainer Videos

If you are launching an innovative product or service, try to come up with explainer videos to establish the need for such an offering. Typically, an explainer video uses animations and a narrative to talk about the core features of a product or service.

You can also take an unconventional approach where you point out the existing problem and explain how your product is a solution to that. To make the most of your explainer videos and get qualified leads, add a CTA to such videos and place the video on the landing page.

8. Tutorial Videos

You can create screen share or slideshow videos to show the utilities of your product, its correct usage, and maintenance. Short videos for basic troubleshooting are also popular among a younger target audience.

53% of businesses note a significant reduction in their customer support calls after creating tutorial video content. These videos show a human face to the product and viewers, thus making the users relate better to your products.

9. Work Culture Video

Promoting your business goes beyond attracting customers. You should be ready to walk the extra mile and establish your workplace as a conducive environment. Work culture videos play a major role in attracting the right talent and help in lowering the attrition rates. With video editing tools such as InVideo, you can easily come up with such content.

Understand that your employees play an instrumental role in the business’s growth and your efforts at identifying the best resources will give you a good ROI. Job posts that have a recruiting video see a 36% increase in the number of applications.

10. Appreciation Videos

As a business that is eyeing growth, you cannot simply focus on attracting new customers. When you make your existing customers feel special, you can expect to get good business from them. An efficient way to leverage video in this regard is to create thank-you videos.

Appreciation videos help the audience feel valued and better connected to the brand. It also fosters a sense of community and ensures that your customers stay loyal to you. While there are several video formats that you can experiment with, your focus should be to keep the video as personal as possible.

Thus, you see that all the different video types to promote your business come with their perks. Depending on your campaign budget and the overall business goal, you need to identify the format that works the best for your audience segment.

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